Cleanse Tips for weight loss and healing- what not to overlook, by Markus Rothkranz, Cara Brotman

Cleanse Tips for weight loss and healing- what not to overlook, by Markus Rothkranz, Cara Brotman

hey Marcus and Caracara is gonna be here in a minute we’re here to guide you help you and coach you with your weight-loss in your cleansing process there’s a really important analogy I need to give you guys because I know what a lot of you guys are doing and you know there are no shortcuts and it’s really important that you understand this because the body will not cleanse if it’s in defense mode and this is really important here’s a good analogy let’s say you there’s a hundred things that you eat and one of those things is a cheap thing a cookie a piece of bread piece of cheese whatever it is it’s a cheap thing okay what that’s like this is what it’s like to your body that when you’re let’s say you’re at a wedding and there’s a hundred people having a good time and then the smelly filthy drunk homeless person wanders into the room doesn’t even have to say anything he just wanders in the room suddenly everybody at that place of shut up and there’s this tension in the air and everybody just tenses up well that’s what your body does your body has a defense system built in that is more sophisticated than NORAD it deadly virus is so small you can’t even see it but your body can see it it’s so small you can’t even see it on the tip of a pin but your body can see it in the minute something enters your body that doesn’t belong that’s foreign to the body defense systems go up and your body goes into lockdown doesn’t matter if 99 things you’re doing is perfect if that one thing gets in there your body will be tensing up and in defense mode ready to fight they actually found that when people he cooked food their white blood cell count goes way up which means the body’s ready to fight something it doesn’t recognize what it is you’re eating now I’m not saying when you’re healthy down the road that you can’t have fun once in a while I’m saying when you’re cleansing when you’re trying to lose weight when you’re trying to heal something this is important you got to be 100% or your body will be in defense mode and it won’t be able to cleanse properly and if you’re trying to lose weight if you’re trying to you know he’ll cleanse lose weight whatever it is you need to be totally in the letting go mode not in the tense mode and this is important it does not recognize bread or cookies or sugar or anything like that you got to be eating uncooked raw plant foods and it’s it’s getting into letting go mode this is cleansing alright the more extreme version of that is juice fasting or water fasting when you do that and your body knows that everything you’re doing is from nature and clean and pure it will start letting go it will relax it will start flushing things out now this is where the tricky part comes in the minute your body goes into letting go mode – detoxing 60 trillion cells in your body are going to be letting go of 30 years of garbage that you’ve been accumulating holding it at pizza you had two years ago that lobster you had three months ago that cookie you had five weeks ago whatever it is it’s coming out of your cells and it’s going into your bloodstream and in your lymph nodes and it’s overcrowding your elimination system when that happens when you’re in cleansing mode you are dumping too much stuff in your elimination system it can’t handle it not what that’s like it’s like every car in the city trying to get on the freeway at the same time you’re going to have a major backup and that’s what happens in your body and that’s what a lot of you people are doing you’re eating right you’re cleansing you’re doing like nothing but water you’re doing nothing but juice fasting but you’re getting headaches you’re getting tired you’re getting toxic you’re getting sick that’s because your elimination system is backed up it can’t handle all the stuff that’s coming out of these 60 trillion cells even though you’re not eating food there’s too much toxic stuff from all these cells in your body getting in your bloodstream in your lymph nodes and it can’t get rid of it fast enough that’s why I say in my books to do enemas to do flushing and I know what some of you is saying or saying can I just take some colon herbs to help go the bathroom you know what that’s like it’s like let’s say you have a 20 mile backup on the freeway and somebody’s at the back end trying to push it forward it’s not going to work you got to get to the front end of the backup and get a vacuum cleaner and flex start sucking and washing out that stuff so you get things moving it’s like taking out the bottom few gumballs of a gumball machine and everything starts falling in place and getting things moving so this is what a lot of you people are doing I know you are I can tell from your emails you’re eating right you’re doing juice fasting you’re doing water fasting but you’re not doing enemas you’re not flushing your body and you’re getting sick and tired and and headachy and stuff like that that’s because you’re afraid of a little bit of water don’t be afraid you need this it’s important you need to help your body get rid of this stuff otherwise you’re making yourself too toxic cleansing is good but you got to do it right this is important and you say well enemas might not be natural its water secondly we’re in the modern world the stuff you’ve been putting in your body for the last twenty years is not natural and it’s not going to be coming out and a natural why you need to help it so this is important you want to lose weight if you want to cleanse if you want to heal something you need to help your body don’t just get lazy and take some herbs or something or you know just do a cleanse or something and think it’s going to just magically work I mean it does to some degree but like I said earlier you need to help everything flow and you can’t cheat 99 things you’re doing right you’re thinking yourself what is this one little thing going to do it’s not going to do anything this little cookie this little piece of something it will shut you down and put the body in the lock-up mode it will freeze everything you’ve done up to that point stop cheating okay even if you’re okay so that’s two important things one water fast juice fasts or raw food no cheating and help the body get rid of stuff those are the two lessons of the day Cara so okay I’m a guy talking you need to hear a girl say this too okay this isn’t just the guy saying some weird stuff so here she comes hi hi welcome so tell these wonderful people about your experience and your advice from a girl to a girl or just let them look at a Beatle girl whatever my experience when I was fasting was the first couple days was really hard but after the initial first day I woke up in the morning and my stomach was so much flatter than it was when I had gone to bed because I had not eaten for 24 hours but it’s not about starving it’s about eating and giving your body what it really wants and that’s green juices and green salads and fruits in the morning right and don’t juice your fruits because that’s too much sugar I recommend throwing a lemon in your green juice make it as bitter as possible and then you can throw a lemon in there point the more bitter something is because you guys are sugar addicts I know because I was – stop with the sweet stuff okay you want to lose weight you wanna get better less sweet more bitter bitter cleans the liver the liver helps body detox gets rid of things it helps your digestion it helps so better aids wears sugar destroys so stop whining alright get off the sugar and start doing the bitter it’s not fun but you need it it’s part of nature if you were dropped in nature you would be eating a lot of bitter stuff part of what we need the bitter taste on our tongue activates the vagus nerve which makes your liver cleanse alright and now you’ve got a lot now you’re a human being in the modern world so you’ve got a lot of toxic stuff in your body you need to get rid of it so we need to help them with the Animas right unless they’re amazing yes they’re very helpful I encourage them I wish I would have discovered them sooner I wish I would have done them on my baby when he was sick but better late than never it’s just water what are you guys afraid of you know I mean you want to get I get people emailing so what they’re try to figure out how not to do at the Animus you know just take a : herb or something like I said you’re trying to push the back end of a 20-mile back up it’s not going to work you need to put something in the front end with a vacuum cleaner and start sucking it out then you start getting things moving it’s important stop being afraid of water it’s a really clean feeling also if you don’t have any organic food around or you don’t have time and you’re hungry rather than blow it and get something cheap or bad for you in a store or at a restaurant I’d carry around dates and just pop a date in your mouth it really helps with that uncomfortable hungry feeling or don’t need anything but it’s but to be hungry is kind of uncomfortable sometimes but it’s amazing how one date just gets rid of that uncomfortable feeling and you’re fine until you can get a hold of some good food and a lot of people don’t realize that when they think they’re hungry it’s actually the body crying for water they eat instead of drinking you need to drink a gallon of water a day that’s I give you an 8 16 ounce glasses or 16 8 ounce glasses a gallon of water it’ll flush your body you’ll start getting rid of the fat it’ll start getting rid of the bad stuff to toxins and flush water in this and water in the other end and just water you’re just a tube with water going through it yep and a glass every couple hours this is what you end up looking like it works so anyway I hope this helped you guys it’s really important understand your body has a defense system and that defense system will lock down your body the moment something enters just like we have yeah you know not in the 911 when that happened they shut down the whole country nothing went in or out no airplanes nothing your body’s like that the minute a foreign substance enters your airspace your body it shuts down nothing in or out you can’t cleanse when you have that one little tiny cheat thing okay this is the wedding crasher this is the one that stops everything if you want to cleanse you got to be committed you can have fun down the road you know help some cook food once a while once you’re healthy once you’ve lost your weight but right now you’re in cleansing mode so do it right you know you start reading the water as your friend yeah water and out all over you can go weeks with just water if you can’t handle it start doing green juices once you can’t hail the green juices anymore start with the green smoothie and also I think you should also suggest moving your lymph nodes to carry out breath toxins awesome it really helps right lymph is the metabolic waste that your cells create and they don’t have a pump like a heart to get it out of your system how do you get rid of the wastes in your lymph system where your lymph nodes situated in your body they’re in your armpits your groin your neck all right why are they there because we’re supposed to be moving our body you know walking jumping talking chewing that’s what makes these there’s little pumps that pump the stuff to the next valve until it’s out of your body the only way to get the crap out of your body is to move your body and flush it also with water it’s really important breathe yes water and movement combining all these can you imagine how your body will just be singing the part I love you yeah I I sound like I’m yelling here I’m like over overly excited I’m like robin Leach I’m yelling know why say I’m sorry guys I got excited about this alright anyway Sasha knit yeah so this is important I want you guys to understand if you want to cleanse don’t waste your time do it right combine all of the elements the moving your body the green juices the good food organic food enemas water yep and good mood get rid of the negative stuff in your life see that’s another thing if you got negative people’s stress you’re gonna be tense you’re not going to be able to let go that’s true I’d avoid TV and news during this time too with your cleanse yeah after all the more tense you are the less you’re going to be able let go and if you’re cleansing you lose weight you gotta let go you gotta just totally let go so alright candles and calm music and nice baths and each other yeah I think we should end the video now anything yeah sure yeah well good luck we’re gonna start our day we’re gonna go unstress oh there you go we’re gonna go do some calming activity yeah so we hopefully inspired you now go cleanse yourself yeah that’s a good one but I go cleansers so Oh


  1. Markus and Cara god bless you both–the love you have for each other and for sharing healing for us is very inspiring–I'm on my way to helping me heal my body.

  2. Fruits are the cleanser and greens are the builder, so in the beginning of a juice fast you should drink more fruits. When I say juice fast I mean at least 60 days, if you do it for just a week won't matter that much what you juice. For more information on juice fasting see John Rose's videos.

    I really loved the analogy with the drunk guy at a party. Love you guys.

  3. Hi MarKus, Hemp milk is rich in nutrients. Or is it? Have you done any research on this? Are the labels truthful? I don't recall you mentioning it in previous programs. Thanks alot! Godspeed, Jane

  4. Eat Meyer lemons, the whole thing even the skin, with some grey or pink sea salt. Fresh spring to drink with it… nice

  5. I so love your passion Markus and Cara. I really respond to a hard talk and not the soft approach. 100% responsibility is needed by each of us as an individual. Love you too. Thanks so much

  6. Thank you for common sense strategies. as Americans we need to seriously revamp our lifestyles. Great informative and inspiring.

  7. Just purchased a blender to start and want to detox but I do not nor can afford a juicer after this large purchase of a blender? Can I go water to smoothies?

  8. hey markus question is out of topic but this happens to dogs too lol just like us humans ,dogs have been eating what they were intended to eat natural stuff for thousands of years but now the modern dog eats artificial toxic dog kibbles and what happens the dog gets slow, obese,sick and all that bad stuff even blind from artificial food so i guess us humans could suffer the same as them sorry for my english im mexican and english is not my first language but feed a dog raw and its teeth and fur coat will be healthy and whats up with canine cancer it wasnt heard of before same for humans it wasnt that heard of before why because the world qas a cleaner place that goes for food, environment,the air we breathe and all those things right markus

  9. I don't have your book on healing yoursef, can you tell me more about an enema with water, water is all I drink, I have well water. I don't drink any other kinds of fliuds. I Love water. When you say to do enema with water do I stop eating everything else & for how long??
    Thankyou I think you Both.💛 are Fantastic hope to meet you one day.

  10. Markus, I have a hard time adjusting to hot temperatures, being out in the sun too long or overheated shopping malls which causes me to end up with a migraine. Is this again the one cookie or bread or the cheat food causing this problem?

  11. Wow. I am so glad I found you Markus. I want to start a enema detox to lose weight and had so many questions. You just answered all of them in this video. Im taking notes…. and hope this works for me..

  12. Don't we need to add salt after using the enema? I was hospitalized once for being dehydrated after a whole year of using it. How much salt should we add ?

  13. Question again 🙂 The longest i ever stayed on a water fast was 5 days but i want to do the three weeks tomorrow. I live in NJ and don't want to catch a cold here. Am I compromising protection to my health by not taking vitamin C during my fast ?

  14. I agree. I didn’t realize that I could save money on purchasing my one enema bag. I went to a special spa that had the colon cleansing machines. After just two treatments everything started moving. I knew my diet was would work after that and sure enough the weight just shed off of me. Taking colon cleansers in pill form isn’t enough they really didn’t work for me.

  15. I watch this video all the time. Never get tired of it. When I’m fasting I watch this video. It makes me proud of me and cheers me up with a big smile. It’s so cute how shy Cara is and how Markus gets her to do these videos. What a precious couple.

  16. I really appreciate Markus expressing his passion for nature's bountiful healer– raw, uncooked whole plant-based food.
    I mean, how many human beings are willing to put their ego on the line and tell strangers with a zeal of healthy endeavor how to help themselves.
    Much of this valuable advice before publishing companies and the internet highway came about would have mostly only been privy to the most intimate of family and friends.
    Thank you, Markus & Cara
    Peace out

  17. I'm pregnant and keep getting weird allergies to foods that I need to eat such as greens and some fruits. I've never been like this before. I am also catching every cold known to man and I've always been healthy. Before getting pregnant it was almost 9 years since I had a sniffle. What is going on and what can I do about these allergies?

  18. Hi:)
    So I am really wondering how you feel about the terpentine cleanse?
    Have you ever Done it?
    Do you have have a cleasne regime?

  19. Markus, I am trying to heal for sure. How do I maintain self control to curb by appetite? I am addicted to sugar and carbs.

  20. I did water enema twice a week and it seems to slow down my peristalsis. It took 7 days before my bowels moved on their own again…I didn’t like that. Before enemas I would move my bowels several times a day of formed stool

  21. Hi Markus im new to all this. i tend to have all kinds of sleepiness low energy and heavy feeling in my head when I do green smoothies. or drink too much aloe vera . where is a good place to start? im low on funds so plz give me the simplest options

  22. Thank you for another inspirational video! I am cleansing and fasting now and got lazy with enemas. Thank you for reminding me how important they are and how important it is not to cheat!

  23. What about fruit!! You say no sugar.. then talk about dates?? What do you think of 801010 that’s all fruit and sugar??

  24. But what did people eat in the winter up north in the winter when all of the green stuff is dead? I could live on sour kraut. What else? Dried fruit and make a lot of fermented food?

  25. I'm new to your channel and each video I watch a light bulb goes on. You are dropping some major jewels💍

  26. Makrus & Cara just like Adam & Eva..I really need this,need something you sharing with us here💞So much gratitude 🙏🏻
    I love to eating..and very fast I back to empty stomach..I always pain here pain there.This years my age only 31 but my body like 50plus..I Easy feeling exhausted..I ever try going gym,and try something to Loss fat,but I failed.Everytime only go halfway,so one day I giving up..I become no confidence to myself..unfortunately I found your video Makrus,and listening what u much in love to what u say,u say every problem is what I face now.Thank you so much to you Makrus & Cara.

  27. I <3 guys. I would add some crystal Celtic Salt ( 82 minerals ). I watch Barabara O'Neill and she has a point about consuming grey salt with water.

  28. Do not do enema with tap water if you do you will intreduce what ever in the tap water to your colon, things I am sure you don't want them there. I recommend distill water.. Marcus, what are your thoughts? would love to know

  29. Sitting here thinking there's no way I'm doing an enema. I hope one day the penny drops and I will succumb to it. Love your honesty and what you're promoting.

  30. Love both of you, such beautiful people. Wish I could find a beautiful woman like Cara, Markus you are my mentor. Thank you for all your great work, Bill

  31. Refined sugar.. Worst drug on the planet imo. Much gratitude for all your work, Marcus. Much, much love. Bless you both xxx

  32. what is bothering markus with his itching nose. zi see this in many videos. I got that back when I had balsamic vinegar, which i loved. just had to give it up, since it always made the tip of my nose itch.

  33. You guys are so beautiful 😍 I can pass a day with out you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thank you so much

  34. Awesome information! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and passion! It’s contagious. I’ve found after a few weeks of cleaning with water enemas My body was ready to do some deeper liver healing and added organic green coffee enemas

  35. Hi there Markus, If a person cleanses & not long after, really screws up by cheating here & there (symptoms come back), How long do you think would be alright to wait before repeating the 3 day water fast, green juices etc. again? If I understand correctly, a person can do the cleansing once or twice a yr followed by the parasite formula. Perhaps it doesn't matter? Just repeat the whole thing asap? If you can answer, thanks. If not, I understand. You & Cara have a good one! 😊

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