#1 Fat Loss Tip: A method that actually WORKS!

#1 Fat Loss Tip: A method that actually WORKS!

The number one fat burning tip, me and
many other people around the world have had a big success with this method. So make
sure you watch the entire video to really understand why you must implement
this weight-loss strategy into your life! Quick disclaimer: I’m not a medical, I’m
not a doctor. I cannot give you advice. I’m only
sharing in this video to show what has worked for me. So I can only speak from that
perspective. Please don’t take this into account. If you want to implement
anything that I share with you in this video, it is on your own responsibility
and you should consult with a doctor! Because there are cases where people
have complications and you always need to take precautions.
> Oh I’m sure you heard this one before! But I’m going to tell you this
once and for all! Now if you’ve heard me talking about
this millions of times: you should STILL watch this video because I’m actually
going to share with you why it’s so incredibly important! And to be honest
with you, I’m fasting right now as we speak! So what’s happening with the
person when she’s fasting? She burns fat as the primary source for fuel. Meaning,
that there is no food in your current system so the body cannot use that for
fuel. So it’s going to go straight to the fat reserves and those are the exact
areas we want to reach when we’re losing weight! Now there are different types of
fasting that you can do! You can do intermittent fasting or you can do a
whole day or several days long fasts. They’re all different and you really
have to see what works for you and so on. But I do recommend everybody to at least
start with intermittent fasting! I do usually 18 hours fasting and then I eat
between a window of 6 hours. Lately I’ve been experimenting with shortening that
window to only 4 hours so I would be fasting for 20 hours. What happens is
that you give your digestion system time to recover. For me fasting has been a
miracle and even though I do a whole day fast which I will be talking about in a
second. These daily intermittent fasting are
incredibly important for my well-being and my health! So how you can structure
your intimate of fasting? It really depends on your schedule and what needs you have and so on.. Me as an example I’ve never really been a big fan of breakfast so for me it
was really easy to skip breakfast. “But breakfast is the most important meal
of the day” – Says who?! Please do properly your
research and you will actually see studies that show and prove that
breakfast is not at all the most important meal of the day. Science
has actually even showed benefits when you’re skipping breakfast by doing
intermittent fasting! My usual routine is that I usually break my fast at midday, so I
would have my first meal at lunch or a light lunch and then I can you know eat
freely between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm during the day. Eating after 6pm
has never been a popular theme anyway because what you eat in the evening is
really what’s going to stay with you throughout the night! You’re not gonna
burn that off so it is very important that you are not having a massive meal
just before you go to bed. A lot of people they do intermittent fasting
however the hours of 12 until 8 o’clock in the evening and I
would say if you’re a beginner start with that! Don’t go yet to my regime
because mine is a little bit more intermediate / advanced. Don’t forget I’ve
been doing this for a year and a half now and I can tell you that since I
started doing intermittent fasting=all the days when I may not be exercising
enough or maybe having a cheat meal, I’m not gaining weight anymore!
I am a person who easily gains weight and before it was always a struggle
because it’s like if I only have two cheat meals I can already see it on my
body! But now, with intermittent fasting, it’s ok, I can be more free you know! I
can go to a restaurant, enjoy my wine, enjoy having dessert afterwards and I’m
not gonna really see a big impact on the way I look.
A lot of people will then ask me but how often do you do intermittent fasting?
I don’t do it seven days a week, because the latest studies have shown
that it’s good to give your body a break of one or two days a week from
intermittent fasting, just so that the body doesn’t hit that plateau that it
can easily do both with training, food, weight loss, you know the drill! So I
maybe take a day off during the weekends or maybe if there is some special
happening going on. Another question that I also get is about what do you do when
you have dinners in the evening because you don’t eat after six o’clock? What
happens then: I’m not a rigid person, I can easily change my eating hours around
if that fits my schedule better. So if I know that tonight I’m gonna have a
dinner we’re probably gonna eat around eight or nine. I will make sure that I
delay my intermittent fasting until maybe three o’clock or four o’clock in
the afternoon. So that’s when I would have my first meal! And then the last
meal I will have of course at the restaurant around 9pm or 10pm, whenever
they will serve us. Having this flexibility makes it easier for you to
stay on track with your intermittent fasting. I also use an app called Zero
where I note every fasting that I do. Every day I set my times when I ate
the last and when I broke the fast and like that it gives me a good tracking
system of how much have I been fasting for and how many hours I did. I can see this
week or last week. And it is quite important to keep track, because this app
really makes you feel somehow that you are keeping yourself a little bit more
accountable when you are registering every time you eat or don’t eat. So I
mentioned that I am fasting right now and that is the truth. The time right now
is three o’clock in the afternoon when I’m recording this video and I had my
last meal yesterday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, so I’ve been actually fasting
for 24 hours! And I’m probably gonna continue until tomorrow morning.
So what I do as an addition to my intermittent fasting is that I do a
whole day fast minimum – once a week. This I do
because there is a lot of good health benefits to this. I am NOT going to tell
you all the health benefits and exactly what happens in the body when you really
give it a good break and don’t eat anything. I want you to know that I’m not
starving myself because I’m anorexic, which is actually something that upsets
me the fact that I even have to explain it. But sadly in our society people are
conditioned to think that fasting is taboo – fasting is bad – fasting is
dangerous! Actually it’s not dangerous! It is healthy if it’s done in a good
balanced and educated way! Nobody should be fasting if they suffer, let’s say from
an eating disorder, or if they have certain health issues that really is not
appropriate for them to do fasting. But the regular healthy person really
benefits from a fast and this is something that they’ve been studying for
like 60 70 years! This is not something that is just a trendy hype! When I do my whole day fast, I do it once a week! And minimum I do it for 24
hours. For me, because I am more experienced, 24
hours would be on a day when I really struggle with my fasting. They are
different. They will feel differently depending on how you feel, what time of
the month it is for you, as you know as women we have our cycle. That doesn’t always keep us stable. So not all fasting will be easy to
do. Those times, I just do the 24 hours because I don’t want to punish myself. My
standard procedure is however to do 36 hours of fasting. So usually I would do
maybe 36 to 40 to 42. I tend to stay around two days maximum type of
fasting. You can do fasting for longer. You have even
hospitals or retreats that have 10-day fast and so on. You also have to take
into account that there are different ways how one can fast. Some people fast
by drinking water, some fast by not drinking water. I tend to alternate
between those two. I do something called Dry fast – When you don’t eat or drink
for (let’s say) 36 hours. I think my maximum for Dry fasting was 45 hours. Some people will probably react very strongly to this and they will think
that I’m absolutely crazy! Again, this is not something I’ve invented. I’ve looked
at studies of research there it’s called medical Dry fasting. So if you want to
learn more about that, you can! If you are a beginner, I would not recommend to
start Dry fasting, I would recommend that you do maybe a juice fast for the first
time. Like you can drink raw juices or that you do a water fast.
I would personally also recommend that you start with 24 hours. Don’t do
like 36 or 40 hours when you are beginner! Do it later! Try first going
slowly with fasting especially if you’re not monitoring it with a doctor. You really
want to play it safe, you’d want to take it gradually and see how it goes!
As I mentioned, I am currently fasting! If you ask me how I feel right now,
I’m actually feeling great! It’s been 24 hours, I’m drinking a little bit of water.
I don’t want to drink too much water because I don’t want to try and kind of
suffocate my hunger with water. Actually from my fasting experience, I’ve
noticed that when you drink water when you’re fasting, it actually triggers a
little bit of your hunger to come. So when people think I’m crazy that I’m doing a
dry fast. Dry fasts tend to be a little bit easier than the water fast because you
have absolutely nothing that enters your system. So there is nothing to even
trigger just a tiny bit of hunger feelings. The hunger feelings are of
course common when you’re fasting! Some people think fasts are very scary
because you think you will be hungry now, from the moment you start,
until the moment you finish! If I do a fasting for two days, you think I will be
hungry the entire time? No of course you’re not hungry the entire time!
Majority of the time you’re not hungry at all! The times you
will actually be hungry is around meal times because of your body clock. Because
your body is used to having food in the system those hours. So it will be like
“okay where is my food?” If you just try and stay present during those
hours and just acknowledge the fact that you are just being hungry because it’s a
habit, not because your body actually needs and craves and will die if it’s
not gonna get food! A lot of people who fast they some feel very energized, some
feel incredibly tired. My advice if you’re doing a whole day fasting for the
first time is to maybe do something with low activity the first few times you do
your fasts. But if you’re more experienced, you know it’s fine to go to
the gym or do light training and go for a power walk. Just be regularly
active. Now then there are other things that might happen to you during this
fasting. You might have a headache, you might feel nauseous, you might – I
don’t know, have all kinds of body sensation happening! And that’s normal!
It’s actually very normal and it shouldn’t really scare you. Now again I’m
not a medic so I’m not really going to go into detail and you shouldn’t take me
into account as I’m saying these things. This is your own responsibility, I’m
just sharing my story. My story is that every fasting is different you will
always have different things and feelings and sensations happening to you!
So what results will you get it if you start with intermittent fasting and also
if you add a whole day fast. Let’s say once a week or once every two weeks or
so on. What benefits will you get? Obviously you’re going to get loads of great health benefits! Now what happens to you actual appearance in terms of
weight loss and so on? You will notice how fast you will lose
weight! And that’s why I wanted to call this video the number one fat burning
method! Because ladies, of course training, eating healthy is the most important for
weight loss! But there is only one way to lose weight fast and that is when you are
eating less. And with fasting you end up eating less and it’s actually healthy
for you! Many of my students in School of Affluence have told me when they have
reached out to me, after I have shared with them my fasting journey. They say
“Thanks to you, I’ve tried it and it did work!” I’m so happy! I’ve even seen
photos and it makes me really happy because I know how difficult it can be
for a lot of women out there to lose weight. Especially in this
society where, I’m sorry to say, but we have a very nasty eating habits! And we
have a very bad food culture. We are not supposed to eat this much and it’s sadly
that people encourage us to eat like six times per day – that’s just sickening! So
if you want to be fit, especially for summer – try fasting! See how it goes!
Share your experience in the comments. If you’re already experienced maybe you can
give some ideas to those who are beginners – and yeah let’s just spread the
word about fasting! This is truly a health revolution. I want you to
understand that it’s primarily for health then the beautiful body and
weight loss comes as a big bonus! If you want to learn more about transformation
make sure you watch my next video and visit>if you want to
become my student and transform yourself to become the best version of yourself!
Now happy fasting to everyone!


  1. Hi thanks for sharing, is this the weight loss method that celebrities use to drop the baby weight in 2 to 3 weeks?? I love to dryfast 👊🏾

  2. FYI Intermidiette fasting is NOT reccomended if you go to to the gym and work out. It is extremely important to consume food before your work out to gain energy & muscle. Otherwise it is good if you're generally inactive and/or do not have time to train etc.

  3. I would like to fast but not sure what will work for me since I have PCOS and I also have a vitamin deficiency. I have to take food with my medicine twice a day. Any advice? Also I am a beginner so I am not sure what would be best for me or if I should even do it with my health problems.

  4. Breakfast actually means “break fast”. I’ve been on IF for the last 6 months and went straight into the warrior diet (20/4). I threw away my scales and now I look at the inches in my clothes. I am losing inches and that is all that counts. Love it. FledgeFitness is the best YouTube channel for IF. I use the MyFitnessPal and record everything I eat. I also do OMAD, 24 hour fast once a week and just started intermittent dry fasting. 🙂

  5. Ladies, PLEASE listen to Ana on this; Honestly, I’ve been fasting for years without meaning to…just because I don’t like food that much 🤷🏻‍♀️. I eat 1.5 meals every 24 hours, or so. FYI, I’m 5’9”, a slim 165 lbs, and I wear a size 8 after two children.

  6. This is brilliant, I also do fasting and have not gained any weight in 10 years. Keeps you healthy and fit

  7. When I first saw this video I thought you were crazy, but I did a research an edit is great, I have been fasting for like a month and lost 5 kilos, 20:4

  8. My doctor actually just put me on a diet and I've been asked to try intermittent fasting. I've been on my new diet for 2 weeks; I have cut out carbs and now eat more veges and proteins. I don't eat as much fats as I should…. and I'm not a big eater to begin with! I fast after 8 or 9pm and eat at lunch the next day. Today I actually fasted for 22 hours (meant to be 24 hrs) – I ate dinner last night and dinner tonight and nothing in between. Initially the hunger was surprising and hard but now I don't mind it. I wouldn't do the 24 hr fast when I am going to the gym, pool or need to use my brain for something serious (eg Japanese class!). The hardest thing about cutting the carbs is I miss potatoes!!! I don't mind never eating rice, chocolates, chips or cakes but I love potatoes. I don't even eat bread or fruits with lots of sugar anymore. I don't know if it will help me lose weight but I tried this to manage my insulin resistance. I hope it goes well! Today I fasted without drinking water and then realised that I should have as my doctor asked me to stay hydrated. I don't know if I will lose weight but if that happens, I won't complain!!!

  9. Yes as a Christian it is normal to fast for days or sometimes a week and done routinely throughout the month it is not an eating disorder or done for vanity but spiritual health.

  10. I do a protein shake fast, I will drink 3-4 protein shakes, that way when i exercise i won't loose muscle

  11. This is 100% on point! I was super thin, then gained after an accident (just as I gained after having a baby). Trainers always said I had to eat 6 times a day and THAT was the worst thing I ever did. Without realizing it at the time, this put me on a spiral of terrible diet fads each time, which were all worse than the previous. When I was super thin I never ate breakfast, just ate a good lunch and a very light to no dinner, within a six hour window. I also slept a lot more. I realized that getting a good 8-10 hours of sleep in combo with intermittent fasting and on occasions a 24-48 hour fast, for me is Golden! Btw, Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy, it also helps with natural weight loss and management, google this yourself, and read the amazing effects of this practice. I am not a medical doctor, I am not scientist, I am someone who has applied this w/o even knowing and realize now it worked for me. I am merely sharing the information of what I experienced and what I know to be true for me. I hope it helps others.

  12. This is what i have done my entire life without knowing that it was actually a method and scientific explained.
    I eat from 14.00-19.00 and i try to eat healthy food as much as i need.
    Im glad that i found this vidio and know that im not the only one😄

  13. i am a hindu and i take every morning 2 to 4 glass of boil water and we also do fasting we know what just happend when we add boil water
    of intake every morning in empty stomach

  14. THIS! I water fasted for 5 days to start then did OMAD (one Keto meal a day). Dropped 50 pounds fast and counting!

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  18. Cereal companies came up with the slogan “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” which are mainly composed of sugars. They have succeeded in engraving that into people’s heads for their deep pockets.

  19. My husband eats his biggest meals from 3 to 6pm then very light snacks ( veggies, turkey etc) until 9pm, he walks 2hrs a day and started in april now august and has lost 70 pounds.

  20. Yes..the breack-fast is an important meal. Nothing compares to this.If I don't eat at morning I feel this..I think everybody with his body.

  21. This is not an English class, nor a grammar video. The message is clear and it is well done. If you go around correcting all English grammar or word choices on YouTube, good luck. Yes, many English speaking individuals have terrible grammar and use improper choices of words. Furthermore, there are very few native English speakers who are excellent at writing or speaking. I give her 100% for effort! I understood perfectly, what she is trying to convey.

  22. I can easily fast for 12 hours. My issue is when I workout at 5am come 7 I’m hungry. I TRIED waiting until 11a to eat. Which would be 16 hour fast. Working out, bustling kids and working HUNGRY!

  23. It is sickening the way we eat. I’m on holidays right now and the buffet has peoples plates filled. I’m so disgusted. I’m a One meal a day eater, but I’m not rigid. However it’s the only thing that worked for me

  24. This is very true. I had been struggling with a bit of extra weight for a long time but then work happened. There was a period where I got too occupied with work, not really stressed but so invested in it I only got to eat very little within a timeframe of 4-6 hours and I noticed I have lost weight and felt even better. I had been fasting unknowingly. In just one month I honestly lost about 12 pounds.

  25. My mother has done intermittent fasting, it has worked amazingly for her. Since she was 48-49 (now 62) she tried all sorts of diets, exercises etc, nothing worked as great as this. She has lost many inches of stomach fat (the bad kind of fat, causing all sorts of health issues like high pressure, cholesterol, etc.)

  26. I don’t do fasting, but I know good routines that’s effective to lose weight without go to the gym. Breakfast: Oat with fruit, Lunch, eat more meat and vegetables. Be careful with rice, try avoid it and bread. Butter and cheese, I also don’t eat. Just maybe 1 time in 3 weeks. If you eat to little at dinner time and you feel hungry after a few hours, eat watermelon. Watermelon is almost just water, it will fill the stomach but you won’t gain any weight at all.

  27. I am abdolute not a fan of fasting. I est 3 healthy meals every day and inbetween eat fruits or vegetables and I am 53 years old and have the same weight as when I was 16 : 47 kg. I cannit work out because of my health. So I think the best and most healthy wat is to eat healthy and normal meals. I think that is the best way to keep a good weight. Even when you are in menopause.

  28. IF and OMAD helped me lose over 60 lbs and brain power is better on IF. Also, with your OMAD eat an entire raw pepper, chew it well (in a salad or something) as part of the big meal and the capsaesin in it suppresses appetite as well as provides fiber and nutrients

  29. Really wish it would work for me but I tried fasting but my stomach kept making loud grumbling noises after about 2 hours. Other people could hear these noises. I was so embarrassed

  30. Not eating after 6 to lose weight is a myth. You shouldn't eat two hours before going to bed because your body hasn't completely digested the food

  31. As a bible believing Christian.. Fasting is not even about weight… Its about being able to hear the holy spirit clearly… Christ said "when you fast" not "if you fast"..He knew it was important.

  32. I have been trying fasting for a while and I was always stopped because I will very hungry during the fasting time and your tips on drinking less water has helped so much and I think now I can stick out for longer then before, thanks for the tip😀😀😀

  33. I find you very humble talking about this exciting subject (which is very classy of you, of course). I remember once, I was sent to the hospital because of food intoxication: let me tell you, my doctor put me on a 36 hour dry fast!! I was mad at him, because I wanted at least a little bit of water, but he said NO, it was the way to stop me from throwing up! Of course, I was given the nutrients my body needed through serum injections, but this actually cured my food intoxication!!!True story. I was sent back home maybe two days after.
    I also dry fast once a month for religious reasons, and like you said, this was not invented recently (remember Jesus himself fasted!)
    So yes, this is extremely healthy and effective just wanted to say two things:
    1- when you fast, eat normally and healthily after, or you will ruin all of your efforts.
    2- Cutting off sugar from my diet was a game changer: it helped me loose weight and fat when I had reached a plateau, and it also cured my hypoglecemia problems. I am not a doctor either, just sharing my story.
    Thanks Ana, you're a Wonder!

  34. Fasting results in "autophagy" which means; 1) auto: self, 2) phagy: to eat. Imagine yourself as the Pacman game with Pacman eating all the bad guys.
    I didn't know there was a term such as "intermittent fasting", but the times in my life where I've been at my ideal weight were always when I ate like that.

  35. I tried intermittent fasting for the first time in the summer for 40 days and I had lost 8kg. I am built more muscular and larger than most girls and it was difficult to lose weigh to be slim before intermittent fasting. To start my tips that I tried was to skip supper and stick with two meals per day. I always ate at the same time: 8am my first meal (fruits only) and then I last one would be around 3pm. But after 4pm I would take no food except for water when I went running. When I just started intermittent fasting I did not restrict my nutrition into only vegetables or be in a caloric deficit. I ate normal portion and healthy meals so that I can feel more well during my fasting period. In the end, I lost a lot of weigh and I was very satisfied because I did not have loose skin problems.

  36. I stopped eating breakfast cereals 4 months ago. I prefer to drink a lot of water and some fruits which would be sufficient until lunch break

  37. the best way of fasting is to fast from the sun set tell the sun down twice a week I'm muslim I do that all time and its makes feel better and I lost weight its really good for health

  38. I work night shift so I eat at night but only fish or beef. After 4am I won’t eat anything. Sleep at 7am and than wake up at 1pm I won’t eat till 4pm.

  39. How i do SUPER LIKE to this?????!!!! Thanks for this video, I have 5 years applying this method to take care of my health and my weight; I didn't read it anywhere, just apply my common sense. I do not give my body food if it is not asking me even if it is time to eat, I do not eat anything after 6pm, I drink only the necessary water, and there are days that I fast completely to detoxify my body, my family and friends think that I'm crazy but it really works. Im 45 years old and i know for a fact than our body is our best master, listen your body before start to eat or drink, because sometimes body ask for discipline not for food. Fasting is good! Even Jesus practice 😉

  40. Breakfast is simply the first thing you eat after your fast…and yes, that first food is very important. That’s the meal I make from raw veggies and veggie juices.

  41. I was really surprised to hear you say "fasting", but it's good timing because I could use the motivation to start again. Last winter I fasted for about 2.5 weeks (not sure when it officially ended – do electrolytes count?) including two days without water (a quick water break between them) and I was fine until I had an adverse effect from medication for kidney stone pain (I should have just gone and gotten extra strength tylenol instead of going with a prescription, or even just had a chat with my body – I know now that most kidney stones are painless) and became seriously dehydrated.

    I was doing it for health reasons. The fur on my tongue went down to half what it was. I want to fast again and this time go until the fur is completely gone. (My gut is such a mess.) Last time I dropped probably about 20 lbs and my set point changed, but I'm still heavier than I was 5 years ago when I got the crazy idea to increase calories to boost my metabolism. At least I know now that doesn't work.

    I have electrolytes on hand this time just in case, but I don't think I'll need them. My body really needs a break from food, so I just have to remind myself of that whenever the munchies hit.

  42. When i eat a late dinner i still do my 16hr fast afterwards i just adjust the time when i break my fast the next day

  43. Dry fasting can cause dehydration which can cause a stroke, (blood clots)
    which is foolish medically
    & other medical problems
    DMc, Medical professional

  44. I do not doubt the benefits of fasting, but I wanted to ask something about dry fasting and your experience. Does it have repercussions on your skin? I find that whenever I drink less then usual my skin will get lines ( naso-labial), or it will look dull or both.

  45. Fasting really works and brings healthy benefits!!!! I was fasting for several years and i must confess that it was mainly because i was so poor that I can't afford to eat every day. But if you would see my figure!!!! I moved country,i started earning decent money and fasting went through the roof. What a mistake!!!! Now i will do fasting again, i just miss it!

  46. Very well said, dry fasting is not triggering so much the hunger as the one with water. Water drinking stimulates a bit the digestive sistem

  47. Thanks for awesome video. Can confirm that intermittent fasting has been the only way I've been able to lose weight consistently and maintain it. And I feel great. My family ingrained in me that I had to eat 3 full meals a day even though I'm a short woman who is not super active -_- I was of course obese as a child. Even now my mom chastises me for not eating breakfast even though I'm finally at a healthy weight. Most of us are eating way too much and worse, we get shamed or people react very negatively when we try to eat less.

  48. Thank you for this video👏great to know someone is doing dry fasting, no food, no water like i did. I feel great doing 24hrs dry fasting often.

  49. I've had great success with IF. How do you deal with feeling hangry in the beginning? I'm trying to lose baby weight and I have little ones so I need my patience.

  50. The people selling food tell us that breakfast is most important.   The food pyramid of US is a total lie.

  51. When I looked into IF I found some studies that it could negatively affect female fertility. The suggestion was maximum of 14 hours fasting.

  52. In Islam we were commanded to fast at least 3 days in the month, I am so proud of being Muslim, all praises to Allah

  53. This is so unhealthy to watch. I really like your videos but this is such not healthy. This is not only an encouragement for eating disorders, food is needed for a reason, the fact that you're so obsessed with the way you look that you have to stop eating to look skinny? The fact that you've been doing this for so long and it's became a routine? You're literally starving yourself and covering it up with the word fast and tricking yourself to think that it's okay to feel hunger. Sorry but this makes no sense

  54. I tend to have headache when i don't take my meal on time. What's the best thing to so aside from consulting a doctors?

  55. I know it’s very unfair but sometimes, I have not even heard the full video and I already click “like” because I know, it’s going to be quality. Thank you. Fasting is one of the most enlightening, healing, beautifying things one can do for yourself and, HYDROTHERAPY. Hydrotherapy is so beautiful for the body.

  56. I drink a green smoothie or berry smoothie as breakfast and it takes me through to one o’clock and it works totally. As a foodie, I totally agree that intermittent fasting is very good and extremely effective. I lost 15 kgs with this: every second day intermittent fast and on the days that I eat (not overeat, no junk food or bread or pasta) I work out. It’s had amazing results.

  57. I don't understand how you can do this. I'm trying to reduce the amount of meals I'm having. I'm not feeling excessively hungry but I get incredibly light headed. I cannot work or think clear.

  58. I am very happy other people encourage healthy fasting as yourself. Even the Bible mentions it. It cleanses you and gives your body all kinds of anti-inflammatory cytokines the boost to work and recover from unhealthy bulks of food we usually get

  59. I like your chanel but you shouldn't use the word "recommend" or "advice" any of this if you don't have any medical degree. Everybody is different and people get affected in different ways.

  60. New subscriber from Italy … I Absolutely agree with you!!! It's from 2010 I use fast in my life , exactly after read Shelton and obviously others too. I fasted like you with intermittent ones but for some health's problems I had also longer fasts (more than 1 week with water) and it works!!! I can say you that if instead of drink the water, you "eat" the water as you'll do with food, (full your water of your saliva ) it will be an helpful water for your body . I try as you to educated people around me… Hard but… it can be do!!!

  61. Thank u😊,,i realy got shocked ,,in my religion also advice a in every monday fasting and we use to keep fast in whole month in a year ,,its a dry fast,,,its nice to hear benefits of fasting ,,thank u,,,🤗

  62. Fasting only burns fat if you are also consuming a keto diet. So while fasting in the morning, your body will begin burning the glycogen that is stored in your body and muscles. Glycogen is essentially 1 carbohydrate/sugar + 3 parts water. If one were to employ a keto diet (especially a vegan one), which is a diet that has minimal carbohydrates. This diet switches your body to burning fat instead of carbs. If you do not deplete your body of carbs (this takes a couple days), then your body will not begin burning fat for fuel instead of carbs. Fasting is good for the body, and burning of extra glycogen as well.
    Fasting is essentially just a method of keeping your calorie intake down during the day.
    If one were to just accept a new healthy lifestyle and allow themselves some flexibility, this will have you loose weight and keep it off. Consuming mostly Whole Plant Based Foods with no processed foods, animal products, or sugar in addition to being an active human and exercising this will have you slowly loose weight and KEEP IT OFF PERMANENTLY. The only way to keep off weight is to not stop your diet, which should be a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. Fasting can definitely be apart of a healthy lifestyle.
    DO NOT LOOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY! This is very bad for the body. You didn't gain it over night, you should loose it over night. The body will not get any ugly loose, flabby skin and will easily adapt to the lost weight unlike if you loose it quickly.
    It has been shown the breakfast is good for you, when you wake up your body is pumping cortisol and insulin to jumpstart the body from sleep. Eating also causes these hormones to move into the bloodstream. So using them while they are already out is a good thing. It has also been shown that having breakfast sharpens focus and makes you more alert.
    Not to say fasting is not healthy and one shouldn't do it, because it is. It stimulates your body to eat the old dying cells and create strong ones. Fasting can be great.
    Doing it too much can be addicting or quite bad as well though. People who employ fasting quite regularly end up having to lengthen their fasts or do them more and more to get the same effects that they were getting before from more infrequent and shorter fasts.
    Do what is right for you. And get healthy. Develop a healthy lifestyle and your body will adjust and maintain a healthy weight and learn how to send you healthy cues for what you need.
    I employ a keto vegan diet for a couple months and eat a healthy diet the rest of the time so that my body can easily either burn fat or carbs. I also fast every now and again. I don't eat processed foods or sugar. And I do have deserts or animal products every now and again. It is important not to feel deprived. Focus on getting all your nutrients and maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle!

  63. I lost more than 25kgs since last year after practising intermittent fasting. 98kg down to 74kg. Every kgs took lots of hard work. I didn't go for gym classes consistently due to time issue.

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