2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 96kg Summary

2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 96kg Summary

10 competitors were in the 96kg class. Iran’s Moradi and Rostami were both not present due to injuries. Tian Tao became the most competitive of the athletes in this class. The famous lifter from Kazakhstan Ilya Ilyin was a two time Olympic champion. But all of his gold medals were taken back after his positive tests for performance enhancing drugs. This was his first major competition after resuming training. He was not in top form and ended very early. The 21 year old Elbakh from Qatar has improved dramatically the last few years. He lifted 174kg in the snatch. This gave him a silver in the event. Tian Tao was the last to open during this event. 175kg and 181kg were no problem. He entered the clean and jerk portion with a 7kg lead. Tian Tao and Elbakh both had the heaviest openers of 220kg. Tian Tao was successful. Elbakh was rushed for time and ended up failing the lift. This was when things got interesting. Tian Tao went up to 226kg for his second attempt. The Iranian lifter Mousavijarahi lifted 207kg but came out of nowhere with 220kg for his last attempt. Elbakh did not want to follow himself and chose to move up to 221kg. Mousavijarahi also went up to 221kg. He was trying to force Elbakh to lift. Elbakh failed the attempt and moved to 222kg. The Iranian lifter refused to come out first proceeded to move up to 225kg. Elbakh had no choice but to lift first. The consecutive lifts of 220kg and over took too much of a toll on his body. He was unsuccessful again and bombed out. This is when Mousavijarahi took the stage to perform a deadlift with 225kg. But due to his strategy, he had won silver in the clean and jerk and total. With all three golds secured, Tian Tao moved to 231kg. This was a challenge to the clean and jerk world record. But it was not to be. Despite having three golds around his neck, Tian was not was not satisfied with his performance. First, my condition during the competition was bad. Second, my adjustment and adaptation during the competition was also poor.


  1. So much more interesting when we get to know the background behind things! The actions that led to Hassana's bomb out are much more clear after this. Thanks for uploading!

  2. Tian Tao, that's lot of weight at 96kg for his body frame. He is adjusting to this bodyweight. He must have loss some speed. If this is their plan at 96kg for next year olympics, their is lots of work. He will do it.

  3. Tian Tao was not satisfied with his performance because he knows that these numbers will not be enough to dethrone Moradi, With Moradi the thing is really different

  4. I just wish Ilya could receive the send-off he deserves. He doesn't seem to have enough fight left in him for that one last battle.

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