5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners

5 MIN DANCE WORKOUT || Burn Fat & Lose Weight the Best Way – Cardio Exercise Routine for Beginners

[Music] welcome to the dance cardio workout you don’t have to be a dancer you just have to follow my lead and move like you got heart okay let’s dance having like him [Music] good job I didn’t even know you had the moves like that all right let’s do running man just follow my lead [Music] girl you are killing it kill in it man down that’s the next move just follow my lead you don’t have to be perfect you just gotta be moving and you’re moving so you’re doing good [Music] nice work I like what you’re doing let’s take it back to the top and go back to that swish swish I wanna see you pull stuff from the left from the right good keep going follow my lead you’re doing good [Music] next we’re gonna turn up you can follow my lead or you can do whatever it is that you do that happy dance you do when you’re winning or when the pizza guy shows up yeah do that dance because you are totally winning and I’m so proud of you [Music] nice job you made it this far grab some water catch your breath when we come back we’re gonna start again subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already it’s free I don’t think so much to me when we get back from the break I’m not gonna do any talking at all I’m just gonna let you enjoy the music let it move you follow my lead and let’s just have some fun with this okay alright [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so hiding [Music] [Music]


  1. Wow I've never had this much fun while doing a cardio workout.lets be honest, when we hear the word cardio, we all think about death, but this workout was amazing and fun. The time went by so fast. Thank you.❤

  2. While listening the word cardio I think that if Becoz of high work if we don't do it then we gain more fat then earlier 😑

  3. Really it's shows result i don't think so after watching the moves coz these r very simple so please tell me really these moves shows result

  4. I’m pretty overweight and I very much HATE workouts, especially cardio, but this was actually really fun! I hope with your help and your very much appreciated encouragement in your videos I’ll be able to make progress on my body! Thank you so much, you gained a subscriber 🙂 keep up the good work, honey!!

  5. How many times should one do this person day or week… Like 2-3 times a day or… How soon will I start seeing the effects??

  6. I love your videos.I am overweight and people don't like me at school.I am gonna try this workout for a week.Earned yourself a new subscriber.Love you Koboko.Btw:Please write in the description how much weight you will lose cause I wanna lose 10 pounds or more.PLEASE TELL US UR NAME!!Love you❤

  7. Workout routine
    First:5 minute dance workout yt:Koboko Fitness
    Second:Lazy Girl Workout yt:Love,Sweat,Fitness.
    Two times do this workout

  8. Just did this dance routine and it’s really fun!!! It would be really good to do it once in the morning and once at night, and if you do it in the morning it will raise your spirits and get you feeling a lot more energized and ready for the day. I just did it and it felt really good and I felt so happy that at the last minute dance party she had I was busting out my own crazy moves! 😜🤪🤩 I definitely recommend this!!!!😋

  9. thank you for a easy beginners workout i just started today doing workout apart from gym equipment and found this the easiest from many to start with i don't have rhythm what so ever YET.

  10. Love this sm, the whole thing is like one big happy dance and it doesn't feel like that torturous cardio at all !! Thank you💚

  11. Try it you’ll not regret it you can see the results from the first time you do it trust me and if you’re an overweight teenager please try anything to lose weight you’ll then be happy and live a better and healthy life

  12. just to let you know you saved my life i was always so unfit following 2 of your routines actuly helped me and i really ebjoyed doing it

  13. I though it is not possible to lose that fourteen lbs of fat, but “fetching tuti space” (Google it) proved me wrong. I never dealt with any difficulty when I started my goal of dropping surplus fat. Success seems to be farfetched after trying out a lot of fat loss programs. Nevertheless, this diet aid has been an exception..

  14. Gonna do this everyday for the rest of the week so 4 days
    Pls reply to me so i can find this comment❤

    Day1)i finished it and i think you guys should do it!its so fun and its only 5 mins long i would do this before my big 30min workout but this will work by itself itll just take a bit longer
    (Obviously its the first day so i wont see results right now)❤

    Day2) so i did it twice today and i am slimming down a little bit but not much but i do see progress i recommend doing it 8 or 9 times a week

  15. I am starting this on Dec 23, 2018. I am a Junior in High School and am on my Winter Break.

    I currently weigh, 198.8 lbs. I am 4'3…

    Let's see how much I lose before Jan 3rd, when I go back to High School.

    Wish me luck, and pls don't hate on me for my weight. Be bootiful, and be u! Btw, thanks Koboko for this wonderful video ❤

  16. Just put in your headphones and dance like mad for 30 minutes, increasing the intensity every week and you’ll see the results. I lost weight by dancing alone in my room

  17. My routine:

    morning: this workout (did it 2 times)
    what i ate for breakfast: bread with butter and cucumber

    then i go to school

    after that i go home, do my homework, and then i go out joggin for like 30 min

    afternoon: does this workout again but replay 4 times


  18. I wish i would be like ne but I really wanted to be skinny because it was ny dream to be skinny so i won't wear large shirts or pants anymore i've tried doing Just Dance 2016 – 2017 -2018 but the only haved worked is Just Dance 2017 but yeah i wish i was born to be skinny but i didn't😔😢😭

  19. THANK YOU for putting these out there! I've never liked exercise, BUT – I love dancing and hiking. Sadly, I live somewhere rural where I don't have access to a gym (nearest one is 40+ minutes away), and I don't have a permit for hiking (live and work on a reservation).

    But!! This I can without any hindrance or excuse. So again, thank you! <3 I'm subscribing now.

  20. This is great I’m not sure if it works but I’m gonna start and we will see. Good job on making such an inspirational video. Keep it up!

  21. This is good, thanks! I was perusing for a fun exercise video and after skimming through the typical zumba, etc. type of moves which is boring to me, this video made me think of fun so I danced to it, and I am a dancer !

  22. Omg this women is so effortless 😘
    She is constantly smiling whereas I look like a pig while working out

  23. i think i did this for a week or 2 with a not-so-healthy diet and i noticed my abs started coming in, so thank you!

  24. You are so sweet and you made me confident about losing weight plz I need help♥️♥️♥️

  25. Idk why i'm watching this in the middle of night while lying on my bed 😂😂😂😂😂 currently the time is 1.50 a.m.

  26. I need to know the exact song behind this video ,the link u shared are sort of confusing I mean there are so many of them

  27. That was so much fun!! I didn't even need the break time cause the actual workout time seemed to go by so fast. Thank you!!!

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