1. Why do I feel like every single person on social media have a fitness video of them doing the same workouts that everyone else is doing? It makes no sense.

  2. my friend has been following this routine for a year now and some more,now he's ripped as hell,he had a flat chest now he has six pack and a lot more this is proven to work my friend did this once a day without diet imagine doing this 3x a day with diet you would get ripped in 3 months from fat af to ripped af

  3. What is this? Like an AthleanX ripoff? Would’ve take you semi serious but damn, those tattoos bro 🤢. And those loves take all the attention of the hard work you put into your body.

  4. Comments below: 90% jokes about getting this ABS training finished, 4.99% girls having a crush on the trainer, 2% going gay with his breathing 1% Fat Adults making jokes about their protected ABS, 2% people doing this training and getting motivated from the start to the end and 0,01% Random Trash Comments.

  5. You need to do warm before you doing this training. If you didnt, you will have a pain in specific area which is that will make your body hurt

  6. dudes stop with this “liKe AanD i WilL dO ThIS” do this for yourself, have discipline or else you wont get a single muscle 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Beginners? I tried this and literally broke down cuz I couldn’t do half of it. I DO 4 DIFFERENT SPORTS TOO SO ITS NOT LIKE IM THAT OUT OF SHAPE EITHER

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