7 Things Only Fit Girls Understand

7 Things Only Fit Girls Understand

Silent treadmill races Hmm. What do we have here? Psh. This is going to be a breeze. Is this girl trying to race me? Ugh, she can’t keep up with this. Is she speeding up? Did she just go faster? Alright, she asked for it. *music quickens* Seriously? This is ridiculous. Working out with your phone. All right. Let’s see what they’ve got on YouTube today. Okay resist the urge to watch cat videos. I’m working out. Alright, let’s do some abs. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Maybe we’ll do extreme abs, and get it over with. How could she talk through a work out? This one’s fake, totally fake. I can’t see this, what is going on right now? Aghhhh Working out is so hard!! Why can’t they just make phones with protectors or something? If you ask… they will build it… in a snap! Okay, so how does this thing work? *music playing in background* Taking off a sports bra. Right let’s get ready to take a shower. Oh my gosh, please have mercy! oh my goodness just please come off oh no (general struggle) Constantly needing to pee… A gallon a day keeps the doctor away isn’t that what they say, anyway I gotta stay hydrated if I want those gains hey.. Just get oh, oh just get out of my way i need to pee, Honestly, I don’t care people thinking we’re weird for marking up my bottom 20 times day hey oh my gosh why was that guy in the girls bathroom The earphones debacle it is workout time got my playlist on my earbuds in jump in jets… lets try this again He’s some type. Let’s do this. Seriously? Don’t they make earphones for people with small ear holes?! What happened to ear hole diversity?! I’m sick of this! If you ask… they will build it… in a snap Sitting on the toilet after leg day told myself not to do so many squats now [it] feel like Joe now I have to go pee Do this well please be nice oh? Ow! How can this be so painful..why? The shampoo debate So do I wash the hair or not. I mean. I’m gonna work out in ten hours anyway. Dirty and conserve water or shampoo and waste time clean that dirty head paint hand dirty head clean everything Yeah guys. I hope you really enjoyed that video. I had such a blast filming it. I also want to say thank you to Moto for sponsoring this video. It helped us get a lot more creative. And I have to show you my very first droid this backing can come off so easily because it’s magnetic now the reason I’m showing you this is because Both of the Moto mods that I snapped onto my Moto Z in the video They just go on like this, and this is the sound boost now you guys know that. I love music, and I love dance and this thing is so loud and so good that it fills up the entire. Room and guys my favorite moto mod from all the ones that have tried so far is definitely the insta share. Projector I have never seen anything like this before. I mean oh my gosh every time my friends come over. I’m like hey come here. I’m gonna turn off the lights and show you something really cool. And then I show them that I can protect youtube videos and instagram and snapchat and my email on to the wall. and it’s literally the coolest thing ever and all you have to do is push this little button right here see and.. the light turns on. And then you just focus it and it’s on the wall. It’s the craziest thing ever. Thanks so much for joining me guys. Let me know in the comments below which one of these scenarios you really resonated with most or if I missed Something all right. I love you so much, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


  1. I'm not triggered by this video. I know I'm not a fit girl, but I am on my own journey to being a fit girl. It's been a struggling postpartum journey for me so I have to go at my own pace, and that is okay! I'm pretty sure Cassey never meant to diminish those of us, it was probably just simply a funny video she decided to make. And I must say, fit girl or not, I can relate to a few of these things already lol It's funny how we all go through these things and probably think we're all alone in the struggles, but Cassey has found a way to show us even the trainers like her go through these exact same struggles as we all do and we are NOT alone!

  2. Definately not fit ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I've started a fitness journey so i can relate to everything except the silent races ๐Ÿ˜š

  3. This is kinda offensive just because someone is overweight it doesn't mean they don't workout I mean I am not a super fit person but I still have these struggles

  4. I don't think Cassie gets enough credit for how funny she is ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ working out with a phone is so me โ˜ ๐Ÿ’€

  5. yes, the hair thing..the "treadmill race" for me is in thr pool. I hate when someine tries drag racing with me, which segues into removing ,or for that matter,putting on a wet racing suit.,similar scenario as soorts bras.I do not drink enuf water so fewer potty stops, this is a reminder to HYDRATE. SO CUTE. i wibder if moto still makes prijectors on fones..Its really all of the above 4 me 2

  6. When youโ€™re a chick with a triangle back, bras are torture! ๐Ÿ˜‚ trying to get in and out of your bra is crazy hard! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  7. I literally have no idea how some of you can interpret the title the way you do ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  8. Huh… I'm in shape, yet I cant relate. Want to know why? Because I focus on myself, and not how other people workout, or what they post on social media. Jesus Christ people are narcissistic.

  9. I'm not comparing myself with others on the trademil but I wonder how fast others run, I usually run 6,5 or 7,1 fast… And walk 5,0 to 6,0

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  11. Ohh I so feel u on the bra mine would be all sweaty after going to the gym and it was a bish trying to take it off I guess it's cuz the sweat makes it shrink, same things with the leggings

  12. Lol yes I pee all the time! Also taking off your sports bra! Another one I'd add is "Should I just wear the same workout clothes again?"… It's like "I'm gonna get smelly anyway"

  13. Why are there so many offended comments or people saying this isnโ€™t inclusive
    No one ever has a problem when itโ€™s something like โ€˜ things only curvy girls relate toโ€™

  14. First the last one -dry shampoo

  15. โ”โ”โ”“ โ”โ”โ”“
    โ” โ”ผโ”ผโ”ผโ”ผโ”ผโ”ผโ”จ

    I need to pee at the exact time I'm in the middle of all my workout sessions at all machines at the gym!

    The earphones are a pain!

  16. The last one is so true, when I work out 2 or 3 days in a row I always donโ€™t know if I should wash my hair or not

  17. I speed walk on treadmills faster than some jog, constantly see folks competing with me..
    Sports bra issue is too real
    The YouTube workout video problem…. Ugh
    Earbud issue on point.
    Omg shampoo issue too

    The gym locker room is another for me, the key nvr seems to work till I'm freaking out!!!
    Also, my laces seem to always untie themselves, even when knotted!
    Excessive sweat always from pits…. No matter the workout… Ugh
    My hair ALWAYS seems in the way, either ponytail hits face or bun preventing head rest on mat. ๐Ÿ˜’ And sweat makes it stick to skin in weird ways.
    Gotta chalk hands or sweat loosens grip, gloves an option too.
    Slippery yoga mats… ๐Ÿ˜ซ
    Guys finding you sexy after full workout, dripping sweat when you just want to wash off and relax!!!! ๐Ÿ˜
    Stuff getting in shoes while jogging, running or whatever outside.
    Socks falling into shoe while working out from sweating or not proper fit.

  18. Iโ€™m completely supportive of a woman who wants to express herself (as sheโ€™s said in her previous blog and video), but this title was so poorly created. How many people really identify themselves to be apart of the fit club, without equally identifying themselves as being apart of the lazy club? The title of this video feels very elitist.

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