15-Minute Bounce-Back Cardio Dance Workout

15-Minute Bounce-Back Cardio Dance Workout

hey guys i'm ali cohen and i have a 15 minute dance cardio workout that's gonna get you feeling amazing and help you bounce back from anything that's going on get ready to have some fun all right i got my girl dre over here and she's gonna be doing the modifications for me and i got my girl Christina helping me out we're in our Under Armour and we are ready to get this party started so let's start with the warmup feet about hip-width apart I just want you to roll your neck okay nothing too intense yet just getting the head neck nice and relaxed and breathe good keep your shoulders relaxed you just want to let the head go you can take it at your own tempo let's do a few more just the best way to unwind and other way you guys let's reverse it good so I just want you to take a moment settle in whatever is going on just forget about it good bring your head back to Center look front front nice last time a little bit quicker front back front good and now we're gonna go side and center side and center good breathe two more last one pick it up side to side good four five three four three two last one good take a big inhale all the way up big exhale out perfectly knees all the way up again exhale inhale take it up to your toes exhale let it go last time take it up good put your arms behind your back we're gonna go into a side stretch good yeah push the hips back now body go in reach your arm down one at a time really feel the stretch in your legs and your inner side breathe as you reach good five more five four lengthening leg three you got it last two one more good shake it out tap it out whoo-hoo I'm already starting to feel good I want you to reach your arms up one at a time lengthen through the arms that is the best thing about dancing right you feel good the bodies go in and it really helps you bounce back and whatever is going on so you can flip this video on and just let loose right there's no wrong or right just whatever feels good to you pick it up take it up quicker tempo five four three two one side reach it four five four three two one shake it out good tap it out ladies beautiful let's get into some shoulder rolls back good breathe and take it front four four three two one go tap it out all right we're gonna get a little turnt up right now you feel that beat here we go open the legs take the hips front take it side take it back take it side this is where I like to say hey nobody can mess with you right look at these hips take it front back good little quicker and arms whatever feels good you can let them loose hey girl roll it out roll good so I like to lift my toe really accentuate that booty right we work hard on it now shake it good other side so we'll go front other direction nice and slow giving all four walls good a little quicker we're gonna add that roll here it comes roll nine four more go four three two one good tap it out let's pump it out take a pump roll good get that chest going four three two one good tap it out we are ready for the dance here we go first move it's easy watch us step up for two and back virtu up for two back for to add the arms take it up up down your body good now don't be afraid to really touch yourself and feel it out pick up the tempo take it up and down we're doing this for two counts of eight we feeling ourselves good tap it out we're gonna teach you the second loop you guys we already got the first move down second move slide bounce we go slide we bounce for to step together twist hey you can add a clap that's the second move one more good tap it out we're gonna do this from the top two counts of eight for each move five six seven that's work take it up and down good now remember this is all about that attitude so put your attitude in it right hey oh you didn't call me back don't even care right we got your back we're gonna add on this is gonna get that heart rate up it's a jump we go side side double side side double for my modification watch my girls Dre good you got it tap it out that's his third move moving right along and in between I want you to keep moving from the top five six seven eight up take it back good flirt flirt look away flirt flirt do the slide you guys I'm already feeling so good yes do it's free my girls my girls have a jump good pans can do whatever feels good let's add a new move next move you're gonna roll roll four four times we go one two three four other side roll so you're up on your toe it's like row the boat all right good other side go ahead tap it out so that move we're gonna just do one count of eight so really milk it from the top let's go shake it do the slide add that bounce maybe a clap good really twist get the jumps by side double get ready for the new part hit broke coming up roll two three four good remember the warm-up we really got those tips I want you to push it out good tap it out and breathe we are ready for your next move it's a grapevine in four and three into you know the grapevine right one two three if you don't know it's step back open close step back there you go two counts of eight on that one one two three four good you can add your shoulders give me that bounce yes girl from the top we are learning so lat mention choreography I feel so good five pounds ah getting everything flowing it's feeling amazing jump it out I see you drink so good push it out I think this might be my favorite move right this is like last time each side good we're gonna pump it out it goes pump pump pump pump pump pump roll roll so you get back that's working right feel that contraction one side girl get it tap it out yes feel those ABS working we're only doing that one for one count of eight from the top up down good so you can get up on your toes for this one slide so in dance we always say sell it it's like you better perform I don't care who's watching jump oh it's a hole do you hear that it's about to pick up girl love oh yes let's take it from the top five six seven eight let's go up up down the body good you got it here's the slide two more jump rope great fun yeah have those shoulders here's the pumps four one two three oh yeah tap it out so next move cardio move cross cross cross oh yeah okay so we're gonna do this for two counts of eight squeeze your inner thighs open close open close now you got the move we're doing it from the top five six seven eight breathe in yes girl put your flavor on it add the jump remember follow my girls follow Dre sorry if you need that modification yeah you got it keep it going here's the pumps oh yeah one more she she said we could criss cross back enough all right now you guys know the whole dance you got all the moves we're gonna run it from the top bring it in girls here we go five six seven eight now it's in your body sign it out now if you like this and you got it keep doing it you don't have to stop when the video is over good jump hip rolls last time great fun back enough ketchup O's I don't even want to be done over all right bring it up all the way up big inhale exhale out I feel so good how do you guys feel free jump your elbows down open the hips perfect drop your shoulder so remember whatever is going on you know 15 minutes that's all it takes reach all the way forwards to just turn it around right that's the amazing thing about dancing movement I feel so good you guys crushed that take it all the way up one vertebrae at a time good feet together you can hold onto a chair if you need some balance foot back quad stretch good I cannot believe we went through all those moves so quickly shake it out I feel like we're ready to do something really fun tonight I don't know what it is yet good nothing over other side good just let the arms float down give me a reach reach good two more good you guys are done you crush that dance we will see you next time great job you guys remember to stay accountable in your workouts you can use MyFitnessPal app to help track your workouts so you don't miss one I'm gonna log mine out and I'll see you guys next time


  1. this was fun. I have chronic pain inmy back, especially my belly, hips and pelvic area. with lots of myofascial pain everywhere else. I been trying to do 15 min workouts to channel everything and this was IT. by 3 mins I could feel the burn in my back, by another 5 minutes I could feel the burn in my hips and by the time it was over I could feel how tightness was feeling fine by the end in my thighs, hips and whole body. and you girls are so cool and fun. ♥️ awesome

  2. One of the best i've seen. It feels like you're dancing with friends. Her infectious banter makes the difference and really makes me want to do it.

  3. great workout. I didn't have time for the gym, or yoga but this was an excellent substitute to get my heartbeat going. Will be coming back for more.

  4. Her: This video is going to help you bounce back from anything you may be going thru right now!
    Also: I got my girl “DRE” over here
    Me: Really? Let me find another video to watch 😢 (sn: my bf’s name is DRE🤦🏿‍♀️)

  5. going to this everyday (along with some other workouts) and absolutely no junk food for a 10 week challenge but who knows, i’m probably gonna continue for a lot longer!

  6. I just finished this one, and I absolutely love it! This is probably my favorite workout so far! I love the instructor Anna! She was so energetic the entire time! This workout is perfect for beginners! So much fun!

  7. I found this video watching beeswax filtering and I tried this and I’m hooked on the hips hitting all four walls move!!! We feeling ourselves is awesome!!!! I had to do modifications but not for row the boat . Y’all fun !!!!!

  8. Did this video this morning, love how it is 15 min and the movements are easy to follow but i'm still sweating. But…. I do wish the music was better, it was soooo boring, the whole time I was thinking this video is Vanilla, white walls and light colours and background elevator music. Add some pop. Add some spice ladies..lol

  9. 1 like = 1 day of workout with no junk food. Please help out I need all the motivation I can get !! 💗 I will keep you guys updated after every week.

  10. thank you so so much for this – i've needed to lose weight for so long an wanted to try zumba, but was terrified of doing it in front of class since i'm a bigger guy. But the classes you guys put on have helped me start getting a healthy routine and yall make it so fun and encouraging <3 idk if youll even read this but thank you

  11. You guys are energetic but I do not feel motivated by your videos because somehow it looks like you make up the moves right on the spot.

  12. i needed this just ate pizza and chicken alfredo and marble brownies but im trying to loose 15lbs so why did i do that?? idk but fitbit logged 82 cals lost with a 135 heart rate good to burn fat gonna do these videos more.

  13. I found this video by accident but I'm in love!!! This is the most fun I've ever had working out besides my low-intensity yoga workouts. I did (non-competitive) dance for 8 years when I was younger and forgot how fun it could be! It helped that these ladies were majorly encouraging! The timer didn't even stress me out I was enjoying myself so much! Plus they actually had a warm up and cool down which so many trainers on YouTube seem to forget. Im definitely coming back for more! Very pleasantly surprised!

  14. Girls i did it! Never exercised 5 days in a row but i did it this time! Loved the moves and everything but above all, LOVE the positive, healthy energy from you !!! Thanks so much🤩🤩🤩 and ill do this the rest of the week im saying it yeah girl😜

  15. Been dreading getting back into fitness and can't seem to make myself get up and workout most mornings, but I found this to be a nice, non-intimidating, and fun workout I can do right in my bedroom before I went to go do anything else 🙂

  16. Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for this! I had a really crappy day and this video and workout really helped me feel better. I felt as though you guys are my friends, and loved all the encouraging words throughout the video 🙂

  17. It's June of 2019 and I just watched this video a day ago ! It's magnificent how I managed to get all the negativity off of my body via 15 minutes of dance workout ! Thank you so much ..this was actually a great motivation and I'm surely gonna do this everyday to relax ! You are great 💞💞💞

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