Настоящий зал ТА. Грузия [ENG SUB] / Real Weightlifting gym. Georgia. EP 1

Настоящий зал ТА. Грузия [ENG SUB] / Real Weightlifting gym. Georgia. EP 1

Hello Domkrats! We are now in Georgia, Batumi town. And I had an idea to make a vlog for you all. We were given the opportunity to visit a unique Weightlifting gym. Irakli Turmanidze himself trained here. He is a bronze medalist of Rio 2016, and a champion of Europe 2015. Overall a decorated athlete. I will show you the gym, the surroundings. Also will spoil you with a few pictures of Georgia. I will also show you my training session. However its only a “staying in shape” kind of training today. Because here, the weather and the climate is different, therefore I dont feel so good as I would have back home. Lets go! Here is the “Village”. The gym. Its the suburbs of Batumi, Chahvi village. This is what it looks like. From outside it looks like the building is about to be demolished, but inside everything is up to par. Eleiko platforms, Werk san plates. There is changing room, toilet. We’ll be either on this platform, or that one. Hello again. I’m now done. The goal was to “stretch wings’ a bit, not lift record weights, show the gym. Whats cool is this: again, the building looks like crap, but there is everything that is needed for weightlifting. good platfroms – eleiko. The urns are from Europe Championship 2015. In Georgia, they are very proud of their athletes. A lot of banners,pics. Everything speaks serious work, not for playing around. Well I’m gonna change now and go. A little bit of surrounding beauty.


  1. Ну почти то о чём я просил. Только если можно по подробнее. Я понимаю снимаешь в чужом зале и некогда монтажем заниматься т.к. отдыхаешь. Спасибо за видео.

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