17 Foods You Can Eat As Much As You Want To

17 Foods You Can Eat As Much As You Want To

17 Foods, you can eat as much as you want Let’s be honest. It’s hard to resist cravings for tasty food when you’re on a strict diet You feel hungry all the time and when you open the fridge. It’s almost impossible to fight the temptation to grab something unhealthy However there are foods you can eat without risk of gaining weight Can you imagine eating popcorn at any time and in any quantity to figure out? How that’s possible Watch our list of foods that will never make you fat 17 celery celery Provides only 6 calories to your body and Approximately 95% of celery is water this super healthy food contains 30 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin K Celery has anti Allergic and antiseptic properties This plant can improve your digestion and overall health Keep in mind that it’s best to eat celery when it’s fresh as it loses most of its useful properties within 5 days of cutting 16 Arugula There are only 10 calories in 2 cups of Arugula It helps you get slimmer without damaging your health also it can fight viruses and harmful Bacteria Increase hemoglobin levels in your blood and improve your immunity you can mix arugula with white cheese and season it with olive oil 15 egg whites you Can eat egg whites in vast quantities as one egg contains only 17 calories It’s even useful for those who follow a strict diet Also scientists found that eggs keep you feeling full for longer periods Than foods that contain more carbs Mix the whites with a few tomatoes and you get the healthiest on whatever however if you care about your figure It’s better to Avoid oil while frying 14 salad Salad is packed with vitamins a and C as well as folic acid and iron It’s practically devoid of calories 10 to 20 calories Depending on the type so eating and in large quantities won’t cause any weight gain Adding salad leaves in your diet can help you get rid of stress calm you down and improve your sleep However keep in mind that you can’t eat only salad and raw vegetables as a strict diet always does more harm than good 13 Cucumbers Cucumbers contain almost the same amount of water as celery 97% and only 16 calories Fresh crunchy Cucumbers have significant health benefits the skin of a cucumber contains most of its nutritional value Particularly beta-Carotene, which is good for your eyes therefore. It’s better not to peel them also eating fresh Cucumbers can hydrate your body normalize metabolism and moisturize your skin 12 Cauliflower Cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin C and K Also, it contains only 25 calories its most nutritious when eaten raw But if you don’t like its plain taste, here’s a healthy recipe for cauliflower omelet You’ll need 3 eggs 1/2 a cup of milk 7 ounces of cauliflower Greens and seed oil for frying cut the cauliflower into small florets and boil them in salted water for 7 minutes Finely chop the greens and whisk the eggs and milk together when the cauliflower is cooked drain it into a colander Heat up, the oil in a pan and add the cauliflower and green stir in the egg and milk mixture Fry one side of the omelet then turn it over 11 Tomatoes One tomato has about 25 calories Tomatoes are full of lycopene Vitamins a C and b. Two folic acid fiber Chromium and potassium they provide us with various nutrients vital for our health Also, Tomatoes can be called a natural antibiotic that can help you cope with the harmful effects of the environment 10 Broccoli broccoli contains 31 calories And it is one of the favorite foods of those who want to lose weight apart from Vitamins a C E and k it also contains approximately 20% of your daily fiber Requirement or over adding broccoli to your diet can help you remove excess water and salt from your body 9 oranges oranges are one of the most delicious fruits They are best known for their vitamin C content by the way the white stuff under the orange skin the pith is Really good for you It contains a lot of fiber which helps to lower cholesterol So don’t take the pith off the orange the next time you’re eating it also one orange only contains 80 calories 8 kale Jail like any other Edible seaweed contains a large amount of iodine And it’s almost devoid of calories it has about 32 calories however It doesn’t mean you should rush to make sushi with seaweed Remember that rice has a high glycemic index and such products don’t help with weight loss 7 sugar snap peas Sugar snap peas are very low in calories a cup of peas contains around 35 calories They’re quite rich in both fiber and protein Also eating sugar snap peas reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack and slows aging of the skin 6 grapefruit Grapefruit helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. They’re full of vitamin C and due to the low caloric value They can help you reduce those extra inches around your waist a grapefruit contains only 50 calories You can either eat half the grapefruit before each meal or make grapefruit juice 5 Melon This fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth without blowing your diet it contains over half the recommended Daily value of Vitamins A and C. And only 55 calories Melon is also very useful for preventing flu and improving the immune system for strawberries It’s another indispensable food for those who want to lose weight, naturally Strawberries are rich and potassium and fiber and have an anti-inflammatory effect it sounds surprising But a couple of strawberries contain as much vitamin C as an orange and it only has 50 calories 3 blackberries Blackberries are full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Also they have an amazing taste They’re safe even for those who have been on a diet for a long time the caloric content is also relatively low only 62 Calories to popcorn one cup of air-popped popcorn Will never affect your body this movie Snack mostly consists of air and you can enjoy eating it without fear of gaining extra weight of course it shouldn’t be too sweet or caramelized plain popcorn contains only 31 calories per 3.5 ounces number 1 Blueberries Blueberries have more antioxidants than any other fruit therefore a cup of blueberries will help you balance your diet This food is light in calories only 85, so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight Now what helps you control your weight and stay in shape Share your thoughts in the comments below don’t forget to hit the like button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life


  1. Where is asparagus it only hhas three calories and consists of mostly water and apples have all the nutrients of a banana plus more with less calories like fr these are good too. Also airpopped popcorn isn't as healthy as you say it is

  2. 8:00 a blueberry has 85calories? Like you cant say „milk has 7calories“ youd say „40ml of milk have 7 calories“

    Idk if thats true tho

  3. Celery –
    Aurula –
    Eggs +💪
    Salad +
    Cucumbers +
    Cauliflower –
    Tomatoes –
    Brocoli –
    Oranges +
    Kale –
    Sugar Snap Peas –
    Grapefruit +
    Melon –
    Strawberries +
    Blackberries +
    Popcorn +
    Blueberries +

  4. This is for those who want it to be quicker:

    17. Celery
    16. Arugula
    15. Egg Whites
    14. Lettuce
    13. Cucumbers
    12. Cauliflower
    11. Tomatoes
    10. Broccoli
    9. Oranges
    8. Kale
    7. Sugar Snap Peas
    6. Grapefruit
    5. Melon
    4. Strawberries
    3. Blackberries
    2. Popcorn
    1. Blueberries

  5. Basically all VEGGIES even potato…its HOW you eat n cook them all that will make it fattening or healthy ss they are naturally
    People decorate there food 2 much..to the point they cant even taste the main thing they fried breaded dumped cheese n toppings on.
    Very BAD American habit

  6. Almost all of these were vegetable. He even mentioned a vegetable when when he was talking about egg whites

  7. I ate a cup of sunflower seeds, while watching this and after finishing that ran into kitchen to get some tomatoes.. 😫😫😫

  8. #17: Celery
    #16: Arugula
    #15: Egg whites
    #14: Lettuce
    #13: Cucumbers
    #12: Cauliflower
    #11: Tomatoes
    #10: Broccoli
    #9: Oranges
    #8: Kale
    #7: Sugar snap peas
    #6: Grapefruit
    #5: Melon
    #4: Strawberries
    #3: Blackberries
    #2: Popcorn
    #1: Blueberries

    Like to save an impatient persons life.

  9. Wow I'm just learning names of vegetables
    Omg I thought when he showed the picture of pizza at the begining I can eat it whenever I want

  10. omg all these are veggies and fruits CANT WE EAT Chips,cakes,chocolate,donuts,lollipops,candy, JUST SUGAR oooo also i cant miss ICE CREAM

    Edit:melon ..tomatos ……cucumber .. strawberries ….lettuce. ……..salad ………orange…….black berries…..l…


  11. 17. CELERY- one of the most toxic vegetables! Bravo !!!! STRAWBERRY-another toxic bomb! CORN- GMO. Seriously! You have to become more bright…..

    Celery 0:44
    Arugula 1:15
    Egg whites 1:38
    Salad 2:09
    Cucumbers 2:41
    Cauliflower 3:12
    Tomatoes 4:00
    Broccoli 4:27
    Oranges 4:55
    Kale 5:19
    Sugar snap peas 5:43
    Grapefruit 6:03
    Melon 6:26
    Strawberries 6:46
    Blackberries 7:10
    Popcorn 7:28
    Blueberries 7:54

  13. wit wait wait, i just watched 5 foods to avoid while on a diet… and you said avoid melons am i loosing my mind or something.. i- i'm just confused

  14. I ate salad for dinner! Mostly croutons & tomatoes. Really just one big, round
    crouton covered with tomato sauce. And cheese. Okay, I ate a pizza. 😜

  15. Dont forget plenty of water. This video was great, I will be heading out to the store to pick up the items listed. But when you said "salad" what kind? I hope not Romaine, thats poison right now. Is there a such thing as "salad" leaf?

  16. I eat a bit of junk possibly once a week, but I do my best to stay healthy.
    But popcorn? Really? I don't like popcorn fullstop.

  17. Good video; however, when they showed some lettuce, they called it "salad" A "salad" is mixed vegies and lettuce and what ever else you may like…. nuts, seeds, hard boiled eggs, bits of meat, fruit, anything. **Lettuce is lettuce. Just like carrots are carrots. carrots are not a salad …..It is something that can be put into a "salad" There are different types of carrots and different kinds of lettuces. And you can put many different things into a "SALAD"

  18. **This video mentions "KALE" and then shows "KELP" and talks about seaweed and sushi???? KALE is NOT seaweed. ***copied from Wikipedia- – – Seaweed, or macroalgae, refers to several species of macroscopic, multicellular, marine algae. The term includes some types of Rhodophyta (red), Phaeophyta (brown) and Chlorophyta (green) macroalgae. Seaweed species such as KELPS provide essential nursery habitat for fisheries and other marine species and thus protect food sources; other species, such as planktonic algae, play a vital role in capturing carbon, producing up to 90 percent of earth's oxygen. Understanding these roles offers principles for conservation and sustainable use. Mechanical dredging of kelp, for instance, destroys the resource and dependent fisheries.

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