9 Tips for Living Happily

9 Tips for Living Happily

Hey there! I can see you right through the screen. Your mother would be terribly disappointed
if she saw you wasting your life behind that darn computer. Yeah I said it… Adult’s still use “darn”. In all seriousness, we can all benefit from
a boost of joy every now and again. Here are 9 Tips for Living Happily! We’ll discuss the importance of thanking
people, the danger of holding grudges, and why it’s best to do something completely
insane! But first, would like to make us happy? Keep watching until the very end, and subscribe
for more awesome content from your Bestie! Let Go of Your Grudges We’re starting off with one that might polarize
people. Everybody has some sort of grudge they’ve
harboured towards someone. The only problem is that over time, our grudges
can manifest into something really ugly. Holding resentment can increase your blood
pressure, increasing your level of C-reactive protein. This can eventually leave you vulnerable to
heart disease and even strokes! While it may be difficult, experts state that
the best way to let go of your anger is to mentally separate the distress you are feeling
from the person who caused it. This way it makes it easier to live in the
moment and figure out ways to combat their bitterness. So try your best to stay away from that person
who cheated on you, or maybe even forgive the friend that stole from you, even if they
haven’t apologized. Cut Back On Booze This may also polarize our viewers. People love their alcohol, no doubt about
that. But the effects of cutting beverages cut be
extremely beneficial. Not only does subtracting booze lower your
chances of cancer and liver disease, it can also help you lose weight. Did you know that average beer contains 148
calories, with the average glass of wine carrying 106? Heck, one Pina Colada is a whopping 300 calories! If you’re trying to lose weight and improve
your mood, staying off the sauce is among your best options. After just a single week, your sleeping patterns
will improve, allowing you to make healthier decisions. Depending on the quantity of alcohol you consume,
you can also lose calories by the thousands. Your wallet will also thank you, as the average
North American spends between $565 to $755 a year on booze. It might be time to quit, guys! Take Up a Hobby If you happen to be an excessive drinker,
cutting booze will leave a void in desperate need of filling. That’s why it’s important to find a fun
activity. If you enjoy going out to movies, try that. Sometimes, nothing beats sitting in a dark
theatre and catching a flick. How about writing poetry, or learning to play
an instrument? Psychology indicates that finding hobbies
adds structure to your daily or weekly routines. This way, you are able to add priorities to
your life. In other words, hobbies give you more purpose. When finding a hobby, you may even discover
something about yourself. Imagine going all this time without realizing
you love collecting bottle caps… Alright, that one might be a little random. But hey, we’re not here to judge. Workout While it may not be considered a hobby, daily
exercise is a great way to improve your mood. Working out produces something called endorphins. If you’ve seen our videos, you’re more
than familiar with this pain killing chemical. Regardless, the endorphins will help your
overall mood, allowing you to get better rest and feel much more refreshed. Now for all you runners and yoga enthusiasts
out there, don’t think that “workout” only referring to hitting the gym. Studies indicate that running for just 15
minutes a day can reduce your chances of depression by 26%. If you’re one of those cool people that
doesn’t consider running to be their scene, walking for an hour a day has the same effects. Eat Healthier While it’s within the same realm as exercise,
a healthy diet can be the determining factor in whether or not your hard workout routines
are worth it. All you fast food junkies take note! This one’s for you. The required calorie intake for most humans
is somewhere around 2000 a day. Did you know that just one Big Mac sandwich
is 540 calories? That’s more than one quarter of your daily
requirement! If you know anything about how depression
works, you’d know fast food is a pretty efficient method in lowering your serotonin
level. Your lack of Vitamin B also has this affect. If you want to hear more about this subject,
check out our video discussing What Fast Food Does To Your Body And Mind. If you’re looking to improve your mood through
healthy eating, foods such as eggs, spinach and nuts can be perfect selections. But what is perhaps the Holy Grail of serotonin
relievers is salmon. Just two servings of salmon a week provide
you with the ideal amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. Ironic isn’t it? When you were a child, you probably hated
salmon. Now as an adult, eating it can literally help
put a smile on your face. Do Something Scary If putting salmon in your mouth doesn’t
already give your inner-child the shivers, try something else. Let me clarify first. We’re not asking you to do something dangerous. We just suggest you try something fun. Something you wouldn’t normally try. Karaoke, skydiving… The possibilities are endless. Did I just follow-up karaoke with skydiving? Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you
get the point, right? Low confidence can increase depression, anxiety
and shyness. These issues can hinder your progression through
life, especially in the realm of career opportunity and romantic relationships. Most experts recommend you comprise a list
of several activities you are scared to do. Once you have them all down, pick out the
one you believe is the most reasonable and make an attempt at it. It may seem unbearable at first, but it’s
one step closer to feeling more fulfilled. Meet New People Believe it or not, some folks might have this
one written down on their list of scary things. It’s a sad reality of life but over time,
your current group of friends can become boring. Bland, repetitive gossip about people who
just left the room is enough to make you want to leave yourself. And given our increasingly hectic schedules
as we get older, it’s hard to maintain friendships. One study indicates that most friendships
last no longer than 7 years! This doesn’t mean to cut your friends off
entirely. You just might want to branch out and meet
new people. Did you know that polls indicate only 50%
of your friends actually like you? How much more of a reality bite do you need. This should be enough motivation to venture
out of your social circle and explore a new crowd. While online apps might be your first instinct,
most people still seem to prefer meeting face to face in a natural setting. This way get a real idea of who they are and
what their personality is like. So head out to that local restaurant or bar
and meet someone. Who cares if you’re cutting the booze? Plenty of great conversations begin with sparkling
water… Right? Am I right? Find Someone To Thank You might be exploring new personal relationships,
but this doesn’t mean you can’t focus on the people who already appreciate you. When we’re unhappy, we often forget about
the good things that people do for us. Psychology proves that displaying gratitude
triggers the brain’s more positive chemicals. This over time can improve your health and
mental state. However, this doesn’t exclusively mean you
have to physically thank a person. Carrying a general sense of gratitude for
your current state in life is also a great way of staying positive. Studies show that staying optimistic can decrease
your risk of depression and lower your stress level. You are even less likely to catch a cold! People who stay optimistic during old age
have a 77% lower risk of heart disease. Even if it means thanking the energy around
you, go ahead and do it. Your body and mind will thank you. Don’t Be So Fixated on Money If it’s your financial situation holding
you back from feeling grateful, consider this. CEO’s of major companies are 40% more likely
to suffer from depression than regular employees. We get it, money is a necessity to survive
in the real world. But while you’re busy obsessing over the
amount of commas in your bank account, you may be distracted from other important aspects
in life. This may include your family as well as your
own personal wellbeing. When one acquires excessive amounts of money,
they tend to stray away from people in their lives. This can be due to a sense of entitlement,
or even self-preservation. Struggling to pay your bills is one thing,
but conflating your financial status with your own worth as a human is a dangerous business
that doesn’t pay… Do you find it hard to stay happy? Sound off in the comment section, and don’t
forget to hit the bell and subscribe for more amazing content from your Bestie!


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  2. Change can be scary but it can also be liberating. Resisting change, we hold on. Accepting change, we let go 🧘🏻‍♂️

  3. I sometimes feel sad because sometimes I miss my family when I already have seen them a couple days ago and I have struggles with my fitness,music even regrets that I haven't did in my life.

  4. Be thankful with what you have and don't expect much from life because what you have isn't truly yours. It's Our Creator's, so if the Creator want to take anything or anyone from us we must let go and there's the right of others say it an animal or a human or a tree in whatever we have so be generous. Don't be lazy.

  5. Number one tip: convince yourself that you saw Trumps name in the New York Times obituary column. Happy Happy. Happy 😂

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