Alright, okay, so that was the first day of posing, and what we’re gonna do after this, we’re gonna see and look at results of 30 days doing push ups. You will see in this video what it’s going to do and what the progress is and, let’s do it. Alright, so also the first day of doing pushups and, what he has to do, he has to do 20 push ups in a row or something like that, and then in sets, so basically 10 sets of 20 push ups 200 pushups a day. Alright, so since you’re probably beginner and want to know what’s going on I’m gonna tell you, and show you what’s happening step-by-step so he just did his first set of push ups and he’s going to take some rest, but minimum rest. Every time he does this workout, 200 push ups, he’s going to rest as less as possible. Basically, what my guesses are, is that his chest will grow a bit and i think that he can put on some mass if his food will be okay. That’s 4 reps, C’mon, that’s 4 reps yep, yep c’mon, ye- yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Alright, so late-night workout, this guy here- let’s get him some water. He’s grinding like- it is 10 pm, he’s getting his 200 push ups down. You know, continue, i’m joining this guy. just for the motivation and y’know just 200 pushups extra, right? We didn’t record that much, but three weeks later, and, i mean you’re just here for results right so we’re gonna do some more push ups, yes, at least. You ate good, right? okay, what did you eat? A lot. 80 normal pushups, 40 wide, 40 diamonds and, 40 archer Alright that is There were all types of pushups Diamonds Archer Wide The last day. Alright, so the last day of the 30 day push up challenge tha-that’s scary close Did it build muscle or not? The last sets of 30 day challenge Here we go. good So now we’re here after the 30 days. 200 push ups every single day. and this the result so first, you had the discipline, but how many days did you skip? Zero. y- you haven’t skipped any, no? No. I thought he did. Alright, alright okay. So he never skipped a workout. The way you came here, what was, like, the progress in pain, in soreness? A lot of these challenges tell you that was really easy in the begining, then was getting harder because of the soreness and then was getting easier because you were getting used to the soreness Or, you have people who say, it was really hard to do the push-ups in the begining then it will get easier throughout the way so, what was it for you? Easy, hard, easy. Easy, hard, easy. So basically, the first one, i think, that has to do with that he already did push ups before this not like, extremely regularly, but he did them. So doing push ups wasn’t new to him, but doing it in this amount It got some soreness and, probably, that was for you like with soreness, getting harder, and then easier Yep. Alright, there are the results. But talking about the question, let’s get straight into it the question that you’re all here for and and ask yourself Does this challenge build muscle? Or is it just a challenge? According to this guy, he saw it more as a challenge and it also did build muscle You can see the comparison there is some lean muscle, and he gained some lean muscle. There is a difference in what way you start, like i said, This guy started with already doing push ups, not regularly, but he did push ups If you’ve never done push-ups in your whole life, like, you did a couple, This challenge will have a whole different outcome for you, because if you haven’t done push-ups regularly, your body won’t get used to it eventually Like i said, you will probably have the way of It will be hard to do 200 push ups every single day. And it will get easier throughout the way even though there is soreness. One big thing if you’re going to try this out Make sure to comment below your results What you need to keep in mind, i told this guy every single day Eat right, do your push-ups, eat right, do your push-ups. The eat right factor is like really big here. If you wanna build muscle, you need to eat good. Yogurt. I’ve made different types of videos on food which will be here or here In the discription below, too, check ’em out. Alright, so he had motivation he did 200 push-ups every single day He was dedicated, and he ate right. Did you enjoy the challenge? YEAH So, is it worth doing this challenge? I do think so because, i think if you’re a beginner, you’ve never done that many push ups in your life I think this will build strength, and muscle and just eat right, you will be good. And, also, if you wanna up your push up game a bit, do this challenge. Do this as an external challenge, Also do other exercises. Maybe do this challenge beside your normal workout schedule or just do 100 push-ups every single day It will help tremendously. And drink your water. Alright, so last time flexing. Flex. Alright guys that was it for this video make sure to leave a like if you did And make sure to subscribe for more because it will really help out the channel a lot #RoadTo50K We’re so close, so make sure to hit that subscribe button and make sure to hit that bell then you will get notification whenever I upload Alright guys thank you so much for watching and like i said It really means a lot all the support i get so thank you for that. I hope to see you in my next video. Goodbye. Woah- he’s so strong, he got so strong


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