Cody: “I Decided I’m Tired of Being Overweight.”

Cody: “I Decided I’m Tired of Being Overweight.”

So growing up, I was pretty big.
I remember one point in third grade I was like 120 pounds or 130 pounds. I was
a big kid. Sophomore year I hit 320 pounds and the most you can weigh in
wrestling is 287, so I actually had to lose weight to wrestle heavyweights. At the
end of my junior year, it was the last day of school and I’m sitting at the bus stop. There’s this girl sitting there. I thought she was cute, and so I started
talking to her and I kind of got rejected. I didn’t like the way I
looked to begin with and so that was just a major hit to my confidence. I had this
warped idea that people didn’t like me because I was overweight. Growing up,
that’s kind of what you think. You think that every single thing that’s bad that
happens to you, oh it’s because I’m fat. First workout I did, I think it was like five rounds and I remember I was way behind everybody else. And Ryan’s like, “Hey man, you can stop at
three rounds if you want,” but I’m kind of a prideful person and was like, “No, I’m gonna finish these five rounds.” And it hurt. I remember it was kind of this eye-opening moment of, maybe I’m not in as good of shape as I thought. The biggest thing
that made me change my perspective on that was just when I started seeing the
number on the scale go down. There’s so many people out there that are willing to help and that can help, and there’s so much information available online or
whatever for diets and all those things that it’s possible. I didn’t lose
weight because I was some special case. No, I made a decision to lose
weight. Anybody can do it, you just have to own up to it. You have to realize that
you can take control. If I was to talk specifically to myself
at that age, you don’t realize how much your weight’s affecting you. I think the
hard part is realizing that things like that are possible. I don’t have some
perfect answer of how to make somebody believe that they can do it, other than
they have to own it and then they have to try it.


  1. You are gorgeous!! Don't let anybody bring you down. Good for you for what you have accomplished!! Such an inspiration…

  2. Awesome! I myself was pushing 300lbs before starting crossfit 6 months ago, now currently at 247lbs. It is a constant struggle and near impossible to keep daily motivation. What a great video!

  3. I'm a 15 year old girl and the last time I checked I was 254 lbs 🙁 I want to lose weight I really do but I'm so lazy and unmotivated and all I'm surrounded by is fatty foods and snacks. I don't even know where to start. I need guidance.

  4. This is beyond AWESOME.
    I had the same journey and I can feel pretty identify with the " You just have to own it" part.
    So happy you made it and that with this video you are inspiring hundreds who struggle with their weight which stop them from enjoying a great life. THANKS
    Greetings from Colombia 😀

  5. Thank you for this I’m 14 and overweight and the has inspired me as sometimes I get lazy haha but this has really inspired me thank you

  6. I was skinny af then I hit middle school and i got bigger now I’m realizing I messed up and i hate that I’m overweight
    So thank you

  7. It's so difficult because I'm a single mom of two and I have e sit down job. But I also eat emotionally and that habit is hard to break. You are so inspiring. I wish I had your will power and mental strength.

  8. Hey, I just moved to Florida, due to my parents divorce. I just started school and no one talks to me. I have no friends yet. I really want to lose weight but I live in an area where there's no sidewalks to jog anywhere. Any tips?

  9. I got tired of being fat. I'm getting my body together. I stopped all that darn eating, and am committing myself to 4:00 a.m. Workouts.
    I rather be trim and fit, than fat, sloppy, and unhealthy.

  10. Same, my dude. Reason why I also got more fit, I'm not all where I want to be but I'm on the road and making progress.

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