Best Weight Loss Surgery Center in Las Vegas | Blossom Bariatrics

Best Weight Loss Surgery Center in Las Vegas | Blossom Bariatrics

We were in Oregon at a program that I helped
start that looked like it was not a good fit for us–long-term. And we were looking around
the country for places to start a new bariatric program. Vegas came up and I was very excited
from the get-go about Vegas; not because it’s Vegas, but because it offers us an opportunity
to develop medical tourism for our patients–where we can have a destination for patients to
come to that they feel comfortable with. They probably came here 10 years ago. It’s easy
to get to. It’s safe. It’s not in a foreign country. It had all these advantages here
to start in Las Vegas with this medical tourism. Flights are available from all around the
country at any time of day, so it’s very easy to get in and out of Vegas for our patients.
And, we thought that they would really appreciate coming to a top-notch program here in Las
Vegas. So, we have patients that come in from all over the country. In fact, we have people
come in from all over the world. Most recently, we had three people come in from the Marshall
Islands, up in Alaska, and I’ve seen people from Nigeria, and New Zealand, and all over.
And, one of the benefits of that is we have a program that’s been working a long time
doing that, so we’re able to do it smoothly and successfully. Patients can come in–they
usually come in the day before surgery, so typically we operate on Thursdays, for example,
and they’d come in on a Wednesday. They’d see everybody in the office–they’d see the
nutritionist, have a nutrition class, do the pre-op, go over the paperwork, and then the
next day is surgery–Thursday. And, then typically for those patients, I see them Monday morning,
believe-it-or-not. And, Monday morning, the patients are feeling pretty good. They’ve
actually done some stuff over the weekend. They’ve gone to Fremont Street, or gone into
a casino, or something. I talked to a patient this morning and they won $147 bucks. So,
they’re having some fun in Vegas while they’re here recovering. And, by Monday morning, they’re
recovered, they feel good, they look good, and they’re able to go home whenever they
feel up to it, which is typically Monday or Tuesday. So, it’s what–a 4 or 5 night stay
in Las Vegas, and the people are ready to go back home to their families and go back
to work pretty soon after that. There’s no time like now! So, now is the best time to
get started and get moving on this. We’d love to be in this journey with you together, here
at Blossom Bariatrics. So, please give us a call–give us a call today, and let us help
you through this process together. Or check us out on the website; we have a great website
at–lots of good information, as well as there’s people there
to help you live, as well, with your questions. So, please, start today.

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