AMAZING RUN DOWN WHISTLER with Seths Bike Hacks and Singletrack Sampler | Jordan Boostmaster

AMAZING RUN DOWN WHISTLER with Seths Bike Hacks and Singletrack Sampler | Jordan Boostmaster

Seth’s Bike Hacks and the Singletrack
Sampler were both in Whistler for a few weeks so I made sure I could meet up and
ride with them in today’s video we went on an epic long garbanzo run we’re gonna
be checking out a lot of fun tech trails like Fatcrobat, Captain Safety and even
Fade to Black my friends Wesley and Aiden are riding
with us as well yeah I guess I’ll just lead into it or something this is where we
really get to try out my bike on the tech that Whistler has to offer. Original
Sin is a great single Black Diamond trail that you can go pretty fast on,
let’s see how the sky pilot rides on it sure! Are you guys gonna join us or not?
I mean it’s okay like you don’t have to but I’m just wondering like yeah we’re going down or those things so that’s cool
original stain all right let’s uh let’s send it so stoked to take these guys oh it’s so fun well crap I didn’t do it
well I’ve never done it before either though oh that’s fine dude yeah dude
this bike is like the best for tech yeah I got the best bike for it now Wow oh man shoot close that’s us but we can
still go to step ups the one with the rock roll up there
it’s like a short thing that’s filthy filthy 8 take a look all right well hit
the steps whoo yeah there’s basically two different
lines you could do though yeah there’s another line like straight down here
yeah this line it’s still pretty scary actually yeah it still gets pretty like
steep the one that he’s doing it still goes to a pretty long steep rock roll
like yo just follow me whoa okay it’s weird because you can’t see how steep it
goes yeah yeah so he can roll the whole thing and it’s all good but yeah I’m
real worried like literally just added my baby Oh whoo oh boy there’s actually like a baby line off
here do you mean this I don’t consider the baby life let’s see
it’s still kind of sketchy see there’s like a hole in it
yup I’m not doing that no I know I see before it there wasn’t a hole that’s not
a baby liner you lose any better before that is not a baby what are you talking
about the last time I did this feature was with Seth in 2017
now last year it looked like the rut out got worse as if they took out dirt to
ruin the transition it doesn’t look much better now either but I realized it’s
still doable anyway you thinking of doing it yeah I guess it looks like you
want to stay right nice all right drop it in oh yeah there you go yeah yeah
that looks pretty cool love showing people stuff for the first time oh yeah next up we are heading to captain safety
don’t let the name fool you it’s a double black diamond ah well I went on
the wrong way yeah there’s a couple cool rock rolls and then just like one that’s
like a good size like a look at worthy yeah I think this is yeah I probably want to
look at this one it’s a little that’s just going for it pretty cool yeah
that’s probably the easier line but yeah there’s different ones so you’d go like
cut way left ooh I don’t never tried that before where do you go
I usually just go where sets this wood I’m gonna yeah I’m gonna try a different
line here see how it goes all right oh yeah all right I find that line just a
little more difficult but still quite doable
it’s a heck thanks yeah worked out pretty well
Alex then decides to go for it no problem
sweet thanks dude hahaha yeah we hiked up once more for fun little train down
the raw sweet dude all right for your ID jump line bro is
it smooth the jump yeah it’s kind of goofy it’s a bit of an interesting job
that’s for sure you ever done this Tupper thing on the
left yeah I don’t think either all sets going for it
nice yes okay there’s this thing I’ve never done on the left triple hump see I
don’t know I just want to look at it I think I can do it let me just look at
what the heck it even is I forget yeah it’s just like a super roll it’s not
that bad it well you can roll it oh yeah it rolls it’s just a rough rough roll
sigh just go for it it’s all good but do it yeah I’ve never done this before but
you know what this bike nice yeah my bike doesn’t he well yeah it’s pretty
cool from here yeah it’s like straight down with that nice sweet yeah dude it’s perfect you don’t see a lot of
stuff like that at fight parks yeah that’s the good thing about like the
garbanzo it has all this fun stuff I love it so fat curb at is to the right
double block in deep to left double black they’re both good do you guys have
any preference I don’t know I quite like it the sand in it sweet dude sweet man
so thick now let’s try fat Grbac I always enjoy this one talk about school
there’s some cool like wooden features a few skinnies here and there alright guys
ready yeah alright that’s about you always you want
fun well yeah it’s sweet yeah and there’s
another gnarlier line on our left – I’ve never done that one that’s very very
yeah yeah yeah yeah Jesus I kind of rolled it a little like I just don’t
break check this is like what is happening yeah that’s awesome I’ve never
been I’ve never done that all right yeah yeah it’s getting so coughing up the boy I
think I bottomed out there what okay see if I can use alright okay doing good oh yeah come on yes let’s see yeah I miss the what the
skinny yeah I absolutely love all the tech that we just rode and it’s always
fun showing these trails to people that have never ridden them before Alex and
Seth both have a lot to explore it was the right part as of right now
seth has finished his trip but Alex will be spending a lot more time here in the
Pacific Northwest so I hope to show them around more on some surrounding areas
like the North Shore the boys really wanted to hit up fade to black so let’s
head on down sorry I was a because I look back in this crap that was stupid
yeah I curly caramel finger around the tree
that was stupid should be good alright dude that’s so fun it’s so fun it’s
really fun that’s good it seems like you know in
our house slow you’re going now Longhorns are some fun verbs a long horn brooms are so much fun to
get rowdy on probably some of the best firms in the park ooh
totally cost no paid sick let’s do that it’s like a biker cross course through
the slopes I’ll play area it’s fine Chloe jumps whatever what the heck whoa that’s crazy they’re the family cross
course always changes every year because it winds through the slopes out course
sometimes it’s great sometimes it’s not either way when it’s your first time
hitting it like it is for me you’re never gonna ride it that well
they always take practice to really get them right okay there I did so bad I did so bad on that
face yeah oh and I hit the brake no like I totally could have clay that first one
I just don’t know what’s coming up so that was a terrible run well I hope you
guys enjoyed the video and I want to give a big thanks to all my patrons who
really helped me out you can always check out some gear that I’m riding with
in some affiliate links down in the description and see what my bike builds
are and you can check out stickers on my website see you guys next time


  1. Just bought my first bike at age 31and i can't wait to get on the level where i can ride some of this stuff. It is so awesome to watch these videos. Thanks brother.

  2. So fun riding with you, Jordan! As always. Whistler trips just wouldn’t be the same without our Garbanzo tech runs.

  3. Recentlu my bime was stolem from me and i was devastated as i could no longer go out with my mates as they all have bikes and i dont. I have now set up a go fund me page to get a new bike i would appreciate it if you donated. The link is thank you very much

  4. I think it was on the fatcrobat trail when you kinda squeezed thru that lil group of trees was pretty sweet. Kinda gave me de ja vue. There is a spot in my local trails that we have to do that in🤘

  5. Yo Jordan, did you see Sam Pilgrims vid riding Dirt merchant on a DJ bike. ??? how sick would it be for you two to do a collaboration . try make it happen ? also… come check out the UK bike scene , and check oot revolution bike parks new trail i think you would love to ride it !

  6. Can I clean up your cable for you? If I'm going to being watching your videos all the time, I don't need a cable distraction. Lol

  7. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but Original Sin doesn't look like it should be a black diamond, I think it should be an intermediate from what I've seen here. But then again it's probably just the GoPro effect.

  8. Super control on the skinnyline man… that's amazing bike control… I would have killed myself right there though… or broken a few bones… nice channel!

  9. The double black rating system seems ridiculous, Some of those double blacks look fine then some look like pure death.

  10. Alright Jordan sat here with my wrist in plaster watching this vid ..and at 15: 20 is exactly what I did 😱 but put my hand out into a berm, it can all end in the blink of an eye ha! But glad you got out of it alive 🤘🏻

  11. Great piece guys! So cool to see those wooden features in a more easy-tempo video from the side and multiple angles 🙂 most often in only-pov -stuff you just miss the depth

  12. When Jordan looked back again after he'd fallen the first time there was the skinniest tree coming up. I thought he was a goner.

  13. Love how good of friends you all are! Always cool to see YouTube collabs that aren't hyped up like it's some ground-breaking meet-up. You guys just go out and ride 🙂

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