4 Secrets To Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF!! (HOW I LOST 60 POUNDS)

4 Secrets To Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF!! (HOW I LOST 60 POUNDS)


  1. GUYS BE AWARE: there are a ton of bot accounts spamming keto pills on my videos. i keep deleting them but they keep spamming and it's honestly annoying af. like i mentioned in the video, the weight loss industry is crazy rich because they try to make you believe that using a pill is magically going to make you lose weight and keep it off, WHICH IT WON'T, so please don't buy into it!!

  2. Your transformation gives me such motivation!!

    Also i believe it does depend on diets because theres a difference between crash diets and healthy diets

    Also guys please subscribe it doesn't hurt 😀

  3. I agree that I am not predisposed to being fat but I struggle to not be angry that others are skinny because I put all the weight on when I was like 8-11 and at that time no one said anything about my eating and I didn’t realise what was happening and I didn’t know what I was doing (I ate so much coz of stress eating, I had anxiety and ptsd) but I’m just angry that I know it was kind of out of my control because I was so young and didn’t realise till it was too late and now I’ve gone through Ed’s and loads of pain because of it

  4. Ya when I was a baby I was 8 pounds but loss weight because I was allergic to breast milk now the smallest in the class

  5. i eat better and way less during the summer and (i feel) somewhat look better but still not fully skinny

  6. My friend is an ectomorph and she can eat whatever whenever and giant portions, and she never gains weight. It’s just how some people’s bodies are.

  7. I’m curvy but I also have a stomach , There’s a difference between slim thick and thick and I’m definitely thick 🤠🤠

  8. I wanna loose weight but still be able to eat the things I like ! I do think I should cut off some fast food but not eat something healthy Everyday bc that doesn’t make me happy and I don’t feel better but I’m gonna take your tips and see how I feel:)!

  9. I see barely any difference between the before and after.

    They're both so beautiful!

    Congrats on your health and fitness journey! Hope it goes well for everyone else too! (PS always exercise/eat healthy FOR YOURSELF and for your health!)

  10. Hi i didn´t start losing weight until i read this amazing book on the right type of foods to eat. If you want this FREE e-book email me friends on titovaldir64 @ gmail.com saying, please send me the free E-book and i will send it over to you. It worked wonders for me!

  11. Naturally skinny is a thing I'm 17 and I weigh 36kg my doctor have tried everything to make me eat but even if I do I don't hurt gain weight.

  12. Hiya! Instead of all this use Keto pills! Solves all your proble- HA! You thought this would be a keto pills comment well you were wrong! Bye now. ;~;

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