Alan Watts - Abstract Dietetics

Alan Watts – Abstract Dietetics

true in the white anglo-saxon Protestant culture is unbelievably bad when you consider it by and large the reason being that we eat food because it's good for us and that's a grateful thing to do because it means that you look at the food from the point of view of abstract Dietetics rather than concrete taste and wherever dietitians get interfering with cooking it is utterly destroyed in every University from coast to coast well you would think would be centers of culture the institutional food is unbelievably abominable and the scholars are ashamed to come out about it because and protest and and lay down the law because they're supposed to be devoted to higher things and after all what you eat just so long as it's got the right chemicals and it isn't very important you see the trouble with that is two things to eat in order to live sort of that it's good for you is what do you mean good for you it means that it helps you to go on into the future but what is the point of going on into the future when all the meals ahead of you are these unappetizing things are just going to enable you to go out into the future and the second thing is that eating in this spirit is very disrespectful to all the creatures you have killed in order to eat it's even disrespectful to an onion to eat it improperly onions are living creatures and if you cut up an onion for dinner you should reverence the onion should respect it because if you don't have a feeling of love for the onion for the fish for whatever you eat you will cook it properly you enjoy cooking is a process of loving and that is paying out in respect to these marvelous beings which we ingest in order to go on living so this entirely futuristic Dietetic attitude the food is again you see the question of purely quantitative thinking of lack of relation to the material world I may make one other rather important aspect of life is love making here again is a subject entirely neglected in our education but as a fine art when you compare what goes on in most bedrooms with the things that are suggested in the Kama Sutra the difference is amazing there could be a real great art between lovers husbands and wives and so on is something again that we don't consider because once again although sex is fun we go about it not really because we enjoy it we can't admit that but it's good for us it's a healthy outlet and also it's necessary of course for out there having children and that's also something for the future see

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