Confidence Makeover Episode 1 || Shopping After Weight Gain

Confidence Makeover Episode 1 || Shopping After Weight Gain

– I’m Sierra Shultzzie and I’m all about inspiring women of all
sizes to be confident, and rock their curves. I know that gaining
confidence is a journey, and I wanna help you
kickstart the process. So in this new series, we’re
hitting the mall together. Girls of all different shapes and sizes, from different walks of life, are joining the curvy crew, and getting a confidence makeover. Instead of trying to change
your outward appearance, this makeover focuses on working through body-image struggles, and finding clothes that
flatter your figure. To make you feel beautiful inside and out. I wanna show that it’s not
about the size of the dress, it’s about how the dress makes you feel. It’s Sierra Schultzzie’s
Confidence Makeover. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone. My name is Emily, I’m 26 years old, and I currently live
in Alameda, California. I’m a proud military wife. I love fashion and style which is why I love Sierra’s channel, and one of the reasons I decided to start my own YouTube channel. The last time I went shopping was probably about a month ago, where I bought this
ill-fitting dress, (laughs) and a couple of other items. Shopping has not been,
I still enjoy shopping, but I don’t enjoy going into
the dressing room, at all, unfortunately anymore. – I see so many comments being like, oh I wish you could come shopping with me. I think I could get
through my insecurities if you could help me. So now, I actually get to do it. And I think Emily is the
perfect person for this series. I’m so excited to meet her. Oh my gosh, I am so excited. – Me too.
– You look so cute. – It’s so nice to meet you. – I think all of my anxiety immediately washed away when I sat
down on the couch with her. It was like talking with an old friend. So it was so fun. – This is my first thing
ever doing with a viewer. Like I’ve never done meet and greets. Like I’ve literally never done anything. – I’m not creepy. (laughs) – So, it’s making it like so real. Meeting Emily was so great. I am so excited she’s here. And it’s just awesome to be able to put like, a face to a viewer. And, I just, I feel like
we really get each other. Okay, so let’s talk about your mood board. So you sent some pictures
of what you were looking for on a little poster board. A mood board is a great way to figure out what you really want your
personal style to be. Like, your style goals. When you walk into a store
it can be really overwhelming because there’s so many
options so you’ll just revert to what you’re used to. So by making a mood board,
you’ll kind of sharpen your eye for the styles that you really
want to keep a look out for. – I’ve always loved a
classic feminine style. I was raised very Christian, so I’m a Christian so like– – Oh, me too. – Modest was hottest was the thing at my household so. – Church camp every
year, modest is hottest. – No I love that because
like I feel like when you’re a teenager trying to dress modest is like a struggle. But when you’re an adult it just makes it look more put-together. – Mm-hmm. – So what do you think had kept you from dressing like that so far? – Oh my gosh, okay, there’s a multitude of reasons I feel like. So, I was binge-watching your videos last night actually, and I realized that I have no idea how to dress my body. So, I’ve, most of my life
was like a size two, four. So I had thicker thighs or whatever, but it was a four. So I could wear whatever I wanted. So then when I started
gaining weight I just was like wearing, like,
trying to wear the same stuff but it just kinda became a shame to my body, so I was just
wearing like, whatever. You know, like covering up my curves. So, I don’t even look for
those types of things. – I literally had the exact same thing. During my last year of high school, because I was the same way. I was like always like a six, and then I gained a bunch of weight. And I didn’t want to go buy new clothes. So I just wore like, yoga pants
and like a t-shirt everyday. ‘Cause like that was the only stuff I had that like fit me. – I haven’t enjoyed going
into the dressing room just because my body has changed so much. I don’t really know
what to even put on it. And when I do put on clothes I just am disappointed with what I see. So opening up about my weight gain has been like hard in general. I’ve talked a little bit with my family and make jokes about how I’ve gotten fat with friends but I don’t really, and that’s the whole point,
is I don’t really have a good view of myself. So, it was crazy to sit down with somebody who like, I know I’m not from her channel, but like, really we don’t know each other and just be like hey, this is me. This is what I struggle with. Help me, basically. But, It’s really freeing to do that and it I think it helps you grow and heal so much. – The three outfits I really
want to look for today for you. – Okay.
– The first thing is a uniform. Do you know what that means? – No.
– Like a uniform, it’s not like a school uniform I promise. (laughing) I’m not going to put you
in like khakis. (laughing) A style uniform is basically the outfit structure that you gravitate towards most. So my typical everyday uniform is a basic t-shirt, either tied or tucked-in. A nice pair of form-fitting
high-rise jeans and a colorful kimono to top it off. When I’m having one of those days where I have a closet full of clothes and feel like nothing looks good on me I can always default to my
uniform and know it’s something that I’m gonna feel cute and confident in. So, I think if we find your uniform, you can re-create that same look with a million different
pieces in your closet. Something that you feel
really comfortable in that isn’t pushing any boundaries, something that you just
naturally feel great in. That you can re-create. – For my uniform I’m really hoping to find something like a nice pair of jeans that actually fits my curves. Some type of top or blouse, and a cardigan that I can throw over my shoulders especially in the chilly
San Francisco air. – The second thing, I really want to like push your fashion fears. So like–
– Great. – And you’re like great,
why did I come here I’m going back to San Francisco. (laughing) We all have those styles that we love and we want to wear but don’t go for for whatever reason,
maybe it’s insecurities maybe it’s because that outfit just doesn’t seem to fit your body right. So today I really want to challenge Emily to find an outfit that conquers her fashion fears. The things that she wants to wear but always hesitates towards. – Definitely that high-waist, those high-waisted skirts with buttons that are really in– – Right from your mood board. – Yes. And I bought one and never wore it and then I gained weight and
don’t fit into it anymore. So, I’ve always wanted to wear something like that. – Right, okay. We’ll look for something like that too. So, I’d love to see her push past those today because I think
she would totally rock a button-front denim skirt. And then the third
thing I want to look for just like a hero piece. Like a total wild-card thing that just makes you feel beautiful weather it’s like a hat or a dress or a pair of jeans, like whatever it is just something that,
you know those things. – Yeah, absolutely. – It’s in your closet, you put it on, you’re gonna have a good day. So we can find something
like that for you. – Okay. – And I think if we find
one of each of those things it will be a really good start to you feeling confident in the way that you dress so that hopefully when you go home you can
kind of use those same ideas. – Yay.
– Alright, you ready? – Yes I am.
– Let’s go shopping. I am so excited. (upbeat music) So based on Emily’s mood
board and personal style, I chose three stores for her. Anthropologie, Madewell and Gap. All three of these stores really embody Emily’s personal style. They are mature but
they’re not buttoned-up. They’re fun, they’re pastels
and they just seem to have a lot of great options that I think will work for her body type. – Almost immediately I put on something We didn’t love it but it fit my body type which was kind of something I haven’t experienced in a while. I think something that I learned today that was really powerful to me is that the size of the
clothing I am does not matter. It was kind of cool because Sierra would pick everything out for me so I wasn’t really focusing on the sizes and I didn’t worry about them which is not something I normally do and I think that’s really like a powerful thing to do. To free yourself from the size. – So we have this nice, beautiful set now for you to show what we
found when we went shopping. I’m so excited to see it. – Me too. – So, for the first outfit,
we went with her uniform, which we talked about earlier was going to be very classic, feminine timeless, with still that modesty to it. So, what we have first is, we found this perfect basic tee from Anthropologie with ruffles on the sleeves
which is very feminine, I love that. It has like a little bit of that wider, boxy cut, which is great because
you can tuck it into jeans, or tie it and still show off your hips and it’s just the perfect color for you. Your favorite color, right? And then also for this outfit, for the uniform, we have
this pair of denim jeans from Madewell, and these are high-waisted so they’re really gonna
flatter your curves, fit you in every part of your body and it’s like the perfect everyday wash. I feel like you’ll get, get
a lot of use out of these. And this is something that you can mix and match with things
that you already have– – Really everything, yeah.
– In your closet. And over the top we have this nice, chunky cardigan from Gap,
actually, the only thing that we got from Gap. We haven’t seen this whole outfit together because, obviously, each of
these are from different stores, so, I’m excited to see
it all come together. Oh, and we almost forgot, the final touch, we have
this chunky, gold necklace. Because the shirt is a little bit more plain, I feel like it’s fun to add a nice pop of color. – Yeah.
– So, pull it together. – So fun. – Alright, let’s see it. (upbeat music) Oh, my gosh. Here, wait, okay. Come look at yourself in the mirror. Because this literally looks like one of the Pinterest outfits you showed me.
– It looks exactly like the Pinterest outfit. It’s so exciting to have a uniform. Something that I feel
confident and comfortable in. And it kind of exudes the personality and style that I’ve always wanted to. I think especially since I’ve gained weight, I have struggled so much to find something that kind of feels like me. And I can re-create so many different ways every single day if I really wanted to. I’m so excited because this, my dream is to be like the classy woman like breezing through
the city, I don’t know. (laughs) And I just feel like this
is the outfit and can just– – The shoes that you brought
even work with the outfit. – It’s so cute. – I love the French tuck
you did in the front– – Thank you.
– That is so cute. – And I love this necklace. – The necklace pulls it all together and you know what, you
could even take this cardigan off, like if you’re in the office or out on a date or whatever. And the sleeves, the
ruffled sleeves are so cute. That you still get to see that
touch of femininity in it. – Right. Perfect. – Emily’s first outfit is the perfect example of a uniform. It’s something she feels so confident in she can re-create with different pieces in her closet and, I mean, tell me she doesn’t look great. She looks great. – I’m so thrilled with this outfit, I feel great in it. Like I was totally just dreading it. – Yay! You’re like working it
out in the dressing room. (laughs) And this is something
you can re-create from things that you already
have in your closet. This isn’t a complicated outfit. It’s not complex.
– Right. – T-shirt, nice piece of jewelry, cardigan, jeans, you can mix this up for every season. You could do capri’s for summer or spring. This is cute. I feel like this is you. You’re like glowing in this. – I just love it so much. I’m so happy.
– I am so happy. Now, as much as we love this outfit, I think we both know, outfit two, the one that was supposed to conquer your fashion fears, is like the stand-out
look from this video. – I do look amazing in that outfit. – So, let’s grab that one. So for this outfit, we found this on the Anthropologie sale rack. This is cherry embroidered shirt. – It’s kind of embarrassing
but when I was like 11, my very first email was cherrygirl and here I am at 26
wearing a cherry shirt. (laughs) – Okay, so on your mood board, we talked a lot about that
button-front skirt look– – Yes we did.
– That you loved. But when we were actually in the store finding one that fits that curvy, hour-glass shape is so difficult because the buttons tend to pull. – Exactly. – And it wasn’t about your body, it wasn’t about like the proportions, it was about that skirt style. When we went to Anthropologie, Emily and I found this great button-front skirt that matched that cherry top perfectly but it just wasn’t
right for her body type. It wasn’t made for someone with curves, like me or Emily, or
probably most of you guys who are watching. And what we decided to
do is instead of trying to force an item that
doesn’t work on your curves, we found a great option, which is this zip-front skirt. And so this gives that same button-front look but it’s not gonna pull because the zipper is a lot more sturdy than the buttons.
– Right. – Her body wasn’t the problem. It was just that skirt so we went to Madewell and we found one that had a zipper in front instead, and it still really shows
that button-front style that she loves so much but it rocks her curves. And then to top off the look, we found this great denim jacket at Anthropologie, and
when we were walking in, I had asked Emily, I’m
like, what do you think about denim jackets? She’s like, oh, I love them, but I have one, I haven’t gotten one in a size that fits me.
– Yeah. – So, you can throw out that old one. – Mm-hmm, finally!
– And take the new one, that matches your style, and
fits your figure perfectly This looks so cute on you. – It’s perfect–
– Fits you like a glove– – Yeah! – Because this skirt, is like a little bit shorter than I would go for but with the jacket, I just
felt better about it– – It gives you more coverage! – Exactly! – I think, it’s great to
push those boundaries. Go for the skirt that’s a little bit shorter but you can balance
that with a higher neckline, or wear a little bit more coverage on the arms, with a
great jacket like this. So, let’s see the whole
look come together. (upbeat music) – Aah!
– Oh, my. Do a turn. This is turn-worthy. Okay, I’m just going to leave, because you are making me
look bad now, okay, bye. – So, my fashion fears
outfit ended up being my absolute favorite. Which is really funny to me. But I felt fantastic in it, I would say, of all things, we ended up finding a zipper
that worked much better than the buttons. – Seriously, you look so good! – Thank you. (laughs) – How do you feel? – I feel amazing. I just want to go on a
date night or something. – Yes! – Or like to the movies, I don’t know. – Like a picnic?
– Yes. I’m obsessed with this outfit. – So, going into today, is this something you felt like you couldn’t wear, because the skirt– – I would never even have tried to. – Really? – I would have seen
that skirt and moved on. And like, oh this is cute and moved on because, I don’t know, I just wouldn’t even have, mini-skirts, please. (laughs) – But look at you. – Honestly I feel like totally, normal and fine and great. Beforehand that would not have happened because I just wouldn’t have allowed myself to think about it as an option, so. – Yeah.
– This is awesome. (laughs) – I think it’s so great,
not letting yourself be limited by those insecurities and going like, oh this isn’t for me like, it’s clearly for you. You look so good. – Thank you so much, I love it. I feel fantastic so this is definitely, hands down, my fave. I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s just, I think when you’re wearing a great outfit, you just know that you’re just like dang girl, get it. And that outfit was definitely it for me so, I definitely conquered
my fear. (laughs) – So, those are the
two outfits that we got but we did find a hero piece. – We did. – And this hero piece is actually so funny and so special. – So my hero piece ended up being this pair of shorts from Madewell that I had actually seen Cierra wearing on her channel, and I thought Oh, I should buy those. And of course never did. Because I have struggled to find a pair of shorts that I feel confident and comfortable in. – So, when we went to Madewell Emily was telling me, oh I saw a pair of button-front shorts that you got from Madewell in a video. We walked in, she saw them, she’s like, oh, I’m gonna try these on and buy them with my own money outside the video. She tried them on, I’m like, wait, this should be our hero piece. – Yes, I love them.
– You like them so much. They look great on you. We’re gonna be twinning. – Yes! (laughs)
– I’m so excited. – I wish I had brought them so we could actually twin. – I know that would’ve been so cute. – I know, but let’s see ’em. – Yeah, so excited. (upbeat music) – Those shorts are– – Perfect!
– So cute on you! I’m just convinced that every curvy girl needs a pair of high waisted button front shorts! – And these are like longer. – Yes!
– So that helps with the chub rub.
(laughs) They’re just absolutely perfect. – Yes, I don’t go for shorts that don’t cover the chub rub. – It’s too much.
– Can’t do it. – Look at you. Oh, and I love this shirt. Yeah, it looks great with
these shorts actually. – This shirt can be worn with everything. – And now I feel amazing so. – Good, you look amazing, you should! You deserve to feel amazing. And I’m just really glad
that we got to do this. – Me too. – And I hope that when you go home and you have your wardrobe you can take these confident feelings and put them into that and create outfits that
make you feel beautiful. – Overall, the whole experience
was so fun, so amazing. Sierra was so nice. She made me feel so comfortable. And it was really fun shopping with her because it literally felt like I had a personal stylist. Which, c’mon, we all want one of those. I just enjoyed everything about it and I’m going away with some great clothes, some new-found confidence, and some tips and tricks I can use to go shopping for myself. – It is so important to remember when you’re in that dressing room and it just feels like
everything is wrong, that you’re body is not wrong, the clothes are wrong. And you might have to go through a million different piles of clothes in the dressing room but
you are going to find things that flatter your figure and make you feel confident because
your body is not the problem. A few weeks after we filmed
Emily’s confidence make-over I started planning the promo
shoot for the Curvy Crew, my clothing line and of course, I asked Emily to be a part of it, and she came down. We had so much fun taking pictures and modeling together. And it really was just like the cherry on top of this video and
the confidence make-over. Because at our photo shoot, Emily was so confident. She was workin’ it. She was wearing a pair of the jeans that we bought for her in this video. So, thank you to Emily for coming down and filming this with me. And really helping me to change the way that I think about my body as well. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed the first episode and I will see you on Tuesday with another new video. Bye. (upbeat music)


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  17. Hello Sierra, 33-yr-old-mom-of-a-toddler new subscriber over here 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have been so inspired by your channel and binge-watching for the last week or so. I cannot believe how much motivation you’re instilled in me these last few days. You’ve made me want to celebrate my body instead of hiding certain parts, and in just a short amt. of time my thoughts about myself when looking in the mirror have taken a 180. I’m speechless ❤️

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