24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition

24 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition

hello everyone my name is John Cena and you are on the wrong side of the Internet I hope you're having a great day because this video is gonna be something else so the other day I fell down a bit of an Internet rabbit hole of transformation videos so I decided to try my hand at it everyone has made these videos from Haley Pham to Antonio I think Emma also did one so I'm not the first one to do this so in the usual transformation video they usually turn into someone else you know like an Instagram model or an Instagram body or a hipster something along those lines well I'm here and I want to dip my foot into the ocean of transformation videos let me ask you this what do you think of an icon who do you think of maybe jeffree star shane dawson billy Eilish etc however when we think of those people I think we're a neglecting one true person one true icon sure so yeah that's we're gonna be doing today I'm going to be turning myself into the Lord and Savior Shrek and you guys are gonna come along with me so in true transformation video fashion I have gone ahead and I've already written out a plan for me this is a multi-step plan that I devised yesterday at 2 a.m. to make me look like Shrek first we're gonna have to tackle the clothes shrek is known for amazing attire his outfit screams confidence it screams practicality so that's what we're gonna try to emulate next we have to actually look the part and then we have hair and makeup so I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited let's get started so as a for mentioned the first step was to get the outfit I forced my dad to take me to the one and only place where projects of this nature begin fabric land we were greeted with a large selection of fabrics from silks to printed chiffon but we quickly ran into a problem no offense to my father but he's not very knowledgeable in the land of sewing so we were both struggling to find fabrics that would suit my needs however when in doubt called mother Goose and she helps me find the materials I needed after that my dad and I were headed home I had a mountain of work ahead of me hello my dude so we're back from the land of fabric and we're about to dive into the sewing endeavor I think the first thing we're gonna start on is the tunic it's made of some sort of really thick dirty linen I ordered for potato sacks off of Amazon I'm gonna cut up a hole for the head and then figure out some sleeves a couple days ago I ordered a Lorde vinyl off of Amazon and it was the pure heroin album obviously very content with my purchase I posted a photo about it on Instagram 30 minutes later I opened the Instagram app to find that the post had been removed because apparently I was promoting drug use so this is what I've come up with I need to figure out some sleeves because Shrek is no sleeveless gentleman I think that works so maybe executive decision then I'm going to use this corner of another bag to make the other sleeve should work out because everything always works out when you're John Cena I look like a scarecrow oh my god why is there so much like lint everywhere great we have our two sleeves and now I just have to sew them now because I am home alone it means that I can use my mother's sewing machine without her absolutely murdering me this is my mother sewing machine I call her Gertrude she is this tall and smells like onions kind of like Shrek does oh it's going ah that didn't sound right that was elegant I don't know what else to tell you should I sew it again I've done it ladies and gents I've officially made it works success ah so now that we have the two sleeves done it's only a question of sewing it onto the body of the tunic there is hair in my mouth so we've finished the tunic it's looking pretty spectacular it's quite massive and girthy but that's the way I like it that was disgusting I'm so sorry the next thing we're going to tackle is that little leather vest thing he has I don't really know what the material is it looks like dried mud or old poop you choose I found this brown fleece and it has bumps on it which makes it look like it's having an allergic reaction so his little vest I have no idea how I'm going to do this but I never do so it's new I'm gonna keep it simple though I want to finish this as fast as possible because we have many steps to get there and it's already Saturday night and I'm getting stressed I'm not gonna be pulling any heroics with this there's something like this two holes like this I am Shrek okay that's just wrong I just want to be Schrag things are going pretty quickly here at the senior compound things are going at the speed of light the shoulder should be here I feel like I'm looking more and more like Jesus and less and less like Shrek Wow guys I've created something this is the method of my madness okay so next we have to tackle those leggings they seem to be plaid so I did get some plaid fabric at fiber plan it looks like this and it was the ugliest plaid I could find this is we're gonna have to really concentrate because pants seem very complicated I'm going to use these pants that I have and I'm just going to trace them and hope and pray that it works these look like brandy melville consulta anyways I'm going to show this and we'll see where we are and then 20 minutes later the masterpiece was finished it was beautiful the tunic was fine it didn't look pretty but it got the job done the vest was surprisingly good it very closely resembled the photo those leggings though they were an absolute disaster I couldn't get them over my fat anyways at this point it was already almost 11 p.m. so I left my mess the way it was and prepared myself for tomorrow's battle hi welcome to Chili's so it's currently the next morning and we're going strong with this transformation we're gonna start obviously with hair shrek is not known for his luscious locks so we're gonna have to get rid of my hair and my mom did not let me shave my head for this video I know rude so I'm gonna have to cover it with a bald cap I don't have a bald cap so I'm going to use a swim cap wonderful so now that my head looks like an absolute bowling ball we can pull out the artistry I have my morphe x james charles palette there really is no mystery to this part we're just gonna paint my face green I've never looked more attractive Wow I am unleashing my inner artist nay I am unleashing my inner Shrek this is the most patchy green color ever James Charles needs to get on his formulas this brush is not working for me I am in need a bigger one so I have this I don't really know if it's meant for my face but we're gonna find out it is infected with the Shrek disease and with that I painted my visage the first layer was extremely patchy so I quickly realized that I would probably have to double up if you know what I mean eventually I went back to my smaller brush and did some of the details but in the end it looked just splendid I was a beautiful shade of green but the nuances didn't stop there I had to do something about the ears shrek is known for his little nubs so I had to improvise I took some green construction paper cut it into a square and then rolled them into little spring rolls I then fastened to these spring rolls to a hairband with some tape that I found in the cavern of my room and voila Shrek was staring back at me continued on this journey of Renaissance and put on my entire outfit shrek is no spectacled gentleman so i was at this point that I popped in some contacts the final thing that I had to do was work on my physique Shrek is quite the thick monster so before I filmed this video I was busy bulking up I wanted to be large large and in charge John Cena thanks for watching and I must say the results paid off I had a massive beer belly it was so large that I even had to get my mom to help me fasten my belts around my stomach anyways after that I had a mini photo shoot with my mom to truly reap the benefits of this transformation fun fact some Yahoo's drove by while we were taking photos and started laughing at us fun times so my dudes what have we learned today I think everyone needs to give shrek more respect this is something that should be on the internet this is something that must exist green is a fabulous color I think everyone should wear it more often also potato sacks are messy and I look pregnant so yeah that's it for this video I will post the photos on my Instagram if you guys are interested so yeah that's it for today goodnight my sweet children


  1. John cena : what should I do today

    Everyone else: makeup video , vlog ,ect

    John cena : naa I wanna be shrek

    Everyone else: omg…..yesssss

  2. Oh my gosh do you actually read or have read A series of unfortunate events, cause I saw them on the wall and I love the books and series!!

  3. Hello john cena so I obviously love your channel and content and I've also learnt that you are maybe Brazilian and I am Brazilian and I wanted to see if u could acctually speak Portuguese John cena please do this video

  4. Me:" Hey dude, wanna see Shrek- "
    My 4yro bro : " Y E S "
    Me: 8:32
    My 4yro bro: " W O W-! He's so COOL!!! Very coooool… "

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