Calories In Vs Calories Out Is WRONG (The TRUTH)

Calories In Vs Calories Out Is WRONG (The TRUTH)

calories in versus calories outs and why you should stop counting calories even if you trying to lose weight are you ready for it let's get into it the golden rule of weight loss calories in versus calories out basically eat more calories than you burn in your gained weights or eat less calories than you burn and your lose weight and from the countless studies and books out there in the interwebs you would think that this method is foolproof only that it's not because these outdated rules have turned us into obsessive worriers fad fearing calorie counting treadmill slaves I mean what the literal by the way did you know that the treadmill was actually invented in the 1800s as a way to punish prisoners in jail I'll say no more I feel like we need a math degree just to work out what we should be eating in a day are you telling me that our ancestors counted macros so that they could stay in shape or do you think that tribes like the Masai in Africa worried about overshooting their calories for the day because they might get fat by the way they actually eat a really calorie dense diet of raw milk and blood and meat and they actually stay really lean and muscular and have zero cases of obesity or diabetes what if this sorcery I mean really do you think that your great-grandma weighed her food before she cooked it in a time when obesity and heart disease did not exist no she did not and if she saw you doing that today she would think you would nurse this is a modern-day affliction and if we just ate a species appropriate diets of healthy whole foods that are nutrient dense just like our ancestors did we wouldn't have to worry about counting calories so many women are torturing themselves just encouraging unhealthy relationships with their food in their exercise and damaging their body image and mental well-being and then you get the weight loss companies and the supplement companies who are just Pecha waiting this confusion with this whole calories in calories our business to prey on your pain point offering you quick fixes with clever marketing so that they can just line their fat wallets with your hard-earned cash and all this does is keep you in this vicious cycle of yo-yoing with your weight in your health it's time to wake up now look before I get rolled in my comments I am NOT saying that calories don't count ok anyone who says that is an idiot but equally anyone who says that is only about calories is also an idiot but I am talking to my subscribers who generally fall under the category of female who have crashed dieted for most of their life whose metabolic health isn't so great whose muscle mass is way lower and body fat levels tend to be way higher who have tried the starvation diets and the calorie counting and the over exercising doing way too much cardio and just not getting results if that's you and you are really confused about the whole calorie thing and what calories you should be on this video is for you keep watching one thing to point out between the sexes and this makes a big difference females have lower testosterone and higher estrogen that's gonna have a massive effect on your body composition that means we can't build as much muscle as males can and we tend to store a lot more body fat than males do that's just how we're built so let's take a look at this golden rule of weight loss and why it's so flawed but more so why getting obsessed over the numbers is completely a waste of time calculating calories in bare with me we're gonna go through a little bit of a maths lesson here I hope you've got your clever thinking caps on ready but we need to know how many calories there are in a particular food so that we can add it up to our total intake for the day and know how much energy we're taking in right okay so take a banana as an example is it right or is it under-ripe because if it's right it's going to have a much higher sugar content and if it's under ripe it's gonna be mostly starch big difference in calories there is it cooked or is it raw not that I don't know why you would cook a banana but I don't know maybe you do will is it baked for two hours or did you fry it for two minutes because again that's gonna skew your calculations same goes for a piece of steak okay one's marbled with lots of fat one isn't so marbled well how do you know what the exact protein to fat ratio is of each oh that's right you can't because the textbooks give you a generic roundabout number for each specific whole-food but they don't take into account all of these factors and so there's zero accuracy in it saying you are on a 1500 calorie diet and you're trying to lose weight we're going to be really conservative here and so it was a 20% error just gonna do the math for a minute ah yeah you could potentially be eating 1200 calories or 1800 calories there's a huge difference that's why there is absolutely zero point in you counting your calories to the ground the only way that you can get somewhat consistent is by eating the same thing every single meal day-in day-out hello bodybuilders and fitness competitors there's a reason why they do that because it's the only way to be as consistent as you possibly can that's why they eat dry chicken breast brown rice and broccoli out of a Tupperware box daily now I don't know about you but I'm a normal person I like variety I don't want to eat the same thing out of a Tupperware box every single day even if you did that it's still not foolproof to me that's just not enjoyable and it's not practical I don't want to live my life that way and you don't have to either let's move on to floor number 2 calculating calories out so assuming we've calculated our somewhat inaccurate calories in we have to now calculate how many calories we use or burn in a day let's say you walk a mile well you're actually gonna use far less energy than someone else who also walks exactly the same distance but weighs more than you but say you're lifting weights how do you know how much energy you have burnt maybe you did it a little bit quicker than the next person maybe on my muscle connection is far strong and you actually know how to contract the muscle than the person next to you who's got all but lifting heavier weights how can you possibly calculate that the answer you can't I don't know about you but i legit feel like not only do I need a maths degree to figure out how many calories I need to eat in a day but now I need a physics degree on top of that to work out how much energy I'm burning excuse me can you just wait a minute while I get my calculator oh yeah no just calculating how many calories are in this banana I'm just working out how quickly I walk to work today so I know how much calories I've burned yeah so that I can have that double mocha Chino frappe early no yeah you know I think you drink the shake yes oh good no no no here's the bottom line there is no way that you can work out with any sort of precision or accuracy how many calories you're taking in nor how many calories you're actually using calorie in calorie out fanatic will just say to you yeah but that's like we had BMR and he yes and neat yes which is basically just a whole bunch of other calculations to further confuse you apparently all of those combined will just take out any discrepancies that we had earlier but do they because at the end of the day all of those calculations are going to be guesstimate – have you ever used an online calculator to try and work out what calories he should be on what you BMR is and what your resting energy expenditure is yeah you know like five different answers as if it wasn't confusing enough which calculation is right which one do I use it doesn't need to be this complicated I'm not gonna go through what all of these are if you want to know do a Google search but let's just take BMR which is your basal metabolic rate even that equation itself thinks that there is a 10% inaccuracies for these reasons in this city of police officers doing shift work it actually found that the accuracy and prediction of the equation was only 35% all of these equations are based on your lean body mass as well and how could you possibly know if any accuracy what your lean body mass is you aren't just made of muscle or fat you also have blood bone and organs you made of a lot of water as well and know you can't do those crappy little tests that you get at the gym they are not accurate and even if it was accurate I mean how practical is it it's okay for a strength and conditioning academic in a science lab to tap that this is truth but does it really apply to the real world does it apply to you as an individual I don't know about you but all this mass is giving me Haller anxiety so here's what I say let those academics and bodybuilders crunch the numbers and eat their dry chicken out of Tupperware there is a better way for you my friend floor number three a calorie is a calorie is a calorie not basically this means if you eat X amount of calories more than you burn you will gain Y amount of weight no matter where the calorie comes from and if you were to believe that this calories in versus calories out equation is foolproof then yes that would make sense but in reality this isn't the case it doesn't matter what diet you follow you could follow keto Paleo you could be vegetarian you could do Oh mad you could do if it fits your macros you could do absolutely any diets if you eat too many calories you will gain weight but there have been many studies shown over the years that a fat based diet compared to a car based diets even with equal calories performs better with dieters losing far more weight there are literally in excess of 60 studies spanning over 17 years I'm not going to list them all here but I just wanted to talk about one study in particular this is the recent let's come out and probably the strongest study to date five months into this study the low-carb group saw an increase in their resting energy expenditure by 200 calories a day whereas the resting energy expenditure of the high carb group actually decreased or your resting energy expenditure is basically the amount of calories that you burn by doing nothing so just by doing nothing the low-carb group was burning more calories than the high carb group what this means for you in the real world is that following a low-carb diet allows you to take in higher calories and still lose weight I've experienced this myself when I was a bikini competitor prepping for my state's Championships which I won and placed first as well as the International bodybuilding competition the Arnold's where I play second in my class my calories never went below 1,900 calories that's really high for a fitness competitor compared to all the other girls who typically do anything from 1200 to 1500 and walk around like zombies how can this even happen if we are to believe what all the science tells us that the only important thing we're trying to lose weight is about your calories floor number for the burning calories mindset this is probably the biggest contributor to perpetuating unhealthy mindsets around the foods that we eat and the exercise that we do how many times have you justified eating that chocolate bar by thrashing yourself on the treadmill the next day how many times have you resisted the urge to eat something fatty like butter or cream because you think it has too many calories and you'll need to do an extra 50 burpees in your hit class to work it off this mindset is so unhealthy and it's the main reason why I discourage women from counting calories but I get it it is really hard to undo all of that conditioning from watching your mum follow low-fat diets when you were a kid and scolding you for wanting to spread more butter on your whole grade health a toast to hearing over and over and over from weight loss companies on the TV and in the magazines telling you to watch your calories and teaching you a point system on a scale of good foods and naughty foods and rewarding you like you're some sort of dog all this does is cements feelings of guilt and fear around food and your doctors and dietitians are no better because when you're struggling with this and you're the last and you don't understand why you can't lose the weight even though you're doing everything right they just tell you to move more and eat less it's hard to undo all of that brainwashing when it's coming at you from all sides and backed by science now I tell you this because I want to show you just how flawed this system actually is so that you can ease up on this calorie thing and possibly reduce your anxiety around it stay with me things are gonna get nerdy a calorie is a unit of heat and the way that the energy of a particular food is calculated is by burning it in a machine called a bomb calorimeter calorimeter calorie me calorimeter caloric kilometer calorimeter kilometer color color image calorimeter a nun measuring the amount of heat that this particular food gives off these are the numbers that end up on calorie charts stuff on the back of food packaging to let you know how much energy is in each food so that you can track your intake can you see why people might have gotten scared of eating fats whoa nine calories per gram holy but no no season I'm not gonna eat that cheesecake are you kidding me nine calories per gram oh my god seriously so good I'm so good who gives a fuck about the sugar content they're right you can see now why people are so scared of fats because they are the most cal terrific and if calorie restriction is the only way to lose weight then you can see what kind of a problem we have here but there's clearly a very obvious flaw with this we are not machines I don't know about you but the last time I checked human bodies don't burn foods like this nifty machine oh here I mean I'm pretty sure that when I ate my salmon eggs and butter for lunch today I didn't glow in the dark like et our digestive system is actually pretty inefficient the chemical process that happens in our body when we eat our food is that our blood sugar oxidizes and breaks down to provide us with energy when that happens we get carbon dioxide now we breathe out up to half of that co2 we lose it in our breath the other half we lose in our sweat and our pee and our poop that's energy containing molecules right there literally in your poop that you didn't use it would make sense then not to count this figure from your food in your initial calorie intake does a bomb calorimeter poop no of course not it's a machine so what about calorific naughty fat well when you eat lots of fats your body breaks that down into ketones fat adapted people following a low carb high fat or ketogenic diets use these ketones as energy instead of running off sugar like most car based dieters do but you actually lose some of these ketones in your breath and in your urine too and so aside from losing some of these calories is that we don't actually use all of the food we eat to supply our body with energy rip hair and make cells and enzymes and things like skin and hair and nails and blood so the calories from this protein isn't used for energy it's literally used to build and repair itself so you shouldn't be counting these in your energy in a calculation yes some of it is used for energy but some of it is also used for the production of bile for hormones essential fatty acids are used for the brain and for the nervous system so you shouldn't count this in your energy intake either basically there is no accurate way for you to know from the protein and the fats that you eat how much is not used for your energy intake and so you can't allow for it either and if you can't allow for it there's no point in counting it are only used to supply the body with energy in which case all carbs should be counted – in soluble fiber it seems pretty logical that carb restriction would be a far better approach than simply calorie restricting on a low fat carb based diets providing you are not overeating the problem with calorie restriction and following this calories in versus calories out equation although it looks perfect on paper and the science might be true doesn't mean that it's necessarily practical for you in the real world there are many studies to show that with calorie restriction has a direct effect on your hormones and while although it can show to reduce your insulin some other important things happen too when you go on low calorie diets ghrelin which is your hunger hormone increases that means craving carbs and sugar and constant hunger leptin which is your satiety hormone decreases basically your brain doesn't tell you when you're full and your cortisol levels rise which is your stress hormone which basically means you're gonna be stressed you're gonna have mood swings and you're gonna be wired at night which means poor sleep and because of that there's no way you're gonna be able to have effective workouts and it requires incredible amounts of willpower just to stay on track and as a side note no one talks about this but it's very easy to become nutrient deficient when you're on very low calories so why shoot yourself in the foot with low fat low calorie restriction what you eat and more importantly the quality of what you're eating is far more important than merely focusing on calories now I don't need to tell you the eating a diet full of junk food processed carbs refined sugars and unhealthy trans fats is not good for you but who would have thought that eating calorie dense Whole Foods like butter and fatty meats and fatty fish and avocado would actually help you lose weight without having to obsess over a single calorie mainly because fats are satiating if they make you feel full they give you sustained energy throughout the day that means no hunger pangs two hours after eating they also don't spike insulin no lethargy no cravings no crashes that makes it far easier to keep your calories under control when you're not fighting a hunger cravings and fatigue like I proved in the earlier study your resting energy expenditure actually increases meaning you can allow for a bit of extra food and still lose the weight and guess what that means you're gonna have more energy to smash your workouts and burn more calories the reason that low carb high fat works so well for people is that it gives you freedom it allows you to stress less over the numbers because all calorie counting does is keep you stuck and disconnected from your body I do just want to point out as well that food and exercise is not the only thing that you need to address if you're trying to lose weight and get healthy if you haven't watched my weight loss video already then you can watch that here but above all you need to work on your mindset and particularly how our emotions are tied to our eating behaviors overeating due to genuine hunger is is one thing but overeating due to emotional issues comfort eating or stress eating any sort of author x''k behavior that needs to be addressed first before you even worry about what you look like and this is the bottom line the science of calories in versus calories out might look great on paper it might be true according to scientists if it's not practical if it's not something that you enjoy or you can sustain for a long period of time if you can't maintain it then what's the point newsflash you're not actually a calculation you're a human being becoming intuitive with your eating and your exercise should always be the ultimate goal yeah you want to have balance in your life and maintain your results long term so use calories as a baseline just to gauge where you're at then how much food you're actually eating and then throw it out the window because getting a grip on your body requires you to listen to it and the danger with following any sort of weight loss protocol obsessively and only following the textbook rules is that you end up disregarding the humaneness that makes you you health and fitness is not just about the foods that you eat and how you move your body in order to achieve some sort of body goal it is first and foremost about feeling good in your body and in your mind and also on a lasting note I just want to point out to have realistic expectations and striving to be a certain weight or look a certain way and comparing yourself to your favorite Fitness influencer it's not healthy and you're just never going to be happy there are no quick fixes so you've got to start enjoying the journey it's a learning curve it's the process basically just stop obsessing over the numbers whether it's your food or your waistline you are more than your body you are worthy you are perfect just the way you are healthy is a state of mind it is not just your dress size remember that there you go guys I hope I cleared up some confusion for you don't forget to Like and subscribe hit that notification bell 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