20 min Fat Burning HIIT Cardio (BURN UP TO 360 CALORIES!!) | Full Body TABATA At Home Workout

20 min Fat Burning HIIT Cardio (BURN UP TO 360 CALORIES!!) | Full Body TABATA At Home Workout

life goes by fast let’s slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all the I was you and me hi guys welcome to so some of you guys have been asking for a longer workout than 10 minutes and the sole 5 to 15 minutes what kind of here on my channel I’ll link them up right here my thought is time to take it to the next level and do it 20 minutes long with you guys so this what that would be doing please it’s okay we’ll do four exercises I’ll be doing four exercises each exercise 20 seconds on and ten seconds off in between each circuits will be resting one whole minute oh that’s so good the worker is 20 minutes there will be a long burn and we’ll definitely meet that one minute rest if you’re ready let’s go remember guys always have to stretch here we go I’m trying to motivate chat in myself do it fast one is squat with me raise put three two one start with a regular squat but when you come up twist your body to the right and raise your left knee to touch your right elbow we’re alternating between sites here we work our legs our core our arms and warming up the whole body three two one rest for 10 seconds next one is sit-up chops lie down on the floor hands together above your head three two one start engage your ab muscles to punch up your upper body and chop to one side next to your legs alternate between sites for 20 second three two one rest get up into high plank and work going into plank with opposite arms and lick reach five four three two one start holding your core tight raise your opposite arms and lick together straight-out try your best to balance and not collapse to one side this is one rep again we’ll alternate between sighs for 20 seconds there’s a super heart I know but it is a very effective full-body workout let’s stay strong and finish it to one wrist fourth exercise off the circuit is front lunge five four three two one start stand up tall take a big step forward with one leg remember your heel is hitting the floor first then lower your body until both legs are in 90 degrees angle step back up to starting position and switch legs if you want to know more about the correct form and posture for lunges I’ll include the link to my detail explanation on my Instagram post in the description box below breasts first round done we’re going into second round of this first circuit starting with squat with me raise twist again three two one start with sweating and getting out of breath it means we’re working on muscles and burning fat push yourself to work harder so we can make the most out of this workout [Music] three two one rest next one is set up top three two one start keep going don’t let it stop work those apps three two one breast third exercise plank with opposite arms and liquids three two one start keep your balance use your abs you can hold it there without falling and if you do fall pick it right back up you can do it almost there [Music] three two one rest last exercise of our second round front lunge five four three two one start be mindful of your form remember to have your chest up and don’t slosh it back [Music] three two one rest second round done good job you guys only one more round to go well first circuit squat with me raise twist three two one start just think about the one-minute rest that we can enjoy after this last round we’re almost there keep pushing three two one red sit up chops let’s do it three two one start three two one rest high plank with opposite arms and licks reach three two one start we’re getting better at this whole balance and coordination thing last time we’re doing this good work three two one rest all right last exercise from lunch five four three two one start let’s breathe through this and we can rest for one moment three two one well-deserved rest one set of the workout done you can drink some water and lie down or washes clean silly clapping and slapping games while you rest and catch up with your friends okay one minute is almost up let’s stand back up and get ready for the second circuit first exercise half burpees to squat two one start start with a regular Burpee jump your feet back to high plank and then jump back to your hands again stand up and do a regular squat this is one rep repeat for 20 seconds I know that most of us hate for a piece but they’re one of the most effective full-body wipeouts for fat burning and get all those muscles working so let’s push it and give it our all rest next one is starfish crunch working the ABS three two one start light on the floor licks and arms out like a star shape cut your abs and raise your opposite arm and lick together and touch at the top lower back down alternate between size for 20 seconds good work you guys doing amazing so far three two one rest next one we’re working the back the ABS and the core Lutz and hamstring with Superman pulses three two one start lying face down on your stomach with arms and legs extended keep your neck in a neutral position and your torso stable your back muscles to lift your arms and legs up towards the ceiling at the same time as high as possible to form an elongated u-shape with your body lower back down to complete one rep to one breast fourth exercise off the circuit the tricep tip that I fear the most but no pain no gain you guys let’s get this done only 20 seconds one start sit on the floor hands behind your back holding your core tight lift your butt up and straighten your arm for each rep bend your elbows and lower your upper body with your butt tapping the floor and immediately push yourself back up again I’m dying as always but we’re not stopping stay on here together with us one rest first round done let’s get ready for the second round starting again with half burpees to squat three two one start [Music] good job we’re almost halfway through three two one rest next one is starfish crunch 3 2 1 start [Music] three two one rest and not the one down flip and we’ll get started on Superman houses three two one start keep breathing I know it’s hard but you want this workout to work so don’t give up even when it burns keep going don’t stop almost there three two one rest last exercise of second round already time just flies by all right tricep Doug let’s try to enjoy the burn on the ABS with burning fat and toning up start [Music] [Music] three two one rest second round done last one to go for second circuit let’s do this half burpees to squat three two one start [Music] push it for these last two minutes and we can rest for one whole minute it’s in that food three two one rest starfish punch three two one start [Music] push it harder really work your at muscles here three two one rest [Music] Superman pulses three two one start we’re so close to the end no stopping three two one rest and then it’s tricep dip again three two one start the bun is the worst but it’s last exercise before we can rest for one minute push it guys we’re stronger than we think three two one rest second circuit done enjoy your one-minute rest and don’t forget to tell yourself good job we have already worked out for more than 10 minutes which is longer than my usual workouts and if you’re still here with me I love your determination and thank you for staying here to finish this together with us let’s really push it in this last circuit and make this workout [Music] are you ready for the last circuit first exercise is going to be intense but we can do it 5 4 3 2 1 start with your elbows next to your body palms out and facing down and jump your knees high so that they touch your palms every time and trim your knees high so that they touch your palms each time I notice it’s a lot of jumping but we’re not letting the momentum stop keep going keep jumping keep burning those calories to one rest that was a fun and tough one next one with the surf to lie down single leg raise three two one start hence under your butt work your lower abs to lift your legs off the floor then race one leg up towards the sky and lower it back down this is one rep alternate between size for 20 seconds remember both legs are off the floor at the whole workout three two one rest done and our third exercise is squat poses 3 2 1 start squat down like how you would in a regular squat but only come up to a half of the squat without standing up all the way and squat back down this is one pass we’re doing three passes here in total before standing back up this is one rep will repeat for three passes each for 20 seconds what the lake support the booty you’re doing awesome rest and we’re aligned back down for our 4th exercise swimmer 3 2 1 start similar to Superman houses but this time we’re fluttering our arms and legs to create the swimming motion raise your right arm and left leg at the same time and lower the opposite sides and alternate between sides the goal is to keep the body stable and squeeze your back includes as you move your arms and legs – one breasts first rounds done only two more Racicot and we’re done let’s get back to the puck jump three two one start pick it up guys jump together with us only 20 seconds to go three two one rest mix one a starfish crunch three two one start be mindful that we’re using our apps here to punch up not our neck or out back so keep your spine neutral [Music] three two one rest next one squat houses three two one start nicely done three two one rest last exercise have second round is swimmer three two one start keep it up don’t stop on the floor keep on movin keep on swimming three two one rest second round done only one last round to go for this whole twenty minutes work let’s do this pop jump to one start last time we’re doing this let’s give it our best [Music] three two one rest single egg race three two one start three two one rest easy we’re moving into squat houses three two one start almost there almost there three two one dressed awesome last one of this whole workout is swimmer three two one start we’re so so close to the end don’t quit on yourself let’s get this done try your best not to drop onto the floor three two one and we’re done twenty minutes work out we did it good job thanks for getting another what got done with me before you say bye to us let’s quickly stretch out our back with child pose stay here for a few deep breaths and then we’ll end with Kent and cow poses and that’s it for today give this video a thumbs up and comment down below how it goes for you don’t forget to subscribe and share this with your family and friends so we can get fit together every week see you next week bye hi guys hi guys do not trust her she is not


  1. okay imma update for you guys my plan is to do this twice today with this workout https://youtu.be/p1DJhMy0yCs cuz i want abs lol…
    i’ll do this for i think a week cuz after that i’m fasting for ramadan so i won’t be doing this workout anymore but maybe i’ll keep doing the ab workout

    day 1:

  2. i hateeeee working out but, this is definitely the one I’ll always do even on the laziest of days!

  3. Really love the fact that you have to do just 20 sec for each exercise. I used to hate burpees but now I kinda like them this way 🙂

  4. I loved this workout!! I loved how it repeated yet also kept doing something different! it was GREAT!

  5. alright if anyone is thinking about doing this but not sure if it'll really help them.. it WILL get you the results you want, but you HAVE to be consistent with yourself. I did this for about a week without stopping and I already noticed huge changes in myself. my stomach got more toned and even started to have those two lines on it, in addition, I also lost about 2-3 pounds. but I did not do well on my eating habits, if I was healthier with myself, I definitely would've lost 5-7 pounds. *so DO THIS IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT IT, AND BE CONSISTENT WITH YOURSELF

  6. Day 1-Very tired but finished😊✔️
    Day2-Tired again but finished😊✔️
    Day3-Could not complete🙄❌
    Day4-Tired as usual but finished 😊✔️
    Day5-Extremely tired but finished 😊✔️
    Day7-Did it✔️
    Doing it since 1 week🔥Can see changes.Thanks Emi😊
    Day9-Could not complete 🙄
    Day10-Tired but finished 😊✔️
    Day11-Day16(No exercise)🙄❌
    Day17-Did it✔️
    Day20-Tired but finished ✔️
    Day21-Very tired but finished ✔️
    Day22-Did it✔️😊
    Day23-Extremely tired but finished ✔️
    Day25-Day29-(No exercise)🙄
    Day30-Did it✔️

  7. Day 1: Done ✔️ ( It was tiring 😪)
    Day 2: Done ✔️ ( my butt aches 😂)
    Day 3: Not done ❌
    Day 4: Done ✔️😁
    Day 5: Not done. ❌

  8. I loved this cardio plus I almost died for 1st few days later it gets better… It definitely is worth it😊.. luv u emi

  9. i love your workouts so much!! you are the only person that keeps me motivated to workout <3 thank you sm

  10. I will do a 1 month update and i will not stop updating and i will be eating healthy food and drinking ACV (apple cinder vinegar)too so ya i hope i lose weight,i am serve obese kid😣 i will motivate myself and do it😊

    Current weight=100kg🙁
    Goal weight=50 or 60kg 😁

    Day 1=

  11. im actually inlove with this workout. it was fairly easy and the first time i did it i got through the whole thing without having such a huge struggle! would defs continue doing this when i have the time.

  12. Has anybody noticed.. 17:27 starfish crunch? I just noticed it after so many times of doing this workout😅💖

  13. when i finish my face is sweating that's so good when i do a never workout I'm not sweating ❤️❤️❤️

  14. I want to start doing this, but probably 3-5 times a week but I am also doing daily exercises at the same time.

  15. Not throwing shades on other youtubers but if u have ever checked them out almost all (almost, but not all) YouTubers just shoot themself where they are working out alone in a corner, but with emi the environment is so welcoming, makes me feel like i am not doing this alone and that i can do it and along with this she keeps encouraging us through out the exercise and as i listen to her inspiring me time just flies by, i just want to say thank you emi for existing and making this beautiful channel, i have been a fan of you, your hard work and determination since a year and let me tell you, like all those years i tried working out but gave up, it was nothing like that, u made me realize that there is no giving up because you are here with me, a proof that it all will soon be worth it, I love you please stay blessed 💞💞💞

  16. Emi I'm just gonna thank you. Your workouts are the best! This workout is just amazing! I was smiling all these 20 minutes (and sweating to 😂)! I love you, keep going girl! 💕

  17. I have been incorporating your workouts into my daily routine on top of being mindful of my diet and have lost 20 lbs of fat mass since last summer! #ChangeWithEmi #MyLegsAreSexyAfNow #ThankyouEmi

  18. Emi, thank you so much for the video. I'm just the beginner and I appreciate all your HIIT videos. You really help me out there, girl! Also, at first, I alternate with doing easy HIIT, yoga and some other easy workout. Now, thanks to your video, I can do HIIT fat burning every day without any problem at all. I was so thankful to you <3

  19. Emi Wong I hope you see this I have a problem before that I really enjoy your workouts, the problem is when I workout my muscles become sore is it a fault in the way I do it or? Is there something I must do to reduce the soreness ? Like a warm down? #EmiWong

  20. I've been following her workouts for two weeks with a proper diet plan… I can definitely see the results… I feel more light and gosh i sweat like no ones business when I do her workout moves😂😰

  21. Small warning…don't eat before doing this exercise because you will regret it

    Also i love your workouts

  22. I pushed myself very hard and I'm so proud of it.
    Emi thank you so much for coments like "keep pushing", that really gives me a motivation ❤❤

  23. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  24. day1 : done 🙂
    day2 : done 🙂 (more tired dk why
    Day3: rest day
    Day4: done 🙂 (feelin lighter
    Day 5: too tired didn’t do it :(((
    Day 6: done 😉
    Day 7: done 🙂
    Day 8: didn’t do 🙁
    Day 9: done 😉
    Day10: didn’t do :((
    Day 11:

  25. Absolutely love this. Something about the combination of exercises and muscle groups used after another, makes it MANAGEABLE. After doing this two days, I decided to try another HIIT video and couldn’t do it after 3 minutes so I left and I’m back at this video!!

  26. Oooh gosh i just did it nd finish it but the best thing is that i ddnt do the exercises 20s but 45s for each one nd this made me so happy… At the first time i couldn't finish any exercise but no i can do each one of them 1min 😊 nd of course this all cuz of emy thnk u so so so much 😍😍

  27. Emi you are so cute and your exercises exactly what I have been looking for. Good thing I came across with your account thank you so much ❤️❤️

  28. This workout had me DRIPPING in sweat but I was still able to keep up! Highly recommend this one! Especially if you don’t have much time!

  29. im gonna do this workout everyday, morning and night, and eat healthy (I already did 2 days)

    1: really good workout, i was sweating i also added ur 15 minute full body workout at night
    morning: i dont remmeber
    night: i dont remember haha

    2: my thighs are definetly sore and I can feel my stomach sore a little bit, im gonna update after the whole day

    morning: i was sweating a lot, while doing the squats my legs hurt a lot from yestrday
    night: ill update

    update: my parents bought me this bike that u workout on at home, and they Lost a lot of weight so i have proof that its gonna help u lose weight and for this workout i did for like 2 weeks and didnt lose any, but its probably not her fault but my parents just gave me the genes that i have to work months to lose 20 pounds so that sucks, so im doing 30 minutes before school workout and if i can then 30 minutes at night

  30. Ok so guys I am gonna try this work out for a month and will update each day for results (will check my weight in the morning)
    Day 1: tiring and sweaty (weight 54kg)
    Day 2: didn't do it today cuz I did cardio and my thigh muscles ached (54kg)
    Day 3: really damn sweaty, out of breath, hot and tired (54kg)
    Day 4: didn't do it
    Day 5: sweaty

  31. For anyone who thinks the tuck jump is a little too tiring or can’t do it right try doing jump rope jumps continuously

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