Abraham Hicks: Secret of weight loss. How to be slim?

Abraham Hicks: Secret of weight loss. How to be slim?

Thank you yeah… the comments you made
previously that we rise to the expectations around us and I know that’s
been a life issue as far as figuring out. What I want as opposed to what other
people want I know it started with my parents and their expectations and then
finding my way through that through survival one thing another and you’ve
helped me a lot into the receiving mode with work and with different ideas but I
know that there are a lot of beliefs stuck in there and my solution in the
past was I had certain beliefs but I didn’t think I could achieve them so I
diminished my desire in order to not have the conflict between the belief and
the desires now as I’m putting that all back in right stead I’m trying to undo
beliefs I know I have certain beliefs about aging so as I’m getting 57 age now
that my eyesight’s starting to diminish from 2022 you know I can’t see them here
and a little bit further out and other kind of beliefs that are sort of like
time bombs almost that I’ve held for a long time and I know as I get older
these things are manifesting like I’d like to lose 50 or 60 pounds but I put
that as a desire maybe almost the mantra saying I want to be happy healthy
wealthy and wise and then focus on that with affirmations and gratitude and
different things like that but it doesn’t seem to lose the weight and then
the gradual day to day experiences I know I have a belief well if I exercise
an hour in the morning an hour a night that would take care of and I’d lose
weight but as day goes by I don’t do those kind of things so I’m trying to
find ways to bring in more receiving with the gratitude and the focus
I know worked really well when I went into a store and I wanted to buy a part
and I saw that now they carry a different brand line because they were
going to make a little more money with it but I can see I could go into blame
and martyr about all their taking advantage of people not giving the right
part but I decided to choose no into gratitude these Home Depot’s are all
over the place I need something I can find something in 15 minutes and just in
that transition of thought choice I had a great idea that was an answer about
something totally unrelated I said this stuff really works so I
and a lot of fun with it but I want to shift some of those deep-seated beliefs
so that I don’t have a culminating event with my body I’d like to take care of
that now and lose the weight and be in a more healthy kind of position with what
I want well you know as you were offering the mantra of I want to be
healthy wealthy and wise very good mantra but you also
unwittingly were offering some other mantras like I’m stuck in other words
anything that you continue to repeat whether it is something about what you
want or something about what you don’t want serves the same purpose
you see we wanted to say to you in response to your word stock I’ve got
some beliefs that are stuck in there they’re not stuck in there most of them
are dormant unless you activate them and we think it is helpful to recognize that
beliefs that hinder are not problematic unless they are activated and when they
are activated you are alerted to the fact that they are activated by negative
emotion rather than walking around worried that there are all kinds of
hindering beliefs that are lurking ready to zap you in some way instead say
they’re not an issue unless they’re activated and when they are activated
I’m feeling myself doing that thing I do in which case I can choose a thought
that feels better and then just little by little by little
you bring yourself more and more into the receiving mode so doing things like
you did where you felt yourself feeling a little initial blame you caught
yourself doing that thing you do and you chose because you caught in the early
stages before it swept you away into a whole bunch of activation of a whole
bunch of other belief you caught yourself doing it and you chose to feel
appreciation for the facilities being all over the nation all over the place
so easy for you to have access to and you brought yourself into balance and
you answered your question more beautifully with your own offering then
we could offer with anything else so just do that about more things and
before you know it you’ll be more in alignment with your
well-being and the desires that you’ve been setting forth then not well like
with I focus I didn’t know whether to focus on where it is in focus and say I
really appreciate being able to see well and enjoy whether that was also having a
negative message to it or that’s the Asian you can tell by the way you feel
about it or you could feel appreciation for glasses that bring it into
perspective or it’s it’s exactly the same thing though isn’t it
you could feel blame or you could feel appreciation when you tell it like it is
and like it is doesn’t please you then you hold yourself in a vibration where
it cannot change so when you say the fact of it is that I’m not seeing as
well and I’m going to bolster that fact by acknowledging my age and then I’m
going to bolster these negative facts by comparing them with a lot of other
people who have had a similar experience and then I’m going to stand in a place
of deficiency or vulnerability about all of that we say fact or not truth or not
how is it serving you you can tell by the way you feel and you say well it
feels lousy and we say the fact that it feels lousy is a much bigger issue than
the fact that you can’t see as clearly as you’d like to I’m using this
inability to see as clearly as I would like to as my current or temporary
excuse to not allow the well-being to flow so not only am I not likely to
begin to focus more clearly but I can’t make my way easily to a mechanism that
could afford it sometimes if you’re feeling appreciation for what is working
and or for what you can see in that appreciation through the crack of least
resistance and apparatus comes to you or an ability to focus or procedure in
other words things unfold to make it very nice but in your discomfort about
it then you make an appointment and the appointment falls through and when you
get there the guy’s had a bad day and he doesn’t do a good job and he fits you
with lenses that don’t work and you’re blinded by them and there’s this big
space where you cannot see and the contraption is in disaster and you
really don’t like it where if you are appreciating
in your optimism the best of things unfold for you and in your pessimism the
worst of things unfolds for you whatever is unfolding is a match to the way you
feel so physical friends argue with us quite a bit about this they’ll say
Abraham the fact of the matter is my body is diminishing even though it’s
true talking about it causes a vibration that perpetuates this thing that you do
not want and then they say well if I didn’t perpetuate this thing I do not
want wouldn’t my body still decline isn’t that the way it always works and
we say no it isn’t the way it always works and then they say well isn’t it
the way it usually works and we say it works that way with many as they keep
activating beliefs that have come before but it does not need to so what your
question is about how can I choose among the beliefs that surround me those that
serve me and we say be aware when you do that thing you do that keeps it from
serving you you always feel negative emotion very often people will say well
this thought is true and we say we don’t want to discuss whether it’s true
anymore we want to discuss how it feels when you chew on it if that could be
your criteria your only criteria how does this thought feel when I verbalize
it how does this thought feel when I stay focused on it how does this thought
feel when it gets bigger and Law of Attraction really helps you because
sometimes an initial thought you don’t feel much but as you stay with it longer
and it vibrates stronger then you begin to feel it so the key is at the point
that you begin to feel any negative emotion stop and laugh and say ah glory
be my guidance system is alerting me to the fact that I’ve chosen something to
focus upon true or not irrelevant that is not allowing me to be a match to what
I really want these are not the first time you’re thinking these thoughts
you’ve thought these thoughts quite a few times and in all that process of
thinking those thoughts you’ve told the universe what you want you’ve told the
universe again and again and again the universe knows what you want that’s not
in question you don’t have to keep saying I hope you haven’t forgotten that
I would like to see clearly or I hope you haven’t forgotten that I want to
thrive in my physicalness the universe knows that you don’t have to talk about
it anymore all you have to do is feel as good as you can feel as much as you can
feel about as many subjects as you can feel them about and do you know you
don’t even have to think about your body again you could find some subject that’s
easy to feel good about focus on that really really a lot and in focusing on
the thing that is easy to feel good about you’d be in the state of allowing
so that all of the things on all of the subjects that you’ve been asking about
could easily flow into your experience that’s why when someone finds a new and
wonderful occupation or when someone finds a new and wonderful relationship
often everything in their life begins to line up not because they went to the gym
not because they exercise twice a day but because in their exhilaration and in
their new focus that takes more of their attention they are allowing more than
they are not allowing so the things that they’ve been asking for begin to line up
for them you’re discovering that it isn’t about action
it’s about inspiration and sometimes that inspiration becomes inspired action
but when you make yourself do something in order to get rid of something that
you don’t want your emphases and your vibration is more about what you’re
wanting to get rid of so you’re actually holding yourself in this place you do
not want to be the big question how do I get from my awareness of what I don’t
want to a place that I’m letting what I do want in how can I be aware that I’m
sick or aware that my husband is sick or aware that I weigh 60 pounds more than I
want to or aware that I can’t see as clearly as I want to how can I be aware
of the truthful facts of my now reality and change them and we say by being less
aware of the truthful facts of your reality and more aware of the
possibilities more aware of the probabilities and you say well I’m
compelled to tell it like it is and we say one factor has to click into place
before the compulsion will be to think about where you’re going rather than to
think of out where you are one factor you have to
want to feel good you have to want to feel good more than you want to tell the
truth that’s what has to shift within you it has to be more important that you
feel good so if you were to talk to your inner being and you were to say or if
anyone were we were to say inner being of this dear friend how do you behold
him your inner being would say he is a delight to our gaze and we would say as
a physical Prada too much and your inner being would say
in our eyes he is perfect in all ways your inner being does not see the flaw
that you choose to see well inner being of this dear friend we do not think you
are being truthful because we can behold him we see him having trouble seeing we
see him weighing more than he wants to weigh we see him aware of his
deficiencies what do you have to say about all of that
are these not truthful facts that we are stating and your inner being would say
everything is in the eye of the beholder as you choose to see them your world
becomes that which you have chosen to see but what about the truth of things
what about reality this is how it is my husband is sick in the hospital or there
is not enough money or my lover has left me or my body is not the way I want it
to be how can you deny these truths and Source Energy says to you there are not
such truths everything is in the eye of the beholder and you say well there’s
plenty of physical evidence that supports these truths that I know are
the way that it is and we say it is only because you have focused that way that
it is that way try focusing another way and watch how fast it becomes the key is
you have to want to feel good more than anything else so in the same way that
you might choose a movie that is uplifting do you ever choose your movies
because you want to be uplifted do you say all let’s just slip
and whatever happens happens do you go to a restaurant where you believe you
will be pleased or do you say I’ll just take my chances I hate Chinese food but
I’m going to a Chinese restaurant maybe they’ll surprise me today you are
deliberate about many things you must be selfish in your desire to
feel good so selfish that you just don’t want to go there if you ever had a
friend or if you ever had a past subject that was painful or uncomfortable and
you just don’t go there you just don’t go there you’ve been there it didn’t
feel good you don’t want to go there and nobody can talk you into going there and
we would like you to reach the place where nobody can talk you into ever
going anywhere in thought that does not really feel good to you that you’re just
so stubbornly aligned to feeling good that you’re just no subject is big
enough or real enough or truthful enough or factual enough or important enough
that you’re willing to go there if it doesn’t feel good that’s what the art of
allowing is many of our physical friends would say will Abraham that doesn’t seem
very reasonable and we say and yet that’s the way your inner being is
that’s the way your source is that’s why the stream is abundant with well being
you see Sarah question is how do I go about it you have to make a decision
first that you want to feel good do you think you’ve made that decision you


  1. You can have anything you want you think yourself young & yes it works so sure anything possible if you have faith to believe & receive you can lose weight by thinking it

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