5 Five Minutes Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work For the Busy People | Beauty HACKers

5 Five Minutes Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work For the Busy People | Beauty HACKers

isn't that skit just a little bit too real every year we put diet a but every year it always just seems to pan out or fail so we've prepared this video for you guys of 5 5 minute weight loss diet hacks for busy people oh I don't hello is and welcome back to which trend TV I'm Caroline and I'm back again with another beauty hackers video if you haven't seen our previous beauty hackers video on how to exfoliate skin with different skin conditions check that out here anyways back to this video isn't that skit just a little bit too real every year we put dieting on our New Year's resolution or bucket list but every year it always just seems to pan out or fail and that's because of a lot of reasons and the number one reason is because we're just a little bit too busy or let's face it we're just lazy but we can actually break this vicious cycle and lose weight by just changing a few of our daily habits so we've prepared this video for you guys of 5 5-minute weight loss diet hacks for busy people so let's get into these hacks shall we so without further ado let me introduce you guys these five weight loss hacks for busy people and trust me these have been tested by yours truly okay hat number one how to eat less calories but still be full try to drink a full cup of water 30 minutes before eating drinking water before eating prevents hunger pains and overeating and remember I said 30 minutes before if you drink right before or during your meal that can actually lead to indigestion change your plate where to blue plate where the color blue is actually known to reduce your appetite think about it blue meat vegetables blue fruits blue bread kinda sounds gross and looks kind of gross as well right also the color contrast between the blue plate and the food helps your brain subconsciously realize how much food you are actually eating so this will actually help you control how much you eat and you'll eat a lot less so changing your dishes to blue dishes can actually help to control and reduce your appetite and food intake start off a meal by eating the low calorie foods first and remember to eat slowly when you're just beginning a meal start off by eating your veggies first or the low calorie foods first fill up your stomach with low calorie foods like vegetables first if your stomach is more full on low calorie food then it's less likely that it'll crave the high calorie foods afterwards also remember that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that it is full so it's better to eat slowly so that your stomach and your brain can be on the same wavelength both these hacks will help you to reduce overeating hack number two simple daily exercises that you can do anytime anywhere obviously try to walk just a little bit more if you're writing public transportation try getting off at a stop one stop before your actual destination that'll give you 15 to ten minutes of extra walking also instead of using the escalator or elevator try using the stairs instead it's not that much walking but it is a little bit more walking than you're used to and it will help your body exercise use the stairs for simple leg stretching you can use the stretching method anywhere you are as long as you have a step put the arch of your foot or the center of your foot on the edge of the step then you're gonna lift yourself up and place the center of gravity on the foot on the step then stretch as much as you can repeat on both sides hold tension in your abs while you're going about your day holding tension in your abs does a lot more to your body than just leaving it relaxed also it uses up a lot more energy so it actually decreases your food intake and appetite so it's not only just a great exercise but it's a great diet hack as well use a stocking to create a full bodied hip so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a stocking and roll it up in a ring form then you're gonna put it around your thighs once it's there you're gonna pull your thighs apart and then retract and contract repeat as many times as you want to create a full bodied hip line stretch while brushing your teeth this has three simple steps to it first you're gonna grab on to the sink with the hand that you're not brushing your teeth with next you're gonna stand up straight and raise one leg outwards to a 45 degree angle your just do it on both sides and there you go stretching while brushing your teeth hack number three make a cleansing juice for your busy mornings cleansing juice helps to boost your vitality and remove toxins and wastes from your body it not only helps to lose weight but it's great for your skin what you need is lemon juice avocados apples cucumber and celery in a mixer put 200 milliliters of water and lemon juice then you're gonna put in half an apple also it tastes a lot better if you put bananas in it half a cucumber half a celery 1/4 of an avocado then mix it all up then tada you're cleansing juice is complete pack number four drink lots of water to help you diet here's a tip on how to drink more water for a healthier diet I know a lot of times water can be a little bit bland and have a little bit of an aftertaste so this hack is actually gonna help you drink more water and that is by infusing fruit into your water you can find all these simple ingredients to make your own fruit infused water fruit also has a lot of minerals in it so to actually help decompose fat a lot faster so for a delicious infusion we can use lemons to make lemon chips for your ingredients all you're gonna need are lemon baking soda kosher salt and vinegar number one sprinkle baking soda over lemon and rub into skin number to dissolve baking soda and warm water and soaked lemon for about 30 minutes number three rub kosher salt all over lemon skin make sure to use rubber gloves and rinse well number four mix vinegar in hot water and rinse lemon in mixture number five sliced lemons thinly and dry in a dehydrator if you don't have a dehydrator an oven will do two so once you create these lemon chips all you're gonna do is put them in water and then tada you have delicious lemon infused water for you to drink all day plus tip it's also very important when you drink water if you drink water as soon as you wake up but water actually activates your body's metabolism and emits body toxins immediately when dieting try to drink four cups of water each day if you drink four cups of water each day your digestive system will actually be a lot more active and because it's a lot more active it'll make you less likely to overeat try to drink water one hour before or after you eat it's not recommended that you drink while you pee because if you do insulin and blood sugar will rise so it's always better to drink an hour before or after you eat and lastly drink water before you sleep drinking water before you sleep can actually alleviate insomnia and help you get a better good night's rest so even if you drink ten cups of water each day that's one point five to two meters that's a lot of water and that water will not only help with just dieting but also help with your overall health and skin hack number five abdominal breathing abdominal breathing burns twice as many calories as normal bleeding plus it increases your metabolism as well energy consumption while you're doing abdominal breathing is significant one hour of abdominal breathing is equal to 30 minutes of cycling and it also causes your internal body to become a lot warmer and if it becomes a lot warmer your metabolism increases as well so even if you're eating a lot you gain less weight this also increases the act to be of your intestinal motility which in turn smoothly produces digestive juices and hormones overall this will improve your general health when breathing in breathing so your stomach fills outward and when you breathe out make sure your stomach lies flat as close as possible at first it may be a little bit hard but with a lot of practice and patience you'll get it I hope that this video will be of some help to you busy people who still want that sexy summer body but even if you don't want that sexy body or have it it's okay because you can use these tips to live a healthier lifestyle in general make sure to LIKE and subscribe and leave in the comments on what you want to see on our next Beauty high-class video our next video is going to be on wish Trent TV versus acne and it's gonna be on acne scars and pimple marks so make sure to be on the lookout for that until next time bye bye and remember you are beautiful just as you are


  1. I've been drinking a lot of water and exercise 5-10 min. A day and nothing happens i even gain weight maybe because i always bake breads๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ข


  3. HII!!! Thank you so much for the videos!! I wanna ask if the water temperature matter for the water hacks?? Does it have to be warm or cold? Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I am a student and i eats a lot when i am with my friends , i thing these hacks would helps me a lot, thank u so much Caroline.

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