Childhood Obesity in America: At School (Part 2)

Childhood Obesity in America: At School (Part 2)

so the amount of time a child spends in school is enormous so rules laid out in regard to nutrition and exercise can go a long way in the fight against childhood obesity Sunnyside Elementary School in San Francisco sends letters to parents asking them not to send their kids to school with sweets candy or soda fifth grade teacher Barbara Wiener says kids accept it well they love drinking and bringing their water so we rarely see them breaking the rule too much sugar can hinder classroom performance an experienced kindergarten instructor has seen it all too often kids are being fed with sweets or sugary kids are more hyper active and they're not really focusing well in class parents who see to it their kids are getting the right foods aren't normally there to see the payoff but for the teachers it's quite measurable contributing more and talking more rather than sleepy or tired looking and nutrition and healthy food really helps Brendon Walsh is a familiar face at Sunnyside he works under a YMCA program making great strides in keeping kids fit we have obese children in the school and through this program we're trying to educate them on the different types of foods and the food pyramid you know breaking down your fats from your carbohydrates you know knowing that you can enjoy everything but just in moderation the lifestyles of some children can make his job a tough one just whipping some of these guys into shape is a challenge because a lot of them are used to just staying at home and playing video games and that's why this program is great is because it's getting them out and getting them moving and they're learning games that now I see them playing in the playground I see them doing them after school on their own this is one piece in the puzzle in the fight against what has become a disturbing national trend kids who face health problems because they are far more overweight than those who before yet Sunnyside Elementary thanks to the YMCA seems to have a leg up you know just seeing them active and playing these games with their classmates it's helped a lot of kids come out of their show and kids that were maybe antisocial or quiet through these games and playing these different sports and activities they really do build a confidence and have a glow to them when they're out there in our next report will arm you with the information you need to know to keep the boy or girl you love fit for childhood and beyond


  1. Stop giving them sugar, stop giving them shitty cereals in AM, stop giving in and going to fast food places, don't EVER do that……

  2. She claims the roca formula lessens her child's food cravings, therefore helping him to lose weight…

  3. My friend's son is obese and with his condition, he was always bullied in school. The Pedia recommended that they try using the roca labs formula to help his son lose weight. Good thing it worked on him, the kid lost 8lbs in 1 month of use…

  4. @CockSmokinCrackHead I feel your frustration man. :/
    It really does annoy the hell out of me when my mother does the same, I only want for her to take care of herself. Yet she complains all the time!

  5. How ridiculous is it that the phys ed guy (Walsh) is OBESE! What a role model for the kids. Only in the US can phys ed teachers be fatties.

  6. @StuffedAnimalAdvisor Yes, good idea. And then, being unemployed, the overweight teachers could not afford food and lose weight rapidly. Once they have diminished to a healthy weight, they will then be re-hired by the schools! Brilliant!

  7. I mean no offense yet I myself would not follow the instructions of a PE teacher to get fit if he HIMSELF wast fit. Just a point of view.

  8. The gym instructor from the ymca is portly, looks as though he is not taking his own advise. Funny that they are trying to educate these children on exercise. The teacher is also over weight.

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