Adventure With Krown - July 22 (Weekly Recap Series)

Adventure With Krown – July 22 (Weekly Recap Series)

we're still meeting meet held in below this yellow 21x pension moon average and that is very insightful to what's going on with price action right now just because overall you know the fact is that bitcoin has just been really struggling along this area right here and that usually is my sort of moniker for should I be generally bearish generally bullish with regards to this timeframe the daily kind of like the default for you know general general trend if you want to call it that please can I get a big green dildo up the bunker well if you asked so nicely you can go to secret ta and we'll all meet there after the stream twelve I was gonna very very very very very close to that region in fact looks like we just hit it Oh bad bad that that's gonna this is gonna this this looks like someone's breakdown oh Jesus Christ men powerful Oh powerful red dildos my god man Michael else's release your Mongoose ground kill your cobras these goddamn cobras not enough of them on this fucking cryptocurrency plane let's go check it out so this is a crypto miner right here let's let's see if they look healthy or not not so healthy right now looking like the chart of a fucking shit coin let's give it rice fucking bad man super bad in this this is not good for Bitcoin fucking hell man it's a single-digit oh she shit coin it's real fucking bad there is no universe there is no fucking universe where you just go straight down with lower lows and lower highs that that's bullet I mean that's bullsh sorry it is it is it is available on crypto Twitter we're here people the only thing more Boston going up it's going down baby let's get those lower highs and lower lows out way unchain the famous crypto crime cryptocurrency for your tears on the blockchain when you lose all your money by investing in this piece of garbage for an overall 1 year long downtrend now we have lower highs and lower lows for over year as well say hey when moon when fucking moon manipulation jesus fucking christ when news any news oh man we need so much more news on that one I'm gonna be fucking rich that's right crypto reddit I'm going all-in right here this is double down DC a number 55,000 I only have one set left in my bank account but you know what that DC a is going to good use today yes we actually are fully death cross now that did happen yesterday was fully what's called confirmed quickly after our live stream yesterday and now we're actually ting divergences between these two moving averages which is telling us what they're trying to straightening to the downside and as you can see right here we're actually just getting it you know confirmed as of yesterday so you know if we were to actually just shave 20% off the current price from that death cross and sorry I'd be a little bit more like this perhaps and get it a little bit more precise that would put us down around the low 8003 jhin's but what I want to talk about is the is the jewel down here on the weekly each and every time that we actually get a each and every time that we get red flashing in the background on the on the weekly jewel we actually do come back and test the yellow 21x Petra moon averaged literally every single time in the history of bitcoins I'm a Frank Eagle says watch crowns free scalping series he doesn't care if he's right or wrong he's just here to make money brilliant brilliant series of short scalping videos hey thanks man appreciate that oh man oh man neo getting absolutely oh my god oh my god oh god it's bad man it's real fucking bad it's so the big thing here is that yes we actually did see the four-hour double death cross fully populate yesterday we are seeing an actual breakdown of structure on the lower timeframes medium timeframes kind of break you know breaking this baby down we did give that move back up to test the the lower side of this blue box territory earlier today which was rejected and I do you think that that sets us up for a move a little bit lower my next target around nineteen ninety seven hundred give or take about 50 bucks so anywhere between about 96 fifty to ninety seven fiftyish region do you think that we bounce around there and then we'll kind of decide once again technically speaking there should be a little bit more of a downside bias here overall and holy fucking moly is that our move to ninety nine hundred not bad mr. Bitcoin not bad but I do think that we have a little bit more here to go don't think that the party's over just yet but short-term move I believe is going to be a hit relatively soon and then I'll be looking for that then I'll be looking for continuation over the rest of the day I would ask so if we're gonna look at shit coins that they look different than the than the average check point is going straight just going straight down over you know over the course of the year and what do we have here we have is this a straight down trend for a year cunt and now louder it's bad man there ain't no fucking universe where a char like this is healthy this chart is shitty as fuck okay Nick Lancet says AG IPTC alright man alright I'm trusting you I'm trusting you on this one after looking at that garbage on my screen I need to wipe away the eye the eights from my eyes and hopefully look at something good hey what the fuck man I trusted you for this one instead more shitty charts more shitty charts it probably does bounce off this area at around 300 Satoshi's and then probably pause back up maybe as much as like 422 for fiftyish region but bad real fucking bad as it bounced not for trend line once again holy fucking moly it is my god man powerful link again it's kind of a similar thing as Bitcoin right we're in one massive consolidation here just taking its time but over time it is actually working and and I do think that we're gonna break the 21x mention we damaged an probably move back up towards you know 20 to 28,000 Satoshi region hit Oh hit BTC off to a great start hey what the fuck am I looking at man Jesus Christ oh my god um well it's quite stable it's uh it's quite stable um some here somewhere here and like – Satoshi or is this – Satoshi I don't even know to satoshis with the good news is Rick the next – Satoshi move will definitely be to the upside don't know about the next one Satoshi hmm are we putting a low I mean again another shitty as fuck chart oh Jesus Christ man bad bad bad it's really bad Bitcoin had a fucking range Bitcoin had a fucking range of fifteen thousand seven hundred ninety five dollars in 61 cents all the way down to eleven thousand one hundred fifty nine dollars and 61 and 93 cents holy shit what the fuck man that's almost five thousand fucking dollars in one day one day that's so insane that's the magic of Bitcoin but that's also the magic of downwards markets the the gains can be I mean that can be a life-changing day right there that can literally be a life-changing fucking day right there I mean shit man think about it you know if you were to catch this month this move from top to bottom which by the way it actually started a few days earlier going all the way from 20,000 basically to 10,000 so 10,000 fucking dollars in five four days for fucking days oh my god you know what do you think that the lower timeframes are suggesting that more than anything we have some more sideway here to go within the context of this range between the between the 3 a 2 and the 2 3 6 so until that gets resolved I you know I mean you you can kind of come up with pivot points on the market from that but it's not all that useful right now as Bitcoin gives another test to we just had another move to a 10030 get got rejected quite swiftly there well let's see if the 5 minute 3 7 7 can actually hold this up that'd be nice if she could we if we could reverse him right here this would actually be significantly more powerful it would it would look a lot better than actually coming down to this next level about 890 890 Corden's back Gordon what are you doing man what are you doing goodbye okay if your stock if your stock ticker has five letters letters it's a shit coin hahaha with regards to what we're looking at right here I do believe that bitcoin is actually kind of winding up or sorry not Bitcoin but like coins winding up once again which is gonna lead on over into Bitcoin we do all remember that or probably most people do remember that like coin led the rally to the upside it also put in the top before everyone else and now kind of leading up to the downside as well if we go over and check out bitcoins chart in comparison to it we actually don't see the same signature here but more importantly we do see the same sort of base of operations being put in right around about 9700 ish region the exact area that we spoke about yesterday night during the during the video upload right where we said he was likely to probably come back down and test the blue 3 7 X went from an average we got that test and now we're kind of struggling to hold it but I would say as long as there are no opens and closes below this blue 3 7 x punch moon average I do look at this as a base of operations ok it's like this alright no limp no limit coins sounds legitimate man on hippy TC and bitch Rex oh my oh my god what the fuck did I just see Jesus Christ man you know better you know better this thing only goes down Jesus Christ what a fucking dog of a shit coin spy there he is baby holy fucking moly powerful spy super-powerful spy actually coming back up to the exact air that we spoke about yesterday and I do believe that we have some more on this and my god what a beautiful chart what could this be what could what could this be let's turn it on [Laughter] 960 percent to the upside first target you'd even want to know you even want to know where my second target is 7th Satoshi 7 Satoshi's holy fucking moly holy shit Wow Wow looks good man mom you're hard I'm up in your pay from five nanos to ten that means you have more responsibility cheese pizzas chicken Tandy's and flesh like cleaning duty now I'm rich mom these nanos are worth 1,400 satoshis I can't go much lower market vine says don't worry about me hashtag DC a hashtag perserverence hashtag beast mode hashtag rekt hashtag anally fucked hashtag doctor hashtag mom mother fucker I trusted you on this one I trusted you sinking it GG mother fucker another straight down chart anyways for Bitcoin right now I'm gonna start to wrap this bitch up let's go down to the for our for our blue 3/7 expansion would average still holding up this area is extremely important to me because this is the base if Bitcoin can hold this area I do look forward to actually pop back up in the more intermediary timeframes to about 10,000 10150 issue regions somewhere this blue box territory of course smaller term resistances along the way right around 9900 and then also our current base right here at about 97 97 50 but assuming that we get no opens and closes below the blue 3 7 7 expansion would average I do think that this just just slowly but really kind of grunts Airy out and then curls its way back around however if we do lose this area then that's gonna actually likely imply that litecoin has lost its base of support on the two day which is significantly more important to me I'm talking about this sign and exponential moving average right here and if we lose this area then this whole formation right here is gonna you know it's gonna essentially be resolved to the downside and be looking for a move back down here to 75 which would imply Bitcoin comes down likely likely to low 9 thousands or upper eight thousands most likely so we're kind of at a very big pivotal point if this area fails to hold I will become you know I'm you know I'm gonna actually be looking for trades into into at the very least the low nine thousands and probably upper to mid eight to kind of wrap it up base support right around 97 next major resistance right around 10 one smaller term resistance right around 99 15 personal opinion is that this area actually does hold but hey if it breaks that will that will switch me into a much more bearish mindset bearish is the wrong term but just looking for us you know an actual move to the downside like a legitimate move to the downside low not low 9,000 to upper 8,000 what I'd be looking for so that's gonna do it for right now be back on later with some more video analysis look forward to seeing there as always want to wish you a nice little happy and healthy and restful peaceful relaxing Friday take care and see you soon


  1. Bunch whiners i kinda enjoyed the buzzer and the facks keep it goin krown best analyst out there funniest video of the week too.

  2. Krown, Love your technical analysis and your expert insight you bring to crypto sphere, But could you tone it down a bit on the foul language? Can't really recommend you to my friends because of it. God bless you.

  3. I think you're great and I really like the content, however, there is too much Noize and scream!! Just wanted to let you know if you one of these people who really cares..! Wish you the best of the best!

  4. Krown, what do you think about that crazy $500+ fake out candle we just saw a few minutes ago before the daily and weekly close? Holy sh*t! That's one of those, "Hold onto your stop losses!" moments!

  5. Krown I found you a long time ago and have watched you since I got into crypto and I can say, you are undoubtedly the best analysis and favorite people to listen to on BTC

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