5 days of eating a WW2 ration diet...and here’s what happened...

5 days of eating a WW2 ration diet…and here’s what happened…

of the world war ii russian diet and i'm starting off with some toast now this is the national bread i made however the bread maker failed me because basically there's the little thing here and the metal thing in the bread maker turns around and it didn't it got stuck in the bread so it's obviously not that great however in the world or two times they cannot have way to say that they would have had to use it anyway so we're going to have to use it a bit nervous to see what inside looks like so this is the oslo mill the oslo mill comprises of two slices of cheese the whole-wheat bread half an apple half an orange and a glass of milk however I'm gonna have to have the glass of milk when I get home from uni because I don't have anything to transport it to uni so I'm gonna have my milk when I get home and but I can take the rest of it with me so I don't run out of my margarine ration I'm just going to put jam on my toast this morning make it at home yourself I'm just using good old Tesco's breakfast number one the Bronx actually okay I just got back from uni I have to say that lunch actually really was very good and I'm about to have my milk and I feel like the milk will tide me over until dinner because of some reason it's more sustainable like it fills me up a bit more I don't know why that is I don't if it's just in my head so I'm just making my pudding for today and this has barely any sugar and I'm following a wartime Scottish shortbread recipe oh I making my wartime stews I personally haven't done this before but the recipe says to add Marmite which I guess is the flavor interesting very interesting so dinner number one here she is wartime stew and green means it looks tiny base nice like just isn't it big to a taste test this is the wartime stew with like no seasoning in but thing is they had big dinner portions so that it would keep them going throughout the day so yes exactly she's got mama in okay you're right I'm gonna get bored in the third mouth for me too it's not not nice but ah the whole thing no more I see the more I enjoy it genuinely I'm getting like new flavors the potatoes are cooked cabbage cabbage carrot onion potato meat it's just isn't going down I've been eating for so long washed it and actually really really fill up that was filling normally wouldn't fill me up do you not I mean like mum served you got you'd be like I'm going to be hungry this is the shortbread by the way and I'm having it with the hot water cuz tea was also I'm Russian did you know hello so day two today I just had the same toes and cheese and pickle sandwich because they would have had pickle because they would have been music that they would've been homemade as they would have been using up vegetables that's what I research will actually that's what mom told me their night is looking a little bit funky not so fresh and I'm just going to show you this is the first pot Lord Walton's pie I don't know something in the bread well I give it's a different type of ratio and everything but the bread is keeping me much fuller for much longer we're gonna it says that they used to have it with gravy and veg so I'm gonna cook some gravy and veg yeah dude I love slavery they would not have used tools just saying I didn't even think of that yeah so but today I'll have to have normal gravy because they didn't make enough our gravy was not a thing I've been nauseous so I went to I was looking at pudding recipes and I found a recipe for a steamed chocolate cake and yeah we sounded really good outside come with it up when I get home but you physically have to steam it like like a Christmas pudding yeah well you put in too much sure there's no microwave microwave could we see though no microwaves today which is really done because they didn't have Bridgette sugar juice yeah it sugar beat yeah and I have the tiniest amount of sugar you feed it so here is dinner today this is the pie but it's falling apart I'm gonna pour my gravy on I love gravy I think it's gonna be quite bland because the recipe literally only had parsley in it and salt and pepper but nope not even mustard let's try the pastry yeah that pastry is from rubbish was not enjoyable today is another day is day three of the wartime diet and I am making pancakes this morning but these are obviously wartime pancakes typically had with golden syrup so well this is what the research on same to bear in mind obviously I was getting research from loads of different places and some of the research was conflicting and which moment was obviously addressing the points of so just please bear that in mind I wasn't around in the war so I don't fully know everything and I had just had to trust that the research I was doing was valid so I'm sorry if anything that I had or whatever wasn't wasn't in the rations but I did my best it says they had a record in syrup as the trees mom is trying to cut me and the reason that they are wartime is because they have no eggs in them because you obviously only have one egg for a week for a ration so it's just milk and flour so these are the pancakes they're very fit like dense I've got my golden syrup here pancakes are in my belly they're actually really good I did not mind the texture at all I'm now making carrot cookies which are looking at very interesting it's basically carrot and flour too like the dinies bit of butter and sugar yum delicious to me they don't look too bad I'm just gonna try a little bit of this carrot cookie know what that is really mama Bob hello everyone so for lunch today I've actually made lunch for today and lunch for tomorrow I'm gonna give you a little peek it looks really peculiar but these are called piglet potatoes basically you call the middle of the potato out and you stuff sausage meat in there and I had some leftover sausage meat which obviously they wouldn't have had in the war but I couldn't put throw away this list of meat just made no sense so I've used these like I used the quorum wrapped it in sausage meat to use both up I mean I totally get why they put the sausage meat in the potato to make it like stretch phurba because it's literally become hot sausages to one Jack potato oh she's foggy and very hungry I think that bride fills me up more than the potato said so hungry I even had to the carrot cookies so I'm actually not gonna lie and today is day four I only have one more day of this and yesterday I just had leftovers Maxie not bored of that bread God really I really like that bread which I know I probably shouldn't because everyone I don't know it's just really filling and it's not that bad when it's toasted I finished my carrot cookies so I need to work out how much sugar I have left for tomorrow there's and today cuz I need to have pudding today and putting tomorrow so I don't really know how much sugar I have left another thing is that today I'm at a competition so they actually provided lunch so I wasn't going to be rude and let bring my own lunch because that would just be a bit weird so please bear in mind that I did actually not have welcome or two rations today so that was kind of like well it wasn't a slip-up because I just knew that I wasn't gonna sit there tucking into my cheese and pickle sandwich kind of anymore cheese because my cheese rations run out or do not I have made I think it was like a leek and potato soup thing is I put that and leek and potato soup that is blended but I've used up the cabbage as well because you know got to be using everything up so I'm just trying to like mash the potatoes yeah I've only looked this much bread left and I need that for breakfast tomorrow I might try and make the virtual art the world war two Bircher and you see thing they had but I just hate porridge and things like that they would have obviously had porridge a lot of the time made with water so they didn't have to use their milk but I can't physically stomach porridge there is something about it and I cannot eat it I wish I liked it I can do no is served here we have the pearl barley potato soup and the last margarine which I'm really gonna I'm gonna treasure this and can weakness now let's just say this is very very bland the bread is doing it a lot of flavors flavors favours out wrong but this was my plan for the week um obviously I didn't follow Monday Tuesday whoever and I've written how much of each Russian I've used in the side and it's only come out I've only used 35 grams of sugar which means I could have made a proper pudding for tonight but now I can't be bothered oh but I have no margarine I do have some lard left but I'm gonna try this fairy toast which is where had stale toast and they would have it was they would toast it and then sprinkle sugar on top as the pudding this looks so weird this is seven grams or was it nine grams of sugar which I don't even going to use or I'm just I guess you just I might be doing it really well everyone's gonna be like that's not how they did it okay but I'm not gonna lie that was a weird experience and what lots of sugar left um which obviously they would have saved and wasn't bad it wasn't good it was just weird my camera is charging some Carly on my phone but I have saved the best until the last day my one egg I didn't want to use this at the start of the week because I was like I know that that egg is gonna come in very handy towards the end so they have this thing called egg in a nest where you cut out the middle of your bread and you put the egg in the middle of the bread which is kind of just like having an egg if you know I mean so alternatively I have seen that they have eggy bread and I am really craving some eggy bread so I'm gonna make some eggy bread I would no more March left no more lots of things basically but we do have a tiny bit of your hard to thrive eggy bread in I've added milk I actually have a lot of my milk left and I'm gonna cut up the last of the bread which is right here and fry that in the Lord goodbye large here is the eggy bread normally I would have done it with two eggs but you've got to work with what you got to work with technically I would have run out too early on the bread because I still would have had Saturday and Sunday to go so there's that so I have my delicious chips I was supposed to get fish and chips because fish and chips weren't rationed but the fish and chip shop wasn't open so just got chips in a salad which they would have had and now she's gonna be head though and now I'm having this it's my first time trying to I can after right without the men right without them here is the last Russian I'm having the last meal I'm having leftovers from yesterday this is the second mode of the leek power body broth thing and it actually is better since yes I think the flavors have matured a bit this is the last thing of the World War two ration diet I'm gonna do the debrief recap tomorrow one second for you so firstly I am amazed at how easy it is to use things up when you're in the mindset of using things up I think it's so easy to just like throw things away and be like really Billy nilly about it but they literally have to use everything they could and be so thrifty and it's a lot easier than you think really resourceful with what you have secondly having they didn't snack at all there were no crisps around but you won't like did stroke a little bit with not having crisps but because the portions were so big they keep you feeling much more fueled and ready for the day and so I think I am gonna take that on because I just snack 24/7 but I was able to not snack so that was another thing the third thing is working with what you got there is always something in your cupboards you know we knew you go to the covers and you're like mom there's nothing in here there is always something even if it is just rice cook some rice unless you would take 15 minutes it's gonna fuel you up for longer the reason I find it fascinating is because that was the healthiest that the UK has ever been I was when none of communicable diseases were at their lowest so things like diabetes things like that so clearly the healthy diet had a part to play with it so it's so fascinating there are so much more to lad that was not even I didn't even skim the surface with this video I didn't even touch on it and I'm sorry if I did anything wrong please don't come for me please don't hate me I'm just a girl having making YouTube videos so don't come for me thank you so much for watching if you have enjoyed this then you know today and if you have any other requests for any videos then please put them in the comments below I think that you've learned anything that you're interested in let me know down below


  1. Glad I found this. You are brave to do it bc I want to, but haven't yet. Yay you! I too want the recipe for the non rationed bread. (Nice to know you used a bread machine and not by hand like it would have been done in WW2. I say this bc I was in awe that you had the energy to make it by hand after your day at school).

  2. When I was a kid my grandma used to make me break with butter and sugar or sometimes bread with honey. She always went on saying she had it as a kid

  3. Maggi, Oxo, and Knorr all made stock cubes well before WW II, all due respect to your mother. I wasn't alive then, but The Great and Powerful Google assures me there were bouillon/stock cubes.

  4. You actually did an all natural diet by doing the wartime rations diet….totally eliminating all the additives and processing that exist today, in the increasingly packaged diet. Therefore, for this week, you fasted from all the additives while also eating better all around — you must have experienced it in a way, such as feeling unwell or uncomfortable or irritable temporarily some time in the first 3 days, probably day 2. All other times your mood was excellent? You look radiant, your hair looks healthier. Only you know the effect…anything?

  5. I wonder what would happen if the government rationed sugar again, just sugar and “unhealthy” foods though. They’re already implementing taxes for them

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