20 Min of Fury Weight Loss Workout at Home – HASfit Exercises to Lose Weight Loss Exercise at Home

20 Min of Fury Weight Loss Workout at Home – HASfit Exercises to Lose Weight Loss Exercise at Home

[Music] this is right for you either way five four three two one nice can be both on those for the next one I’m gonna do it one way stiff leg deadlift plus row were Claudia’s gonna use both legs at the same time so mine definitely requires a little more balance and stability either way a little bit of you need but for the most part of keeping half a leg straight on this one so you can all the way down in the bottom position you’re gonna rope and come back up good making sure to breathe we have three two one zero nice combination jump kicks so we’re hands up I’m jumping swishing and forgive my knees up ain’t it enough Claudia’s just doing a traditional dropkick we’re gonna eat these up and kicking up anything with the balls of your feet nice come on keep it up keep it moving super great don’t forget to breathe and three two one your dumbbells yet again for me buddy weird our hands fire chin we’re gonna do an alternating price it’s you’re gonna sit a little bit of weight you hips every time we’re gonna press and drive that dumbbell straight up into the air both movements the same on this one to make it harder you just use heavier dumbbells nice it get as many reps as you can in the thirty second time period get up get up and five four three two one all right switch into a sumo deadlift feet wide toes pointed out sit down plus upright row your elbows up on the way up I’m at sumo deadlift breathing down weight back in your hips while you’re doing it sit back and stand up bring your elbows up nice and high using the power from your legs to help get him up here we go oh my few more seconds on this one and four three two one zero all right great job I’m getting anti-symmetric squat position with my the weight that my hips and I’m gonna do a side the side punch up as you can see Claudia’s doing the same punch out but she’s just doing up the little weight back on our hips so again you get to decide which one is right for you doing this one for 30 seconds in total every time twist and rotate at your core with your weight back in your hips nice never gonna keep it up and 5 4 3 2 1 that’s okay dumbbells down for this gluttony is just gonna do a reach jump where I’m gonna do it rod jump both feet jump and jump straight up then block back bra jump both feet together and then jump straight up walk back that broad jump big jump put two feet into weight your foot and then straight up big on that Roger if you do it this one doing the reach you’ll keep that weight back in your hips and every time 100 5 4 3 2 1 nice nice I’m gonna do a walkout pushup Chloe’s gonna do the modified version walking out on my hands and drop them into a push-up and walking back with some but the modified version 5 start from the spot position walk your hand out back to the starting position they both here but just keep it moving we don’t because either hurt us – all right last one and 5 4 3 2 1 by C 1 0 ok when you grab the dumbbells for on the floor the next one I’m going to do it one leg hip up + press Claudia’s doing both feet in the ground so either way you’re driving on through heels bring your hips up and I’m pressing my hub loosen and my columns facing one another you’re doing the one leg version and I switch it out there we go keep it up seems great for your core hamstrings your glutes shoulders chest triceps really getting a lot of bang for your buck on this one are you going but 4 3 2 1 XFL down and do a burpee + and help underneath drop it down back up elbow knee Claudia as you can see this modified version is just doing the elbow to the knee nice shot come on keep it up everybody this is a tough one finish strong in this round here we go come on pushing pushing pushing the pace doing great so far just keep pushing through and 5 4 3 2 1 nice pass four three two one nice okay grab those dumbbells for the next one moving into the stiff leg deadlift plus the rope either going out on one leg like my version or the modified good old fashioned too late version that quality it’s going nice keep up the pace everybody remember thirty second rounds get that many reps in as you can in the 30 seconds if you’re doing one leg version try to keep your eyes up and focus on something it’ll help you keep your balance I know as we get tired counts telling us a lot on top keep it up give more seconds and three two one zero knocks okay wait set those dumbbells up I’m moving into my jump kicks can’t cause to wonder front kicks back store come on keep it up you might not get your legs quite as high as we are but that’s okay to us do your best nice work here at home pushing the pace let’s go remember success doesn’t have right just keep your eyes on the prize and keep moving boy that’s what it’s all about let’s go that’s right you breathe okay three two one zero red bullet little dumbbells and we have an alternating presses little quarter squat weighting the hips and drive straight up come on let’s go push it push it remember focus on what brought you here today focus on what’s motivating and one seconds on this one my shoulders are burning into I guess you employed and we got three two one zero keep both your jumbo we got a wide stance so sumo deadlift close upright row sit back wait your hips and again get this many without soon as you can remember you’re only competing against yourself look in the mirror that’s your competition nice work ten seconds left on this one how many can you get challenge yourself and five four three two one and last one zero pass so I decided bump-outs again I’m sitting down my ISOs what my eyes parallel to the ground thought he’s just having a little weight her hips she decide which one is right for you and what’s whiskey that coin vault keep those hands up don’t drop he breathe good job everybody at five four three two one okay Dumbo’s number one on delay cuz you Maurice jumps under that a broad jump let’s reach our big power either one you can wait your hips land softly don’t land heavy with your weight your knees but instead make your hips and explode straight up great job everybody I must be sweat off a lot of stress doesn’t say what her this one boats monkey about three two one zero headed or rock opera show snacks okay here we go lock it out you know that’s stretching your hamstrings nice full range of motion doesn’t matter which one you’re doing you know lay down there and the push up nice whoo any time you done it not like this it’s harder to breathe so really focus on your breathing even under control good job better play to do more on this one and one last one you get full range motion on this last one okay good grab those dumbbells hit the floor doing my one leg hit book plus press caught it through both legs at the same time remember to drive off that heel all the way up and all the way down nice job got 15 seconds on each leg so switch it you’re doing alumni doing both just keep on them remember complaining will not burn in any calories do the end eager and three two one zero up or are her feet plus elbow in heat you were able to get this Binion and as you can in that thirty second time through come on everybody wait right here if I get into this room find another let’s go let’s go let’s go and five four three two one and zero nice and the center I’ll come back to the lateral jumps side to side cause the Deacons and he can come on push the pace halfway done now it’s you versus you what have you got left what do you want to get out of this workout today it’s all up to you I mean you can push yourself nobody else can do it for you let’s go three two one zero all right [Music] two four three two one don’t us again we’re doing our alternating crepes weight and hips driving them straight out of it every time let’s go well that’s nobody that’s right I know those arms are probably starting to feel like a jello that’s how we know it’s working I’m bar number learn to love that burn let’s go five four three two one zero sumo deadlift weight above and below that’s right mind all that burn and take your mind off of the pain and instead focus on why you’re here something brought me here today trying to lose weight burns back get fit whatever it is stay focused on good job mom five four three two one zero nice work right back to the side-to-side punches I’m sitting down all the weight but he’s but a quarter of the way and we’re both hurted by now so you are definitely not alone were hurting thousands of people at home doing the same workout doing that same burn that you’re feeling right now come on remember this pain is only temporary but quitting giving up not reaching your goal will that last forever come on let’s go five four three two one zero dumbbells are down broad jump reach oh honey this can’t reach you who are you doing doing let you mean let’s go I want you to beat them I hope that Google as a trainer does it have you denied it that means I’m doing my job let’s go come on five four three two push-ups here we go we need to get a little break oh that’s it it all the way out and all the way back again like I said earlier you getting on the ground like this it’s even more important to focus on your breathing it’s real easy to hold your breath well hit we’ll catch up with you come on good job everybody I said okay just one more that’s it on the ground go plus price whoo all right drive off that heel bring that book all the way up stand those arms all the way up switch you’re halfway through three two one switch just using one leg great job everybody come on let’s go up pushing through it sore muscles equal happy pain think about how good we’re gonna feel this is all go three two one zero off to the side I’m going on purpose a little wobbly I know I am that’s our actually pushing through it that’s okay because I’m not only work I know they’re gonna get me to my end goal that’s a liability come on five four three two one last one zero around we got a bonus round top all right for the last final bonus round we’re gonna mix it up a little bit we’re gonna do a reactionary hop beat drill so you’re only going to have three instructions we’re gonna start hot feet moving the whole time I’m gonna say left which case you’re gonna turn about your feet moving I’m gonna say right which occasion to turn right or lastly I’m gonna say jump which case with your hands straight up we’re gonna jump and then a right back and either hot feet all right let’s go I want those people in as fast as you can and I really want you to push yourself this round four three two let’s go hit it harder she’s mentioned big race and runner but and their beat assistance above the ground my feet in hunger and we’re just going to hold there’s a whole sighs this is it right here today everybody goals do not give up I know you’re ever ladies are hurt everybody’s heard the screaming that block it out don’t listen to come on let’s go happy place happy place happy place that’s right good come on 26 well that’s it twenty seconds has no not you working out like your life depends on because he does come on let’s go hole hole last ten seconds don’t give up don’t give up on yourself come on loose hair five four three two one zero nice work good work out there Roger [Music] way to push it through the very end everybody I hope we were able to help motivate me to get through this workout that’s right you enjoyed this workout please be sure to check out past its website go by hundreds of free workouts meal plans to lose or gain weight and are complete thirty to ninety eight fitness programs also do is a huge favor subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the best dating motivation while you’re at it you can now download that you high-spec interactive trainer and take these exercises and recipes and fix produce with you wherever you go I’m Claudia and I post Kozak and Aspen and we’ll see you next workout [Music]


  1. Perfect workout, but I don't like that the woman does easier exercises. I'm a woman and did all of them like the man!! No need to make exercises so easy for woman 

  2. I love love love it,because Claudia do for me,lol,I can't do hard,please upload more for light exercise for heavy weight people and for beginner, thanks

  3. For advanced people too!  kick ass workout!! started with 20lb. dumbells. Finished with 10lb….

  4. Wow! Great workout guys! Coach Kozak I was actually beating you on the last burpee + croos knee touch… I was so exited it pumped me up for the bonus round 🙂 which I REALLY needed. Thanks guys!

  5. Love this video! haha the ending was great, bonus round was genius! <3 feeling great after that. Great workout! 

  6. Awesome work out!!  I love how you push us!!  Loved bonus round!  Was a fun way to end the workout and push that much harder!!  I followed this one with 12 min obliterating oblique and oh boy did they kick my butt!!  Loved it! Thanks!

  7. Awesome workout coach…
    How many days a week should I do this work out. ..
    I am 6 ft tall n 95 kg(bit fat)

  8.  Coach Kozak out of all the glam work outs on You tube, yours outshines them all!!! Great workouts guaranteed!!

  9. just found this one today…totally soaked, tough one but good! keep these coming! thanks Coach K and Claudia. I'll be visiting this one again to be able to finish the bonus round.

  10. Nice workout!  Your fitness plan is the first I have been able to get the wife to do which involves any type of weight and/or body weight workouts with me.  She usually shunned any of that or straight up steady state cardio.  It helps that these workouts are short enough in duration where we  can fit in working out together, and then either go about the day or add other workouts to it.  I also have noticed increased endurance when I do sprint intervals after having been on your 90 day warrior workout plan (I do add some to most days though unless I woke up too late for work.)  I tell anyone I know who is looking to get in shape or pressed for time to work out about your site.  

  11. Forgot to add, that the increased endurance was occurring after only two weeks of the plan, we are on week four right now. 

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